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  1. Feverila added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Additional Maintenance May 19th   

    How about 2 hookers and 500$ dollars?
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  2. Feverila added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 20th   

    Fixed the issue where Heilang could not be teleported in Red Battlefield.

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  3. Feverila added a post in a topic [BDO KOREA] new AH system. What do you think ?   

    This is almost like saying "Welcome back - Gold sellers"
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  4. Feverila added a post in a topic Hotspots in fishing, how do you find them?   

    You search the forum/google/reddit or look it up yourself.
    There is no trick to it;d
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  5. Feverila added a post in a topic [EU] Trading Company [Alustin][International][Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore][Family][Discord]   

     How come you wish to join us?
    This guild is literally made for me (My friend's words)
    I love the PVE aspect of the game and im really competitive.
    I'd like to join this guild because i tried most of the game features and hardcore lifeskills is what i enjoy the most.
    I played tera on Kyprosa so i may know some of you.
    * Have you been involved in other guilds in this game or others?
    Name - Game - Server
    Ygdra - Black desert -  Since the first day of the game.
    Please - Tera - Kyprosa 
    Sun Tzu - Archeage 

    * What can you, just you, bring to the guild?
    All the things that i learned by searching every single guide on the forums, trying things out in the game...  testing. etc
    And the fact that i love sharing and helping since there is not a lot of information.

    * How many hours do you play weekly?
    65 but my work is around the computer so i may spend more.

    * What level are you?
    53 on my ranger - PVP 
    almost 51 on my tamer - Life Skills

    * What will you choose to specialize yourself in, in regards to life skills?
    Procesing - Artisan 1- Gathering - Profesional  4- Alchemy Prof 2
    I used to do fishing for money - Profesional 3

    * Are you interested in any type of PvP?
    I love PVP in this game, i mostly did a lot of PK/1v1 and some GVG's
    I am intrested in Castle Sieges, node wars and pk in general.
    Family name: Ellcrys 
    Character name: Waizu
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  6. Feverila added a post in a topic Defensive ranger pvp   

    I asked this question myself and i have 53 replies... would help if you look at the answers.
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  7. Feverila added a post in a topic Lvl 53 PVP Build   

    Riding the wind gives you another CC from what i remember.. and is 3 points
    I guess im not going to use Descending Crescent untill i get 60 more points.... since GVG are not that common, mostly PK or random fights.
    I will try to keep 3 points in RW, max PW, UDC, BG 3, and bow skill 7 or 10...
     You didn't say anything about Will of the wind? Is my 2nd main skill in PVE  and the debuff is decent
    Can you make a skill calculator for 620 640 points with what you recomend? I am actually having problems what skills not to use 
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  8. Feverila added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Tamer + Fishing boat = Airplain
    Tamer class gets stuck behind the wheel on Fishing boat, when you mash the spacebar in order to get off, you jump very very high.
    No, this is not a hack lol.
    Nobody has this problem in my guild besides tamers.
    If by any chance i can get banned by posting this picture, i will make a video showing it... is not an exploit, is just annoying.
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  9. Feverila added a topic in Ranger   

    Lvl 53 PVP Build
    Hi, im 53 on my Ranger and i want to reset my skills again... mostly based mostly on PVP/GVG .
    I still want to be able to grind well.
    Im somewhere around 550 points... trying to get all the quests done and grind to 600 650.
    My curent skill build: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/ranger/11299#
    I was thinking about lowering bow skill to 7, and removing the points from Razor Wind since i'm not using it that much in PVE
    Do i max out Penetrating wind or get Ultimate Descending Curent?
    Is tearing arrow good for anything?
    Is razor wind good in PVP? Will i need this skill in the next patch for PVE? Does the ultimate make it better?
    Sorry if one of the questions were already answered in previous posts.
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  10. Feverila added a post in a topic Q&A with Daum Games!   

    [Question] What will happen to the people that bought items from gold sellers? Will their items be removed? Will they get banned? 
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  11. Feverila added a post in a topic Suggestions for Combat, User Interface, Pearl Shop, Trading and Gold Sellers, and Gameplay   

    The chat filter thing is just ....
    They use g.o.l.d or g.,.o.,.,l.,.,d or G_O_L_D ...  you cannot filter that
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  12. Feverila added a post in a topic Patch downloading at 0.12 MB/s   

    You guys have to make a post about everything ...
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  13. Feverila added a post in a topic Ranger CC's   

    I know, but on the tooltip it says that only the ultimate kd's...
    I hate when people just run away so i really really want that KDd
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  14. Feverila added a post in a topic Ranger CC's   

    So only the ultimate of Blasting Gust and PW for  KD's?
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  15. Feverila added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger CC's
    So i was wondering, what skills or combos do we have that Stagger/knockdown/stun or guardbreak in pvp?
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