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  1. -Pain- added a post in a topic Any one with a 7700k or 6700k and 1080ti   

    i7 7700k @4.9, gtx 1080

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  2. -Pain- added a post in a topic Any one with a 7700k or 6700k and 1080ti   

    u have no high end mode on, so its not a real comparison, also if u turn to the crowd behind u the fps will be much lower so...
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  3. -Pain- added a post in a topic Character Creation/Family Name   

    Well, considering he just created his account and was just messing around with character creation he can just make a new trail account with another family name if he doesnt like his current one.
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  4. -Pain- added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

  5. -Pain- added a post in a topic Due to high demand and less supply, increase the sellable Pearl items price cap limit   

    The price is fine but it would be nice if they doubled  weekly limit of the items u can sell on the market.
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  6. -Pain- added a post in a topic Server lag and bugged monsters   

    I was farming Mansha formest for like 2h already and didn't lose single hp. All monsters there just stand or move like drunk after some time. I know some ppl will say that it's nice to kill them so easly but it's annoying to pull bigger groups of them.
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  7. -Pain- added a topic in General   

    Server lag and bugged monsters
    As the title says because of the server lag all monsters on server Jordine, Valencia j1 (and other Valencia channels too i heard) re bugged and by bugged i mean they just stand there and don't fight at all. As much fun as it was at the beginning it's getting annoying, because it's hard to pull bigger groups of monsters. Would be nice if there was done something about it.
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  8. -Pain- added a post in a topic Slow Ticket Response Time   

    Yeah, my ticket was resolved in less than 12h, so I'm fine with the way support works now.
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  9. -Pain- added a post in a topic NeeD BAN right NOW   

    I would agree if not for the fact that u can clearly see than the ranger gets pushed back with each shot, so it should be impossible to spam shotgun so fast.
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  10. -Pain- added a post in a topic tomorrow's patch - wishful thinking   

    Yeah,they post it every maintenace.
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  11. -Pain- added a post in a topic tomorrow's patch - wishful thinking   

    So it looks like it will be latency only maintenance. Thought why they need 8h for it?
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  12. -Pain- added a post in a topic Valkyrie awakening gameplay trailer! + Blader/plum teaser!   

    This valkyrie awakening looks so much like TERA's lancer, even some of the animations re similar.
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  13. -Pain- added a post in a topic Grassback Crabs   

    U won't see the yellow dots for the Grassback Crabs until u find them and as the name indicates, they look like grass so u just have to look for them harder.
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  14. -Pain- added a post in a topic Character deletion & name reservation   

    It's not 30-days, at least not at the moment. I deleted my character yesterday and could use the same name after about 10min after the deletion.
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  15. -Pain- added a post in a topic Chat delay   

    Yeah, was wondering if it was only me that had this kind of delays, but i guess not.
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