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  1. Nexius added a post in a topic Would you want a mobo like mode?   

    TL DR- Not many classes needed actual "buffs", especially for wave clearing. Theres a lot of bug fixes that definitely need to happen, but what we're experiencing with Witch, wizard, and Dark Knight (but mostly the first two) is a simple case of an over tuned kit. When your class bypasses the need for a unilateral optimized conventional build, thats end game for every -----ing class and at an early stage in the game relative to player development (Sub 450 GS, these guys decimate pretty much anyone in mass), with the safety of range and utility to back it up theres a problem with THAT class.Buffing everyone else would just bring new bigger issues to everyone.
    Warning long Rant:
    I honestly don't care if I sound like a jerk and if  im "That" guy who sounds salty when I say that not all classes can be equal and not all should be buffed.  There is very little evidence or logic to support any notion that a witch, wizard or Dark Knight would not be able to compete with classes, especially in a PVE  mode that focuses on the elimination of monsters in mass scale. This quite honestly doesnt even involve gear on differentiating tiers, which by the way is completely unilateral. They have different names but for no other reason than being seen as class specific; and providing very shallow molds/concepts of class archetype, do any of the various class specific gears differ in stats substantially. Rosar Talisman will function the same as a Rosar dagger, they give evasion and alot of it, simple as that. End game everyone goes for the same build pretty much. the stages we typically go through however is massively different in comparison, especially to these classes. Which is what truly separates these classes and is the biggest joke of all time in the history of "competitive" BDO;is the perception of power and agency classes posses in assumed scenarios.
    For some reason even after all the classes have been released, awakenings, buffs to most, heavy nerfs to some and a consistent tier list for quite a while; people still believe that Wizard, witch and now  Dark Knight have any sort of plausible difficulty, weakness, or flaw which can be exploited to such a degree that would render them useless or as commonly put "unplayable". The very kit of these classes enables them to ignore the need for entry level Accuracy requirements that other classes are relegated to, to even perform at a high level. They clear packs of mobs with the efficiency of a player who plays another class who has over 30+ GS points in a purely offensive build. I'd argue it's to the point it's so atrocious that we're discussing a class that can quite literately go as low as sub 150AP, decimate players sporting an average of 470 GS (Typically full TRI BOSS ARMOR) and take relatively no damage unless the opponent has optimized their gear with a proper dosage of accuracy, a stat which is scarce to say the least with seemingly the greatest impact on offensive performance as it regards PvP and our "Evasion" meta.
    To make matters worse this only bodes better for them as all the extra AP and accuracy other classes seem to have to overstack dont apply to many of the PvE mobs, depending on what region we talk about. There seems to be a cap and with the way accuracy works, defensive specced wizards, witches and possibly dark knights they wouldnt be missing out on much. Furthermore Wizard and Witch technically were never dethroned from their role in mass PvP and certainly their clear speed hasnt been worse for wear either since the release of awakenings. In fact even before they got their awakenings, they still were the premier Seige class. Being practically abysmal in 1v1's is near irrelevant when 1v1's are most commonly experienced in CONTROLLED PvP settings. If you have friends or a guild this is hardly a commonality. Maybe im weird when I think balance should encompass the most likely and consistent scenarios. That perhaps like outliers such as full Pen builds, shouldnt be considered because at that point everything literately becomes as simple as any class one shots the other (or one combos), agency isnt nearly as limited when you re fully decked out. 
    I literately give no -----s about the perception players who play these classes have of their own relative strength, because it's entitled and delusional at best. Delusional to say that the only way to balance is to make everything so absurdly strong that all the problems go away. No im sorry im not going to say that, yield to it, respect it and im dear near close to completely ignoring those statements and those who perpetuate such buffoonery.  Why would I type so much about this SINGLE aspect? This wasnt planned it's literately just a flow im in right now. Like thats how bad it is, I could write a -----ing book about how broken these three classes are in this aspect of the game and how buffing everyone to their level (which by the way would introduce new problems, Valkyrie anyone?), would get to the point that certain classes would literately become obsolete because they lack the necessary HEAVY innate defenses to soak damage and utilize high multiplier abilities to send at thier enemies. Offensive focused characters would probably become a joke because they literately lack all the tools to defend or break defenses, heal/sustain healing, nullify cc, etc.  
    If this post upsets anyone, well you can kick rocks cause I really dont care. Im honestly not even going to post a respond to a rebuttal and enter a debate, even with the guy I quoted. Straight up im honestly just to the point that I need to vent about the BS im seeing as it regards the continued power of this class and its relative ease of use and scope as well as popularity. It's not even about having  a hard time fighting this class, it's simply just too damn efficient for no logical reason. Theres actually no logical reason behind it, Especially when discussing a potential new feature thats suppose to emulate a game type thats centered around constant and consistent balance and philosophy, something witch, wizard and dark knight do not respect at all in terms of gameplay or design. Its just OP for being OP and has been allowed to stay OP for the sake of just being an OP standard that everyone MAY OR MAY NOT MEET. So forgive me if im a little skeptical that every class is gonna end up like those three, cause there probably no chance in hell thats gonna happen. Nerf is needed.
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  2. Nexius added a post in a topic Would you want a mobo like mode?   

