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  1. alex33x added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves + Kite or Axion?   

    It was posted here in the forums. About a month ago, it got lost and people payed it not mind because everyone was too busy crying about p2w and warrior awakening. But the revision is coming soon to korea, I think with or after the naval expansion is what they said. So we should get shortly after, I hope they dont wait until the naval expansion for NA and EU or we'll be waiting til December.
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  2. alex33x added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves + Kite or Axion?   

    Everyone here is forgeting there is a DP revision coming soon. We still don't know what it will do but the point is to make DP viable again.
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  3. alex33x added a post in a topic can we get a comment from the staff on awakened class vs non-awakened class?   

    Why do people keep feeding irrelevant? He's like the biggest troll on the forum... Stop feeding it people do thw community a favor and let it die...
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  4. alex33x added a post in a topic TET Liverto Longsword useful after awakening?   

    It's not false it's been proven and has been posted here on the forums multiple times. I'm not going to hold your hand and find it for you. It's even in the korean patch notes just not in our version yet.
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  5. alex33x added a post in a topic Awakened Warrior goes rampage at sausan   

    pirates is better in korea you get double the silverwe get in NA and EU. But I completely agree with you, rangers, wizs and sorcs cant complain about balance.
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  6. alex33x added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening PvP Stunlock Combo Inven Translation   

    it will need to be tested, but this may have been before the cc patch.
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  7. alex33x added a post in a topic Tell us where the awakened warrior touched you?   

    The re-rollers are giving true warriors a bad name. They are switching class running around after hitting lv 56 in 2 days with minimum gear flaging on anyone they see. 
    I myself killed a ranger and wizard 2 vs 1, when they tried to take my spot at pirates (main spot.) then later a maewha and beast tamer showed up killed the tamer and maewha turned tail. 
    But I'm 59 with a tri blue awakening weapon and 446 gearscore. Much higher if I add awakening AP. (are we gonna start doing that?)
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  8. alex33x added a post in a topic Greatsword Quest   

    Damn right potato internet it only took me 20 minutes to update. I haveva friend that lives in a rural area that's in the same boat as you.
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  9. alex33x added a post in a topic [Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.   

    So at 59 I take it this is useless?
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  10. alex33x added a post in a topic Greatsword Quest   

    Looks like I hit a nerve, the truth hurts doesn't it? lmao

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  11. alex33x added a post in a topic Warrior Hunting Season open   

    The TC's plan is to hit them before they awaken, cause once warriors awaken we will become the new sorc basically. lol
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  12. alex33x added a post in a topic Greatsword Quest   

    You'll recognize the true warriors this way:

    1.- Shudad Costume Set
    2.- 58+ means they were leveling the class before the awakening announcement, unless you they were a no lifer and grinded 24/7 for the past 2 weeks.

    Whoever doesn't mean a criteria is more than likely a re-roller.
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  13. alex33x added a post in a topic Not a badwagon   

    The warrior forums were super slow, with threads sometimes not getting a reply in days. Now all of the sudden it's busier than the general section. lol

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  14. alex33x added a post in a topic Planning to level up warr to 57 with greatsword to farm   

    And the poser re-rolling begins, i knew it was gonna happen it was just a matter of when. I respect all those that stuck with warrior for 5 months while it was gimped... Every true warrior wear your Shudad costume, let it be know that you are a true trooper and stayed true to your class. 
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  15. alex33x added a post in a topic Press F for Valks.   

    There's a lot more valks in orwen than there are warriors, example. Before the awakening announcement, we had 2 warriors out of 100 people in the guild, and about 15 valks. Now there's 6 warriors from re-rollers. Same amount of valks.
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