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  1. KICKASS added a post in a topic Just show us hidden stats   

    I don't get the added notes on it.
    In the first picture are you implying that DP = Evasion?
    Because I am pretty sure they are 2 separate Stats.......

    I am pretty sure Hidden Stats are not what you think they are.
    Hidden Stats are for example Kzarka "Increased AP, Accuracy"........yes but how much?
    It tells you there is an AP and Acc bonus but it doesn't tell you an exact number like for example the first picture in your post where Evasion is +40, hence Not Hidden.
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  2. KICKASS added a post in a topic Preorder   

    In my experience there is a 20-25% chance the item goes to Pre-Order queue.
    I think it is working as intended.
    The problem is that the whole Market Place needs to be redesigned, it's possibly the worst I ever experienced in any game I played.
    I am pretty sure no one is selling that, that's why.
    The Seller will get only 25K instead of 250K so people prefer using them to build their boat rather than selling them,
    If I could get 250k I would gladly sell mine, but not for 25k.
    That's why this game needs a real Auction System, not this bullshit we have now.
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  3. KICKASS added a post in a topic Hidden stats on gear POLL   

    The thing is that I am sure PA/Kakao knows that already, that's why I said this Poll is technically pointless.
    But it would be kool if we can at least have an explanation why they keep this stupid system in place, I just don't get it.
    What's the benefit of keeping half of the Stats Hidden?
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  4. KICKASS added a post in a topic Auto-refill stamina on workers   

    This ^^^
    Also 2 hours sounds like a 4 work cycle, a bit short even for a Goblin, anyway Goblins are the wrong Race for Gathering Materials.
    With a Giant you can have up to 35 work cycles which means you don't have to check on them for a full 24 hours period or more.
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  5. KICKASS added a post in a topic Just show us hidden stats   

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  6. KICKASS added a post in a topic Hidden stats on gear POLL   

    I am not having a go at you OP, but technically this Poll is pointless, we all know that showing Hidden Stats will win by a long margin, PA and Kakao knows that too.
    I guess they have a good reason (in their opinion) to keep it that way or they would have done that already.
    I wish they could at least explain to us why they want to keep it this way.
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  7. KICKASS added a post in a topic The age of warriors   

    I don't know why you are so bothered about.
    Before Awakening that was the most efficient way of playing it and the most fun.
    And I am not complaining, I am just stating an opinion, I do play Musa but I would prefer to play the Warrior Pre-Awakening with a Damage boost, so I hope that's what the new Awakening will do, that's hardly whining, more wishful thinking.
    Having choices is a good thing, always.
    Being able to play both with Block or Dodge it's a plus, it gives people choices, I am not sure what's bad about that.

    You can keep playing the Awakening Warrior if you want, why would you care if Sword and Shield get an Awakening treatment?
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  8. KICKASS added a post in a topic The age of warriors   

    You quoted my post and didn't even read it.

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  9. KICKASS added a post in a topic Black Spirit annoying reapeated quests   

    Still no real option to turn off Repeatable Quests, no matter how much you fiddle with the Quest Tracker and the Quest Log, most of the Repeatable Quest will still available to you.
    How difficult can it be to write a simple script that gives the option to turn them off?
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  10. KICKASS added a post in a topic Teleport points or fast travel?   

    I think the game is better without fast traveling, it gives a meaning having faster horses.
    I would only accept fast travels to get to World Bosses as now they go down so fast that by the time you get to them they are almost dead unless you happen to be in close proximity.
    I don't know maybe having some kind of Magic Stones that when a World Boss is up you can use to open a portal and teleport to them.
    Or maybe just add a 30 minutes delay for all the World Bosses like for Nouver, so people has the chance to get to them in time.
    Generally I don't think fast traveling is a good idea though.
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  11. KICKASS added a post in a topic Item durability going down too fast!!!   

    Maybe you were fighting higher level mobs?
    I guess if you fight Reds instead of Greens durability goes down faster.
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  12. KICKASS added a post in a topic KR patch note for 16th February   

    Item price from Patrigio will be cheaper up to 50%.Can we have this too please?
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  13. KICKASS added a post in a topic Week One NPC popularity contest results! EU embarrasses itself   

    Lol you can't farm chocolate.
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  14. KICKASS added a post in a topic can anyone tell me an alternative of wiki for this game?   

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  15. KICKASS added a post in a topic GOTHA RENSA FOR WITCH!!!   

    I vote no.
    A pair of red panties should suffice.
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  16. KICKASS added a post in a topic is this game's pve all about solo playing ?   

    Short answer, yes.

    Group PvE is not existent unless you count the World Boss zerg fest as group content.
    Sausan group is also optional, you just join others to avoid fighting for the spot, but theoretically you could solo those pretty easily.
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  17. KICKASS added a post in a topic Kibelius Outfit A Broken?   

    You can turn off the damage effect.
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  18. KICKASS added a post in a topic Stuck at Pirate island   

    Lol first BDO Submarine.
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  19. KICKASS added a post in a topic Thank you for hair update!   

    No thanks from me.
    Warriors needs more cool haircuts.
    I don't want to look like a gentleman, I want to look like a MOFO.
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  20. KICKASS added a post in a topic PvE channel   

    If you can't beat them, Karma Bomb them.
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  21. KICKASS added a post in a topic How Good it COULD have been   

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  22. KICKASS added a post in a topic What is your biggest gripe about BDO?   

    World Bosses.
    Tedious AF, laggy AF, under-rewarding AF.
    Total waste of pixels.
    Can we just have a Slot Machine instead that rewards WB Gear instead of this shit?
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  23. KICKASS added a post in a topic Week One NPC popularity contest results! EU embarrasses itself   

    Lol I swear I had to Google it.
    So that's the fat dude that manages the Warehouse in Altinova, never really bothered to learn his name.
    Why is he so special?
    I can't even park my damn cart close enough to trade with him.....he can't even organize his own shit properly, how can he be any good?

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  24. KICKASS added a post in a topic The age of warriors   

    Yeah I know.
    I was trying to make a point that I wasn't crying for more OP features but for a feature that makes me play the Warrior with a different style.
    I want choices not more OP features, I am not afraid to play an under powered Class as long as it is fun.
    And Pre-Awakening Warrior was fun for me, now it's just boring.

    I have a Musa 56 and a Ninja 56 and Pre-Awakening Warrior was much more fun than those two Classes.
    I am a Melee guy, I hate Ranged Classes so my only other option left is a Zerker but I have the feeling his play style is similar to the Warrior Awakening so not really interested.

    All I have to do is waiting for the Main Weapon Awakening, maybe that will fix the issue so I can enjoy the Warrior once again.

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  25. KICKASS added a post in a topic Week One NPC popularity contest results! EU embarrasses itself   

    Well, she is the vendor I sell all my shit because she is placed in a strategic position.
    And by the way I didn't vote for her.

    Who the fcuk is Deve?
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