    If they do, I hope they severely nerf the  shit out of witch/wiz and DK. Or implement something that wouldnt allow for obnoxious levels of One shot AoE's to be present on any one team.
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  3. Nexius added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Its not a punishment, it's putting context and farness to every situation. They changed the ability for seige guilds to own multiple territories for the explicit reason of maintaining competition. If they wanted you to conquer the entire map, they would allow it freely. They explicitly restricted that. I have no issues with mercenaries but being a full-time seige guild and taking nodes? Nah not cool, leave the nodes to the guys who can't fight for territory.
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  4. Nexius added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    We are getting a 3v3 arena. There is room for a middle ground here where they introduced exclusive arena gear/items that are gotten through wins within you arena, and provide slightly better incentive of use than our typical gear. They did this in another Korean MMO I played, Vindictus. Just citing a game I personally know with Korean origins that some may say would not be indictive of the genre or it's history. It has been done before. The PvP system had it's flaws, class balance was a major issue since the game was centered around PvE. However it was still an enjoyable experience and it took the RNG out of the game in a way. I didn't need RNG to get an item, just to enhance it, and that was bearable. Something similar could be done here, while allowing us to use gear we already own. They also gave everyone a baseline stat boost, so if you did happen to be under geared, you got a generic boost in stats that at the very least made you a reasonable threat.
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  5. Nexius added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Giving guilds that own a castle something to fight for is a healthy direction but I dont think interfering in another region is the way to go. If territory owning guilds had to defend assets every week, throughout the week, to maximize their castle profits that might help. Perhaps requiring Active maintenance of your territory is what is needed as the next step.  But ultimately it's not the fault of the players who dont own castles that the guilds owning castles have nothing to do. If you dont like what owning a castle has to offer, dont own the castle, force a stalemate every week, leaving your seige guild and make a small hardcore super geared group, or something; dont complain about not  actively enjoying PvP when it's clear making money is the first priority? This is PvP we're talking about, not gear progression, PvE, Master 2 trade or money making.
    Those things shouldn't be considered as a priority that needs to be kept intact because they arent healthy to competitive integrity. PvP is usually the culmination of a players total progression and work at their class. Gear development should be mostly a personal gain and shouldnt be so heavily influenced by the result of a PvP win. PvP should stay just that imho PvP,  not a money making gold mine. This is what happens when money> PvP you ----- with the spirit of PvP and the integrity of an entire system. If castles arent competitive enough maybe they should offer alot less money then.
     Even if you dont explicitly state thats the reason we know it's the explicit reason because money is always the underlying factor of these major alliances. I've been in a few alliances and merc's myself. This isnt a secret. Some guilds and guild leaders want money, some guild members just want to log in every week for the guild bonus. People like this exist, there are people who PvP to exploit the money making advantages to further gear progression. Thats shouldnt take precedence for a competitive experience however, if anything it should be sacrificed.
     If you want more income go life skill. It honestly just boils down to what you allow players to do  and what wont allow. The devs always intend one thing, but players can take it a different direction. If the devs notice that castle owning guilds are staying in their castles for the money and are sending members to other guilds they need to rectify the issue by doing whats best for the majority and keeping the scene competitive. Those majority are still competing for something, the territory owning guild has already won what it's fought for and reaping the rewards, you gotta give other players a chance to win.
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  6. Nexius added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Its because they have been the staple stand out guild to do the one thing thats become common place for most strong guilds now, set up long standing agreements to gain an unfair advantage in wars in order to maintain and secure assets. People arent honestly realizing that the point of getting an ally isnt to make sieges more competitive, it's to make them LESS COMPETITIVE. To guarantee a win and high weekly payouts. We do understand this right? If you've been in a guild like ManUp thats doing this you cosign this and you DONT want to PvP, you just want to get your Gear score up. It's not an insult, its a fact.
    But this isnt honestly just about ManUp it's about seige guilds in particular messing with node wars. There are guilds that exist that dont want to do sieges for many reasons. I can firmly say players who participate in sieges are willing to sacrifice fps and a smaller scale fighting experience for a bigger pay check because they want to above all else progress. Theres a difference between a siege guild player and a non-siege guild player, the mentality is very different. To alleviate this The devs might want to look into some things:
    Limiting Node wars to certain "size" guildsLengthening the cooldown of leaving guildPut a cap on how many guilds can participate on nodes, higher tiered nodes allowing more guilds.I think what it takes to be a siege guild is obvious. Big numbers and relatively high gear. I dont think gear should restrict anyone from a fight as it concerns a territory or a node. Guilds with small membership but extremely geared members taking on guilds with  double their numbers and winning or putting up a good fight is always a fun experience. HOWEVER its not a fun experience when 70-100 players Per guild are participating for a node. I  think most "node war" relegated guilds dont like zerg type fights. Typically muster round 30-50 members and have fights that last more than an hour and a half. They dont like big numbers which usually translates to big lag. Less players usually means more enjoyable experience, nodes should probably have a cap on players/guilds that can participate. 
    We will never as a playerbase be able to FORCE others to be as hardcore/competitive as our best. That requires dedication. What we can do though is distinguish what types of guild PvP we experience are, and in a way create "leagues". That way every guild can expect to go into a fight with a fair chance.
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  7. Nexius added a topic in US Guild   

