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  1. Zhaltor added a post in a topic State of Black Desert: A Challenge to Kakao   

    "No it's not, if you don't like RNG go force enchant or buy your equip. You have those options readily available to ignore and omit them from detail just makes this look like inexperience on your part."
    I know there is a method to skip the RNG, but it also heavily punish you for doing so. I honestly think this enchanting system is nothing short of infuriating. Honestly though, I was just throwing ideas down.
    "If you're talking about your experience from 1-50 congratulations, you've seen nothing."
    So by your logic, its alright for a game to have a long slog of pretty bland grind for a significant amount of early game time? I did experience enemies in Mediah and some from Valencia, and while they do improve, why can't early game mobs do the same? There is never anything wrong with making them more interesting to keep players playing. 
    "Oh and you seem to be under the impression no one will PK you, so I'm curious how you'd handle that extra unpredictable mob that suddenly appeared BEHIND your vision."
    What extra unpredictable mob? If you mean another player then I'll run, like I usually do. If you mean a mob with interesting attacks, I don't see an issue. Again, making enemies more interesting is never a bad thing.
    "Are you in a guild? If no, No wonder. If yes, are you in an active guild? If no, No Wonder."
    I really do not think player interaction should be fully dependant on guilds. Yes, guilds are generally massive and play well with the idea of a massively multiplayer game, but what I am missing in this game is the ability for small scale player interaction to be meaningful. Its also an important part of player interaction, yes focus on big things is great but if you leave out the little things the overall experience will suffer. Remember that in the end, its the small things that matter.
    "Next thing you know it'll be a similar goldspamselling advert on channel chat repeatedly reducing a feature to be useless"
    Gold selling is an issue, but I think this game goes around the completely wrong way in solving it. Allowing players to do jobs others from the guild, or just their friends in general could benefit from shouldn't be frowned upon. Yes, it does allow for gold selling, but that can be prevented with an active admin team. I think the issue here is the team not being big enough to accommodate a playerbase of this size. 
    "First 15 levels of enchant no RNG involved and flat rate? It's already at a flat rate across the board, 1 stone for EVERY attempt. No RNG involved omg so from +7 on weapons and +5 from armor you just want it easier is what I'm seeing here. How lazy of a handmeout gamer are you? If THAT's the case I'd have 13 alts running DUO weapons and armor by now and probably 2 mains sitting at TET/PEN level gear. Also see 1) Gameplay -> 1) regarding this issue, notably the Force Enchant part."
    RNG is not difficulty, its luck. Enchanting in this game is probably the most tedious part of it. Its overly luck based (yes, failstacks exist, but those are also based on luck). I would like to look at ESO here, ESO has what is probably my favourite enchantment system. You scavenge the world for runes, those come in several shapes and each has an effect. You can combine three shapes to create glyphs which can used on a weapon to give it an effect. This effect then has to be kept charged using soul stones. Its a system in which the only RNG is the process of getting the runes. I am not saying that this game needs to clone that system, but making enchanting less of a pain would make the game more enjoyable. At the very least, getting +15 should be made less painful. 
    "The fact that you mention joint attacks already tells me you come from Blade & Soul, lets not make another me-too game thanks"
    Joint attacks aren't a bad idea for better class synergy. Just because one game did something good doesn't mean other games cannot use it. Its just a way of making classes interact with each other, it means group play is more active. 
    "what are you expecting a sentient AI?"
    I am not expecting anything, I am just suggesting ways of making PvE more interesting. PvE should not be focused on throwing groups of enemies at you so you can mindlessly grind them. The very least they could do is dodge your attacks, or use shields they are holding. 
    "thieves and topgeared players become the richest then, else you're carrying very little in your trade haul to begin with making it not worth even robbing, why would i go kill 1000 mobs if i could just drop a player in an instant and get like 5mil worth in loot."
    This is when you get other players to protect you on a trade route. It gives PKers more of a reason to strike, and you more of a reason to travel on groups. Increase the Karma loss on PK of a player with trade goods. Its encouraging player interaction beyond being a -----. 
