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  1. Alberton added a post in a topic Musa playable for Oceanics? (200ms)   

    My conclusion so far - too fragile and not aoe enough to suit high ping players.
    Much happier with warrior at this stage.
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  2. Alberton added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    My comment will be simple ... thank you.
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  3. Alberton added a post in a topic Lets be honest this is probably the best game in a while.   

    Best thing I've played since Ultima Online 15 years ago.
    Lineage2 had its sieges and group play, Lotro had its lore and community, Darkfall had its PvP, this has been a good attempt to combine them all.
    I'll be here a long while. 
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  4. Alberton added a post in a topic Aussie warrior = fail?   

    I'll look into battleping now, thanks.
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  5. Alberton added a post in a topic Aussie warrior = fail?   

    Thanks for the comments so far (and recognising the avatar!)
    Think I'll play Wiz or Ranger to soft cap, continue to play Warrior when I really need to hit something and will read up on Blader (hopefully 5000 LP by then )
    I don't have the patience to wait for the Oceanic server, but will be very happy when it comes.
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  6. Alberton added a post in a topic Aussie warrior = fail?   

    No it wasn't me, my warrior is at level 26 (Wiz at 24 - the rest all lower).
    I'm just hoping some aussies, kiwis or others in our timezone will share their experience.
    I've heard of people getting pings down to 150-180 but no less than that
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  7. Alberton added a topic in General   

    Aussie warrior = fail?
    Hi all,
    I've been playing around with 6 different classes and my favourites are warrior and wizard but with warrior being the standout .
    However having aussie ping I'm concerned that I'm on a road to nowhere as warrior takes timing to get good and with 200+ ping that's not really possible.
    Should I just accept that I have to play wizard/ranger style or should I battle on?
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  8. Alberton added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    Happened to me just now as my berserker was running into a building in Heidel.
    Interestingly, it doesn't happen on my Wizard, just the berserker.
    Setting to admin did not fix it, removed the version.dat just now to try the full repair.
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  9. Alberton added a post in a topic How many have been scammed ?   

    I look forward to giving mine to people who deserve them.

    For now they can wait in my storage.
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  10. Alberton added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    All I hope for is that Daum make a mistake and everyone that preordered can log in today
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  11. Alberton added a post in a topic <OCE>, an Oceanic Guild (Aus/NZ) [Edan]   

    Noted - you will see Kurtric Alberton the Australian beserker (with Swedish and Scottish roots) roaming the hills of Edan soon.
    Get it my way and you can expect a forehead in the face - rawwwrr.
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  12. Alberton added a post in a topic <OCE>, an Oceanic Guild (Aus/NZ) [Edan]   

    Another aussie here, lots of MMO history (UO, Lineage2, Darkfall)
    Will look for you guys when things fire up.
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  13. Alberton added a post in a topic [NA] RPers, it's time to Choose   

    Liking the sound of Orwen, close enough to Orwell.
    Now to find an aussie guild there.
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