    Join <Prey> Skirmish/Nodewar PvP guild!
    Join Prey!

    "Skills and Memes"
    Hello there and welcome to Prey’s recruitment thread!  I’d love to bore you with the crappy page, write up about how we’re a “Hardcore” PvP guild and how we have talented  and geared veterans from well known guilds ready to fight at any time! BUT I’d rather start by asking you this. Do you have a passion or love for PvP you can’t escape? Itching to make a name for yourself?

    Are you tired of the lag fest that are big scale sieges? Are you dissatisfied with the weak unmotivated membership around you sapping your energy, do you seek something a little more reliable? Do you want a closer knit group who wants to have fun in this game and delve into it’s dynamic  combat experience? Well Prey might just be for you then.

    Why Join Prey? 
    We get paid doe?!
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  8. Nexius added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    NA <Prey> Node/Skirmish PvP Guilldd Recruiting!
    Join Prey!

    "Skills and Memes"
    Hello there and welcome to Prey’s recruitment thread!  I’d love to bore you with the crappy page, write up about how we’re a “Hardcore” PvP guild and how we have talented  and geared veterans from well known guilds ready to fight at any time! BUT I’d rather start by asking you this. Do you have a passion or love for PvP you can’t escape? Itching to make a name for yourself?

    Are you tired of the lag fest that are big scale sieges? Are you dissatisfied with the weak unmotivated membership around you sapping your energy, do you seek something a little more reliable? Do you want a closer knit group who wants to have fun in this game and delve into it’s dynamic  combat experience? Well Prey might just be for you then.