    "that already exists in game and i dont know why this is placed in a PvE perspective only and disabling a boss sounds stupid, completely negates the fact that they're a boss. "Look at me a level 20 valk, 100% accuracy celestial spear with knockdown/bound oh look I casted it on the boss he just got floored omg! I have a +0 militia long sword didn't know it was that great!" and again joint attack mess, Blade and soul -projectile vomit- Wrong game. a Destroyer can disable a boss 3x solo until its recent nerf. Stop suggesting to turn this into a me-too game. That is a bad mechanic and not only does their game have a DPS barrier check which means you're obsolete for x content until you reach gear level x, and your class is either useless or useful. Vindictus is known for boss killing mechanics that is something a developer should pull example from if they wanted bosses and team-together mechanics. Not Blade & Soul which was made with its original goal to be fan service and 1v1 pvp and e-sports and is 6 years old."
    Blade and Soul is not an ideal game, I do agree that is has many flaws, but it also does many things well. Dungeons and Bosses in the game were pretty great. Lets say a valk does cast Celestial Spear, the idea isn't that she can automatically stop the boss from doing anything, but rather that the boss is now vulnerable for a combo attack from another class that can down him for short periods. If this was to be implemented, it would add more strategy to world bosses, a group of players would be able to down him and have the rest use that time to deal as much damage as possible before it comes back up and starts wrecking. It may not be the perfect implementation, but its not something that wouldn't work, so long its implemented well. 
    As per cash shop changes, removing stats from costumes/outfits makes them actual cosmetics. We have a lot of convenience providing cosmetics on this cash shop, and while separately they are small, they put this game in a bad light (especially with recent changes). The entrance fee it fine, but the fact that its combined with a hella expensive cash shop and a monthly sub is what makes this game seem like nothing more than a cash grab. When people research the game, they will find a lot of info about how it just went downhill, where with some decent PR and changes to the business model, the game could at least somewhat redeem it self. Everything may still be working as before, doesn't change that the game lost a lot of respect and its developers cannot be taken seriously anymore. I love this game, I enjoy a lot of what currently there, but I struggle to play it because of how much the devs shown they don't care. I want these devs to respond, to show me that they care, to challenge my fears for the game and then I can get back to having fun without worrying about it being wrecked in further development. 
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  2. Zhaltor added a topic in Suggestions   

    State of Black Desert: A Challenge to Kakao
    So this post is a bit of a challenge for Kakao Games to redeem this game. Its currently in a pretty sore state, there are tonnes of things that will turn potential players off. There are huge scars around this game that will probably never fully heal. That being said, I still believe you can do something about this and this game can still redeem it self so long correct actions are taken by its publishers and developers. Take an example from ESO, it started off quite poorly, but it revamped a lot of its content and is now one of my favourite games. With this post, I will be outlining what I find to be the main issues in the game, and suggesting some improvements. It will be separated into 3 main sections, Gameplay, Monetization and Communication. With this post, I am also challenging the team at Kakao to respond to my concerns. 
    So: @CM_Aethon, @PM_Jouska. Are you ready to prove to me that you care about this game? I want you to cut the bullshit and respond with actual reasoning behind agreeing/disagreeing with anything in this post. I want to know if you care enough to show me that there is still something to look for in this game without your usual cleverly ambiguous marketing. 
    1. Gameplay:
    I felt I would start off with the easy one. The gameplay in Black Desert is mostly solid. The combat is very satisfying, the world is huge and filled with interesting locations, the overall crafting, node system and trading are adequate and provide for some fun things to do while in game. While I think there is a lot of fun to be had in this game, its all brought down by a couple of issues: 
    1) The enchanting system is too heavily reliant on dice rolls
    2) Enemies are mostly bland with very few unique attack patterns and numb AI
    3) Player Interaction outside of combat is pretty much non-existant
    1a. Enchanting:
    The current enchantment system is good at dragging out the process of moving forward, and infuriating the player in the process. The low chances if success will easily frustrate players and decrease retention rates. It is a mechanic clearly designed with the thought of selling enchant aiding items on the cash shop. Generally, a complete overhaul (much like the one to the skill system) would be in order. I have thought of two solutions for this issue:
    1) Implement an "Enchantment" life skill. That skill would raise every time you enchant an item, no matter if you succeed or fail. Increasing that skill would increase your chances of enchanting, +1% per level. With this, allow enchanting of items not for your selves but for other players for a price in silver. What this would create is a need for dedicated enchanters who could sell their services to other players. It would put the RNG away from players who dislike that aspect of the game and allow for a new profession and level of interaction between players. 
