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  1. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic When will you release the blue tier ship parts?   

    I know everyone's already said it, but they can be crafted now at Epheria 1-4
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  2. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    New costume yay :3
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  3. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Offhand   

    In the KR version, the players doing Kamasylve have found that Kutum applies damage to those mobs better that Nouver for whatever reason, so Kutum I guess. Personally I think they are about equal really.
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  4. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic It is worth making multiple Gatherering alts?   

    I just tend to turn all my alt's energy into the XL energy potions and ship em over to my main with master gathering, it might not be the most efficient use of energy but having a high gathering level without having to level it up on 12 other characters is way easier.
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  5. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Would you want a combat nun class?   

    Christian extremism?
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  6. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Warrior Bern costume?   

    It's been in the game since launch but last week it got removed D:
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  7. FloofyDwagon added a topic in General   

    Ore Crates or Ingot Crates for Trading exp?
    Should I make my ore into ore crates to get to Master 2 trading before I start making ingot crates for profit or should I just make ingot crates from the start. I heard that ore crates are better trading exp
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  8. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    all my yes
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  9. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic 50 Stacks & Quitting   

    So you put all your money into full DP and the moment that you can't switch instantly you cry? And then you ask for valk's cry and proceed to cry about P2W. And then you say that people are getting your gear for free? Yeah good luck to a 2 week new player getting an ancient core from an event and trying to even PRI it, never mind about DUO. If you had any valid points to make, you really lost all your credibility with how many oxymorons you got there.
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  10. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic dead game   

    It's all the afk fishers in Heidel, trying to steal muh fps.
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  11. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic How much have you spent on bdo and how gud are you?   

    I've spent 600 on it just to sit there and have nice looking armour, only at like 190AP
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  12. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Unable to claim Attendance Reward   

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  13. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Trying to become a third rate game Kakao???   

    Yeah there's a setting to turn it off  Wish it wasn't on by default
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  14. FloofyDwagon added a post in a topic Can you socket two Black Spirit Crystals?   

    Oh awesome, an extra 10AP will be nice Thank you for the help <3
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  15. FloofyDwagon added a topic in General   

    Can you socket two Black Spirit Crystals?
    Heya! Sorry if this is a silly question, but I was just wondering if you can socket two Black Spirit Crystals (or one Black Spirit Crystal and one Awakened Spirit's Crystal) on your offhand?
    Thanks in advanced <3
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