    Why Join Prey? 
    We get paid doe?!
    PM Azn, SnatchYoWitch or Dheltah
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  9. Nexius added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    More accuracy scrub
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  10. Nexius added a post in a topic Time changes, question remains: Nouver or Kutum?   

    I say personally dont go for Tet on either before you consider getting TRI-TeT RCE's. Thats going to be a much greater upgrade than the meager 3 AP/DP you get from either enhancement
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  11. Nexius added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    For sure it does keep us all playing for what it does well and the experience that brings. I'm just hoping that now that the game has been out for a while they add more depth to it. An MMORPG probably will not come out for a while that outright trumps BDO in what it exactly does, but there will be those who will try to emulate what it did well and bring other elements of traditional MMORPGS we are used to. I'd hate to feel compelled to jump ship but it happens with almost every game, its part of a cycle I suppose. Though despite that being the trend of things, it would be really refreshing for the devs to recognize and act on what they could do before that happens, because I do believe eventually something will come to take the place of BDO and perhaps even something to replace the model of Korean MMORPG we've been gravitating to for a while now. Much of the initial appeal is definitely the look and feel of the game, newer games wills surely have a  more refined look to them even from western publishers.
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  12. Nexius added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    more response from me to come later but as to your question yes I have. The game has its lows but the essence of the game remains. What that game was built around and what BDO is built around are entirely different and that's not something I'm lobbying against. However when the grind to get your gear to full pen grows tiresome and the PvP starts to lose flair for numerous reasons; what other actively engaging content is there for us to delve into further? 
    Not all MMOs are the exact same to popular belief, but as a genre many do share key qualities. Things more than just new mobs to relentlessly grind. Mini games, relevant and full expansions in the storyline. I don't want to come off as wanting BDO to change entirely but I'm just comparing the time spent and the options I perceive the game to have. The options are very limited in terms of depth. We have life skills but they are honestly just really shallow. The ships I may create, food I may farm, game I may hunt, etc don't really delve you any further into the game that traditional grinding mobs wouldn't, a mere interaction with the market is the end result of it all.
    Like someone said previously the world is devoid and barren in terms of having vibrant life. If you read a little into the lore that's present, there's a long standing conflict between the known territories and need for black stones. Why isn't this a more Central aspect to the game? A literal world war in the world that exists in BDO, which by the way we don't know what name it is known by. Demonic entities such as Kazarka are DIRECTLY connected to our playable characters (Summoned through the use of forbidden sorceresses magic, within some super OP forbidden book we can never obtain cool right?); foreign lands in the seas we have no real history of. Do we know why pirates exist and why they are on this island? Is there a famous pirate or a pirate king? Does BDO have a Kraken? I can go on and on and every single one of these questions can instantly birth expansions into our story and ideas for engaging content and perhaps new items (specific class artifacts anyone)? 
    So trust me, it's more than a rosy reminder of the past, it's honestly a legitimate question for this games future? Is it perpetually relegated to just being a time and money sink for the sole purpose of getting pen gear? Because honestly that's what it feels like. Gear is important and all but centering BDO, what is supposed to be an MMORPG around the principal of maxing out gear is hardly what the MMORPG genre was ever about. Role playing games require story and content that continue to push that story and develop a world the player can immerse themselves in. This is what BDO fails to do despite out massive wars we have on a weekly basis. Are we ruled by our territory Victor's? Do they demand taxes and items from our guilds,members and inhabitants? Or do we just gloss over node/territory wins on a regular because they don't directly impact us if we chose not to. 