    2) Make it so the first 15 levels are a flat amount of stones, no RNG involved. It would make the overall process less gruelling and should be an easy fix. Yes, it doesn't remove the grind, but it alleviates some of it. Instead of looking for stones and hoping you get what you need, you know that this amount of stones put into this weapon will level it up.
    1b. Combat:
    So this one is a bit of a tough one. Combat in Black Desert is pretty solid, the abilities are satisfying to use and there is a lot of skill involved in combat encounters. Sadly, PvE ven be somewhat excluded from this statement. Enemies in PvE are incredibly numb and their attack patterns are mostly limited to "run up to enemy, hit, repeat". There are many improvements that could be done here. Firstly, increasing enemy attack speed. Not by much, however a lot of the enemies attack way too slowly, its pretty easy to react to them. This game's difficulty is built up on the idea of being swarmed with enemies, except you can only be attacked by 7 at once. Increasing enemy attack speed is the first step you should take. Additionally, giving abilities to enemies would allow for them to feel like more than just punching bags needed for levelling. You have a lot of abilities you give you players, with animations, cast times and cooldowns. Giving some of those to enemies would do wonders in making PvE more interesting. If you were to take it a step further, implementing joint attacks for some enemies would make the whole idea of being swarmed so much more exciting. Lets say you are fighting a bunch of swordsmen standing in front of some archers. The swordsmen have shields they use to prevent your attacks, while the archers use a joins ability, rain of arrows. It would require just this slight higher amount of thought to handle this encounter. 
    1c. Player Interaction:
    As this is an MMO, player interaction is a pretty massive part of the game, but in this instance its mostly limited to combat encounters. What I'd suggest is using mechanics unique to this game to its advantage. What I am referring to here is the node system. Currently, the node system is used for trading, guild wars and increase in gains from a region. Those systems however are pretty much fully separate and have no interaction between one another. This is where I think a lot of hidden inter-player interaction lies:
    1) Guild who owns a node should have the ability to affect players using it
    2) Players who use a node should have an effect on the guild that owns it
    3) Both should contribute to both prices of trades and effectiveness of trade routes
    Solution 1 - Node Management and the Morale System:
    With this system, a new stat for each player is added called Morale. Morale is a star that functions a lot like contribution, where each player gets a set amount of it at character creation, and looses some on death. Once a player is in a guild, their morale will get added to the overall guild Morale pool which the guild can invest into nodes to give them global effects. For example, a guild can invest morale to increase overall drops at the node, or to increase the upkeep for players using it (which would increase the guild's income). With this system, players would indirectly interact with one another. A guild could own a node, affect its outcome, causing shifts in the economy and player's opinion of the guild. Players who disliked the guild could target its members to decrease their morale causing some of the effects they put over nodes to become null. 
    Solution 2 - Incremental node gains/losses based on usage:
    With this one, players do not have that much control over the nodes, but the nodes are affected by all players. Players can invest into a node to increase its overall amount of resources, not only increasing the drops for your self, but also any other players working in the area. In other words, instead of nodes being a separate instance for each player, they are instead global where all players can contribute to improvement. Additionally, as players take a bite of the resources in a region, they increase with their drop off rate being based on the amount of players consuming the resource as well as the amount of players who invested in a node. With this, an additional tweak would be having nodes affect movement speed while trading. This would encourage a player to go through more popular nodes when trading, allowing the more murderous ones to plan out ambushes in locations that are more likely to be used by traders.
    Misc Improvements:
    -Allow for sharing of items via warehouse (at the very least allow use a warehouse of a friend for resources when crafting)
    -Allow for stealing of trade items/profiting from pillaging trade routes
    -Improve class synergy, add abilities for each class that create effects for other classes to use. (e.g.: warrior shield bash stun on boss, musa roundabout kick to knock down when stunned)
    2. Monetization:
    This one is quite important, the way this game is monetised is probably one of the biggest turn offs to other players. Currently the game consists of a 30 Euro entry fee as well as a cash shop in which the only cosmetic items are dyes, and a monthly convenience sub. Yes, the entrance fee does give you some items which value at a bit higher price than the price of the entrance fee, but this is not how players see this. They see an entrance fee required to enter a game, it doesn't matter if it saves you money because its a requirement. There are multiple things that could be done to make this situation better, and there are many benefits for giving the cash shop a small redesign.
