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  1. Testament added a post in a topic Dark Knight and Kamasylvia to be released in March.   

    HYPED! I hope we get an extra character slot when she's out, because I gots none left!
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  2. Testament added a post in a topic Valk won PvP tournament in KR server.   

    Looking forward to see that Valkyrie in action if that's the case.
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  3. Testament added a post in a topic How do you get rid of bags under the eyes?   

    Whoa, anal much ? 
    I li honestly don't see it.
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  4. Testament added a topic in Valkyrie   

    What crystals are best
    Learned a whole heck of a lot from this sub section on the forum, as in the gear we Valks use + enchanting and all that, but to min-max my new level 50 Valk, what crystals are best for all gear slots? Casting speed is important right....? Do,we want + casting crystals all around? Thanks for your help and opinions. 
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  5. Testament added a post in a topic Character Name Reservation Lasting   

    ..... ? ...... ? ....
    nope... Deffinetly in the game. Or Maybe I've been slipping in a seperate dimension where I think I'm picking a Valkyrie each time I log in. 
    Dang this game IS advanced
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  6. Testament added a post in a topic Please explain why this game is not pay 2 win?   

    Because their is no final boss, and credits Will never roll anytime during the game; therefore you can't win. So no pay to win.
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  7. Testament added a post in a topic I'll eat humble pie - We do need player trading   

    I dont get how trading would make the game more "sociable" anyways.
    It would be like "wts blackstone 200,000" . Someone would grade with you and be on their way.
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  8. Testament added a post in a topic Enough Is Enough   

    I honestly haven't had any problems with too many people when farming. Actually it's usually just me in the spots I go to. I noticed most people are in the big cities fishing. 
    Im on Uno and just pick a channel that's lower down. It says 'overrun' but idk.
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  9. Testament added a post in a topic What else to do besides grinding?   

    All I k ow is... I don't see nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind.
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  10. Testament added a post in a topic Does Autofishing Stop?   

    When your inventory is full, you stop fishing
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  11. Testament added a post in a topic watcha doin while waiting for the servers to come up   

    Sitting and spamming play until I get in.
    watching Supernatural
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  12. Testament added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    This is Cavalry, my main

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  13. Testament added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    Dunno if it's against their TOS for sure, but I saw someone streaming 4 charaters at the same time. 
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  14. Testament added a post in a topic [POLL]How much are you spending in the cash shop when it opens tonight?   

    Did somebody say SALE.. sale.. sale... 
    I just want a pet to loot for me.
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  15. Testament added a post in a topic Bot programs already in beta stage...   

    And then theyll figure out how to detect the bots, and the accounts will be closed. Kind of dumb thing to do on a b2p. Its like throwing money away.
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