    There's legitimate concern honestly coming from me because I feel the game is more of a shrouded gambling generator and cash cow herder than it is an RPG world where we the players..... Role play? I don't know if this seems foreign to many readers, especially the younger ones but you do realize MMORPG stands for massive multiplayer  online role playing game right? Where the masses of players take on the role of fictional characters they create to participate in a fleshed out world. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm rambling and going on and on about playing pretend online and feeling BDO is devoid of an environment for that but yea..
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  13. Nexius added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    Warrior isn't bad it's just being outshined by three classes that literally can emulate his safety and outpace his damage while being safe by miles. Ranged nukes with super armor and frontal blocks is the new meta. If warrior had ranged nukes it would be just as good as witch/wiz/dk (given the DMG multipliers where there, which they probably would be).
    Now that we understand why those three classes are in favor and why warrior isn't, let me chime in on the "difficulty" of warrior. Warrior isn't a super easy class but it isn't really difficult to be effective either. I have no doubt that like most classes in BDO a level of proficiency is attained when you main the class and refine your play, to the point you can recognize notable skill. HOWEVER as it was previously stated, the average effectiveness of an average warrior is pretty damn high. You honestly don't need to go any further than beyond the kit of warrior to realize how powerful it is. 
    It's literally as simple as adding up the advantage a warrior posses in combat and how versatile those advantages are in relation to how combat typically goes and what it favors. Generally a strong class is:
    A. Fast
    B. Can output high damage
    C. Has multiple reliable cc opportunities
    D. Reliable frontal guard
    E. Reliable super armor
    F. Very economic (doesn't need to be heavily glass cannon to work potently)
    Classes who don't exhibit these traits typically would be tamer, maewha, musa, ninja, kuno, sorc and ranger.
    Classes who excel in these categories such as, witch, wizard, beserkers, and even warriors tend to feel oppressive at even entry level comparatively. Thier kits are simple and effective enough in certain areas that the pattern players naturally tend to fall in are effective in almost any scenario and yield high results for any user. For example, what zerker isn't going to succeed with grabs? What zerker isn't going to grab and how many variations or openings for a grab will a zerker create in order to execute? Not many, most zerker do the same thing regardless of gear and it works effective at all levels. 
    Whereas a sorc for example would play a lot different depending on gear. Lesser geared sorcs will tend to have to use more elaborate combos to get the same results of a higher geared player. Not that high geared sorcs are bad at the class and resort to violation all the time, but they don't need as much fluff to make thier abilities impact heavy. 
    Lower AP maewha, musas, ninjas, kunos and tamers all follow suit. They have to dig into the endless bag of tricks ( or literally run forever) before they do anything meaningful. Meanwhile a warrior for instance can reliably execute a general pattern and expect a similar result regardless. This is not to say warriors don't need gear, but they require far less because whether any warrior main/reroll admits it or not, the kit of a warrior, like a wizard or witch is simple and versatile enough to be effective at a much lower level than that of many other classes. By definition your classes are indeed easier to play, they traditionally and still continue to require less. This isn't meant as an insult, it's just a fact.
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  14. Nexius added a topic in General   

    BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE
    For the most part I have enjoyed BDO and what it brought. It's desire to be unique and create a player driven world where the players create the world and Dynamics around them. It's delivered in some aspects for sure. Our markets are pretty stable, the guild interaction and wars are lively. But aside from those few things where players are actively changing or influencing, what about the rest of the game? 
    Have you ever asked yourself "what's the world BDO resides in"?  "Where's the history"? "Where's the quests that delve further into the lore"? "Does BDO have mythical items"? Things like this are far and few. While we may have our boss gear which we get through RNG, perhaps we're getting too much RNG? I log into BDO and don't feel like I'm playing the genre I fell in love with as a kid. Forget WoW, I'm talking about my first, RuneScape. You know where you paid a subscription if you wanted, but regardless of P2P or f2p there was always something to do and look forward to?
    Quests that were interesting, hidden areas that gave special equipment (also RNG based) but had a massive story and interesting interactions behind them? Barrows catacombs,y first green dragon kill, monkey madness questline, etc. There was so much, I barely remember all the specifics but vividly recall the experience, the emotions and the relevance of it all as it connected to my play everyday.
    In BDO I don't have that same connection or experience. I feel as if my high in BDO doesn't come from exploration, questing or even playing the game, but from finally overcoming the massive money sink that is enhancements rng. It's so bad I budget my monthly income around upgrades due to the cash shop being so necessary to competitive upgrades/progression. I never felt that way in RuneScape. Different business models but does the model impact the genre that much?
    I remember the early reviews of the game and even my own expectations. Everyone knew the game lacked a true "end game". No raids, no dungeons. However we hoped that with time they would start to add things a more typical MMORPG would have, to round out thier game and really become an idealized version of an MMORPG we wanted. Great combat, decent PvP If you're into that and an immersive world to explore, role play and enjoy. Instead we get more things to mindlessly grind, balance changes that are ignited by demand of popular belief, and items/new areas that are hardly upgrades of previous places or things with little to no incentive to do them. Not even from a story standpoint. 
    So I guess what I'm saying is, I know why BDO is starting to really bore me and alot of others. Why the thought of even logging in feels like a massive burnout, why life Skilling or participating in events feels like at best a chore and usually an inconvenient time waster. It's because the game isn't trying to immerse us into a developed world, it's trying it's best to distract us from the glaring issues. BDO for as much as I've enjoyed the few things they got right, is massively incomplete. It's missing alot of the basics and the only way to find meaningful enjoyment is to settle for an incomplete product that honestly requires a hefty amount of money after the initial purchase to even enjoy.
    You don't even have to be wanting to PvP competitively, the only consistent new things in game come by way of microtransaction. 
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  15. Nexius added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    I agree to an extent. I don't think a players progression should be snubbed outright however theres an obvious gap between the casual and non casual player. Most people who visit the forums are not casual players I reckon, so I may not really be speaking to both sides of the coin, perhaps only the more "dominant" one. But when you have new players (or returning ones) wanting to experience the same content thats honestly overrun by players whose gear far exceeds the areas contested, you have to find a way to make it fair for both sides. A level 56 300 GS player will never stand a chance against a level 58 400+ GS player. Hell even the rerolling players, using a newly leveled character with hand me down gear is probably too much to handle for newbies. So you either make the playing field even across the board or you release newer/better content thats worth it for the player who is miles ahead of the vast majority.
    So far Valencia and Magoria havent proved to be the latter and everyone is still stuck grinding the same areas, killing the same world bosses, doing the same scrolls, etc. The new (or returning players) will never be able to experience Sausans or Pirate island the way we did. Those areas were once the end all be all places. No one group was propped up by countless previous expansions, there hadnt been an overbearing gap. Even with the catchup mechanics we have in place, it's hard for someone to catch up, when the tools used to do so are still primarily used by everyone whose been through the experience and should have moved on months ago. Not the players fault, new content just doesnt have a baseline (or even a much greater potential) of wealth and power that far exceeds expansions past. Anything in the desert should be x10 more efficient than anything gotten in media and Margoria should be outclassing the desert by just as much. This isnt the case. Making it so that older players cannot completely shut out newbies is the way to go if they don't want to introduce alot of money and power in other areas to such an extreme to make them ridiculously lucrative.
    Im conflicted with it honestly. Damage done to mobs in certain areas being capped is one way to go about balancing things for the lowbie for sure. But Karma bombing is still a thing and unless I've missed something, I will still lose a lot of karma (and thus money/time) fighting some relentless player who feels entitled to growth. The ideal scenario would be to make more lucrative spots that lowbies couldnt dare touch until they became worthy in their own right (High gearscore, knowledge level and skill across the board) that way no one steps on each others toes. But that seems like too much work apparently. They could also actually commit to the games competitive nature and force players to compete for spots once more. Allowing gear, numbers, and "skill" to speak for who deserves the spot and who doesnt. Though this is probably just a really destructive end result that will get old really quick. Theres always gonna be someone stronger with more numbers for 99% of the player base, so this shuts out even more people. I think they settled on a middle ground, one that doesnt hurt the high AP guy too much but doesnt give the low AP much room either. Levels will still mater because skills have % based damage as well as accuracy multipliers. Not every newbie is an experienced witch/wiz that one shots every pack they come across.
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