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  1. Exrotz added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Can't wait to get my Roast Chicken from Field Boss Event. Thanks Kakao.
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  2. Exrotz added a post in a topic Melee should just stop going to World Bosses   

    Sorcerer isn't a ranged class at all...
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  3. Exrotz added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Warrior counters sorc, just need desync issue fixed. Zerkers too if they manage to grab.
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  4. Exrotz added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    The plebs in this thread..
    Sorceror is FINE. They are meant to be the best 1v1 class but lack in large scale pvp. How do you even nerf a sorcerer without ruining them? Wanna give their iframe a cooldown or nerf their damage? Rip all sorcerers.
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  5. Exrotz added a post in a topic A very serious issue   

    Video got removed. Was SenpaiPlz killing everyone at Red Nose and stealing 10+ peoples loot.
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  6. Exrotz added a post in a topic A very serious issue   

    Edit: Video got removed. Rip.
    Fix your shit Daum.
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  7. Exrotz added a post in a topic Kzarka loves to spawn before servers die.   

    You're right.
    Instead it spawns at 6am.
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  8. Exrotz added a post in a topic 1v1 vs Ranger AAR   

    Come Croxus and 1v1. 
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  9. Exrotz added a post in a topic 1v1 vs Ranger AAR   

    Honestly don't know why a lot of sorcerers have trouble with Rangers, it's honestly the easiest class for myself personally to beat. Have yet to lose a 1v1 to a Ranger. Just have to get them on the floor and they're dead and iframe every single arrow they attempt to hit you with.
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  10. Exrotz added a post in a topic Kzarka or Liverto?   

    I actually have 3, js.
    Took the screenshot whilst I was doing world bosses
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  11. Exrotz added a post in a topic Kzarka or Liverto?   

    I thought some people may have wanted to see the weapon. kappa
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  12. Exrotz added a post in a topic Kzarka or Liverto?   

    It isn't bound, but yeah I just decided to use it. Thought it would be more worth it using it on a ranger or something but don't really want to spend a ton on costumes so nvm that idea. Thanks.

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  13. Exrotz added a topic in Sorceress   

    Kzarka or Liverto?
    So I got my hands on a Kzarka earlier but it looks like the stats don't change much. Is it worth enhancing and using a Kzarka instead of Liverto or is there nearly no difference? I heard there was a 0.5% Accuracy increase or something like that but surely that won't change much. Not sure if it would benefit other classes more or something either, but yeah. Thanks

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  14. Exrotz added a topic in General   

    Kzarka's Spawn Time
    So how long is it meant to take for Kzarka to spawn after death? It has been over 30 hours since he was last killed and he still hasn't spawned on Croxus. We've had every single channel camped but he hasn't appeared. 
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  15. Exrotz added a post in a topic Good damage class   

    Depends what you want.
    Ranger is probably best at farming, Wizard best at Guild vs Guild PVP because of their AOEs, and Sorcerer is the best PVP class if played correctly.
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