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  1. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Warrior is OP! He stole my Dank knight body Q.Q   

    Server op OP
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  2. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Iframe   

    He was playing warrior he rerolled to witch, and he is trolling you in a troll thread don't take the bait mate.
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  3. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

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  4. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic KR patch note for April 27   

    every time i see a sorc outfit i cry inside
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  5. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    since i got shit ton of meme frag in my bank and most my armor / weapon are tet i guess i m too lucky ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  6. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    learn to grind valencia
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  7. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic KR patch note for April 27   

  8. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Major new bug with weapon swap on warriors. They patched the bugged KR version instead of KR hotfixed version...   

    Well if by now you didn't get that they do here exactly what they did in KR nothing can save you.
    If KR got bugged patch first you will get bugged patch first too , coz why use your brain when you can just copy/paste.
    *PS: When is new forum being released tired of editing every single post coz forum is derping*
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  9. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Where is the compensation?   

    spoilled child
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  10. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic The Hunt for GM'S/Dev's/CM's Event   

    Due to an unforseen issue this event has to be postponed for an undetermined amount of time 
    Clic on the following link for more detail on this issue : Problem
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  11. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    ahahahaha that was perfect answer.
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  12. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Having Trouble Fighting DKs... Any Tips?   

    Best way to catch a DK, stay away and block, they will F through you and try to legacy (the big ball), then you just backstab with Nightmare gg ez.
    If they want to pew pew from range you shadow leap into them and try to back attack for the  CC on their front guard range skill.
    Pressuring them when they spam their 3 dodge is fine as well if you can manage to stay close enough you should be able to CC them in the back of their guard, but this is more tricky your timing and positionning needs to be good, and this will most likely not work vs good DK.
    If they ever try to backstab you with Nocturne you can attempt a preshot Turn Back Slash cancel in your back, if it doesn't CC at least you will damage them.
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  13. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Of course you need accuracy offhand to counter full evasion build lol
     You need all the accuracy you can get to counter full evasion, that s why.
    But anyway the point was that with the accuracy he had with accessories, it still felt realy low hit rate compare to what i see with other classes.

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  14. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Open up Marketplace / Player Driven Economy   

    No thank you
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  15. PanpanTheGreat added a post in a topic Sorc pvp   

    Also proves that only brainless animal can't dodge it lol
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