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  1. Zodson added a post in a topic Dark Knight Costume Mill items ETA?   

    Hope it comes soon 
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  2. Zodson added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    Welcome to the open world
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  3. Zodson added a post in a topic Fastest Grinding Class Post Awakening?   

    does not really matter what class you pick but where to grind, how long to going to grind and when to grind you have to take in account 
    all classes has drawbacks in grinding and all classes has advantages with grinding so pick a class you are good at and get grinding 
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  4. Zodson added a post in a topic Please remove all pearl - > marketplace restrictions   

    I do not think Pubs/Devs are going to release the restrictions. In the Pubs/Devs need as many players spending real cash in the game, but at the same time Pubs/Devs need the biggest players base they can maintain just in case they want to sell off the game to a different publisher (playstation or maybe xbox). If you remove the limits on the AH. The AH will get flooded and prices will drop, so those players who grind 10 hours a day or those players who sink 600.00 USD just to get the gear will feel rip off. I think I spend like 40 bucks on this game and stop after that. If you remove the limits on the AH then no one will go to the cash shop and what for if you can just grind the same song 10 hrs a day just to get the same thing. Have monies flowing into the BDO bank keeps the servers up and having BDO f2p keeps the player base up . In the end if you do not have the time to play the game then you have to pay to win. If you do not have the time but the cash you have to grind to win. What you ask for is a hopeless dream that will end in nothing but a dead game. 
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  5. Zodson added a post in a topic "The F1 ~ F6 interaction keys have been changed to F5 ~ F10."   

    what was the keys for in the first place ? 
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  6. Zodson added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    @Teacow I do not know about KR  mobs getting scaled up I just play in NA .
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  7. Zodson added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    I am sorry maybe I did not say the dev/pubs was not going down that path because it like splitting the game into two games .... oh wait I did say that my bad.
    Your second point the own way you will get players who are capped out to move to valencia is to have dimishing retruns in the other zones and this is also a path that the devs/puds choose not to wallk.
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  8. Zodson added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    It does exists and this topic comes up more than once. It has been shot down some time ago. From what I remember it like breaking the game into  two and the Dev/Pubs did not feel this was the right path to go with BDO.  
    Sorry,  the devs/pubs will not half anything even if they would put up a PvE sever only.  Going this path of a PvE sever would just means you will have to deal with competing with PvEers and you just can not kill them. I guess that is why the karma system is so hardcore to PvPers.  When a player states something to the effect  " sufficient returns " or "farm efficiently " just means how much space you are willing to take. It is like saying a player need ALL of the level one mobs  in order to farm efficiently or have sufficient retruns, but you can not have one or the other just because there are two many grifers/kill-stealers you have to kill before going red and losing enchantments.  I am sure the PvEers will catch up to PvPers at some point because they always do. When that time happens then PvPers will will leave or just join zerg guild / form  mass alliances to try to block PvEers from catching up to them. Once PvE players catch up to PvP players the game is over for PvPers just because they are out number in every shap and form.
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  9. Zodson added a post in a topic The GIANT Problem of open world 1 on 1 PVP   

    first mistake ..... there is no such think is 1 on 1 open world PvP 
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  10. Zodson added a post in a topic why not just remove pvp in this game?   

    yeah I was thinking along these lines when OP was making his/her point.
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  11. Zodson added a post in a topic Tenacious - Recruiting open | Active| PvX/PvP | Node Wars | No Level or AP/DP requirements | Lvl 56+   

    Glad to see you still in the fight LoanWolf  leading the charge. 
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  12. Zodson added a post in a topic Petition to split accounts for Server Merge   

    woot servers coming together at last !!!
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  13. Zodson added a post in a topic Server Merge Contradiction?   

    never said it was just unavoidable was the point 
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  14. Zodson added a post in a topic Server Merge Contradiction?   

    Sever merging was going to happen and it happens in every game.  #click bait 
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  15. Zodson added a post in a topic introducing pvp system for bdo in owpvp   

    If you read 20k worth of post you would know they already ruled this stuff out some time ago.
    Just saying 
    Nah no point in ripping your idea apart because the devs/pubs said no some time ago 
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