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  1. Evey added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Resolution Issues
    I had to reinstall the game but now that I have reinstalled it I am getting resolution problems.  I have a 4k monitor but the game keeps kicking everything to a lower resolution or making the screen smaller if I go afk during fishing or training.
    Help?  What settings do I need to retain the correct resolution.   Also if I use the highest resolution the game offers I cannot read any of the UI or text and suddenly none of the buttons work.
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  2. Evey added a post in a topic Resolution (and changing resolution) issues   

    I have this same issue months later.  I had it fixed but now that I reinstalled the game its back to reducing the resolution size
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  3. Evey added a topic in Suggestions   

    Combine all Professions from all characters as one
    Can we please link the Profession skills across all characters.  Right not we are penalized if we want to switch to any of the new classes you have given us (ie: Ninja, Kunochi, Musa, etc) as our main.  Because all the hours and hours of progress we have created in alchemy, fishing, training, cooking, etc are all left on the other character.  Instead we either must start completely over or constantly switch between the two just to gain the benefits of that Artisan or Professional level craft.  
    As a company you have allowed us to share CP across all characters and to have Energy amounts shared but regen separately.  Can we please have all of the professions shared across all characters.  This way I can cook those 200 beers on an alt rather than switching to my old main, I could train horses on a witch rather than the valkyrie that was my very first character, or fish on my new main without having to bring an alt across the map for one quest.
    Each player has put hundreds of hours into each profession why not reward us by allowing us the benefits of that hard work across all characters.
    Thank you
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  4. Evey added a post in a topic UI is garbage, Give us independent scaling   

    Agreed, since resolutions of the game cannot always be used due to the locked in scaling of the UI with the resolution.
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  5. Evey added a post in a topic Horse Breeding Stable View   

    Excel spreadsheets 
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  6. Evey added a post in a topic To Cultivate a new farm...WTF   

    Still impossible to accomplish this.  I have been getting one shot and cant even get close.
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  7. Evey added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cant sell or use old Valencia Seals from the event
    I have 3 remaining Valencia Seals leftover from the event.  I cannot combine them due to not reaching 5.  However, at the bottom of the tooltip it states that these are each worth 10,000 silver.  I have checked with both a trader and a normal NPC to sell to.  I cannot sell this item to either.  It claims it can be sold so why isnt it?
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  8. Evey added a post in a topic Suggestion: Inter-stable horse transfers   

    This would be convenient and time saving....especially running from say Trent to Altinova...
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  9. Evey added a topic in Suggestions   

    Life Skills Leveling
    Can we combine the life skills across all characters?  It does not seem to make sense that I put in hundreds of hours to cooking, fishing, training, etc only to have to either do it all over again or lose the benefit from the character that has the highest skill.  It would be greatly appreciated if the making of beer on one alt adds to the cooking experience on my main.  Or taming a horse I spotted in the wild on an alt while leveling is added to the professional trainer elsewhere on my account.  All the work is there why not combine it for everyone rather that forcing them to start over completely each time a new class comes out that we may want to switch to as a main.   This is especially annoying when I want to start a new main due to additional classes being added to the game.
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  10. Evey added a post in a topic Increase Longevity for this game: Make accessoires enchantable as current +16 etc, never going below PRI and never having the initial item destroyed   

    I complete agree that there is a huge frustration to the earrings and trainers/fishing gear enchanting.   You put a ton of time into just gathering the materials only to have it fail 10 times in a row....even with fail stacks.
    For the more casual player this puts us even further behind than we already are.  Barely begun to see mediah due to gear problems (ring, necklace, earrings, etc) and haven't even touched valencia.
    On top of the world exploration is the fact that those who want to work on professional skills find it nearly impossible to go past +2 on the desired piece of gear to increase exp for training, fishing, cooking, etc. Meanwhile, you see the combat oriented players hitting +15 easily.  Yes, I know the enchanting is different on armor vs clothing and accessories.   But why not just make everything enchantable like armor is?   It would cut down on confusion, frustration, and allow people to play the game rather than get stuck or turned ofd from the game due to gear issues and crafting.
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  11. Evey added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Currently breeding my tier 4s and after 5 breedings I have 5 tier 6 females.  Horses are males level 30, females between level 21-25.  Any advice on how to obtain a male horse would be appreciated since the calculator seems to lie now whereas before it worked perfectly.
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  12. Evey added a topic in Suggestions   

    Professions skill levels
    Idea 1:
    Can we change the way professions level up.  Rather than having to level each alts profession up.  Can we combine the cumulative amount of training, cooking, fishing between all the characters into one?   Kinda like the shared CP only this will be a shared advancement.  I find it redundant that I see the same quests for cooking, fishing, and processing over and over again as I level a second toon.  Plus there is the fact that horse training especially takes an obscene amount of time thus sharing the experience gained from taming a horse via alts into one cumulative pool would be helpful.  Same goes for cooking and fishing.
    Idea 2:
    allow the quests from the black spirit to show up on the toon they were accepted on.  Why does my level 50+ toon really need to about the "greater gear" quests for my below level 50 toon?
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  13. Evey added a post in a topic Added $100 via PayPal and Daum Cash has not shown up   

    Adding to this but I just tried to purchase Daum Cash.  Said Internal Error before I even reached checkout each time I tried.
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  14. Evey added a post in a topic Clean Up the Map   

    I would like to see a listing of what nodes you currently are invested in for gathering materials.  Ie: copper, iron, traces, honey, etc.   
    Second it should be made much easier to see party members on the map.  A very small light green icon just does not stand out on a green background.  
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  15. Evey added a post in a topic Do you think Rum rate is too harsh?   

    highest character is 41.
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