    Firstly, either remove stats from costumes, or decrease their prices. The current prices for outfits are absolutely ridiculous, and the fact that they give players additional stats is just worsening the appeal of the game. Considering that a full outfit will set you back 29 Euro, which is nearly the price of entry, they shouldn't improve your stats and be just cosmetic. People will still buy them, people like their cosmetics. And if you can bring up more players by making your business model better, you have more potential buyers for the outfits. 
    Secondly, remove storage expansions from the shop. I am honestly quite fine with the inventory expansions, but storage slots are a bit much. To get storage in game, you have to sacrifice crafting workshops, allowing one to get those without doing so is pretty much a straight up advantage. While weight and inventory slot expansions are in a similar boat and their removal would be ideal, I feel like if can stay for an extra bit of income for the company. 
    Thirdly, cut the value pack. On one side, it will give you income, on the other it will put off players from getting the game. You can keep the dye subscription and the appearance, that is a perfectly fine way for you to get income and is overall less of a discouragement to new players looking to play the game. Having 3 subscription types for your game is overkill and should not be a thing you do. Maybe if you cut some of the stats from the value pack such as the marketplace income bonus, but in its current state its a pretty unacceptable item. 
    Lastly, selling items on the marketplace, its not a bad choice. It allows for all players to get markerplace items, however it also allows players to transfer real cash into silver. So long you keep strict limits on this feature, there should be little issue with it. At the same time, as soon as you allow for too much income to be accrued from this, issues will appear. 
    Additionally, you should think about adding more methods of gaining loyalty. Maybe add missions that refresh daily, completing those missions grants additional loyalty. Each day you get 3 missions, each one will give you from 10-50 loyalty, where one can be replaced daily. This means that daily, you get 100 loyalty from daily login, and a potential of 150 loyalty from missions. Its a decent way of engaging your player and making the loyalty system seem a bit more fair. Missions could include things like, completing X amount of quests, or kill X amount of enemies, or harvest X amount of items, or process X amount of items... you get the gist. 
    3. Communication:
    This is by far the most important point out them all. I will be frank with you, your communication is horrible. We are being drop fed vague information that often isn't acted upon or misleads us to believe one thing when it is not at all your intention. Some examples include:
    - Sieges which were meant to hit a month after release, however there was no mention of the feature until 3 months ago
    - Awakenings which were repeatedly said to be planned to release all at once, or as many in one patch as possible which was now turned into a bi-weekly schedule
    - Saying that the game will be made to fit our market, suggesting new features and EU/NA only changes where most of those are just number changes
    Here are some improvements for your communication:
    - Clearly state planned schedules for content releases, if you don't have schedules, get some made and attempt to stick to them
    - If a schedule is known to have a chance of not being met, promptly inform the playerbase of the changes, pinpointing the reasoning behind the delay
    - Keep the playerbase updated on current and future developments for the game
    - Put emphasis on improvements made on to the current content, rather than just outlining future new content
    - Provide more detailed patch notes, instead of just saying something changed, explain how it changed (instead of saying "X ability's damage increased, say X abilities damage raised by Y"
    No, these are not exactly the easiest things to keep track of, but for god's sake, you are a business, you are being paid to do this. With how high the game prices it self currently (with the cash shop prices being what they are) I genuinely expect a lot more in terms of communication. None of these have to be instant improvements either, you can gradually work on transparency, rebuild the trust of your playerbase and hopefully spring the game right back up. 
    If you read this far, I want to say thank you for giving your time to my post. I invite anyone to join this discussion and am hopeful that we can avoid the usual screaming and contribute something to increase this game's playerbase and show Kakao that what they are doing is not alright. They have a great game under their wings, don't let them ruin it by tarnishing its reputation with horrible business practices. 
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  3. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    Korea did have a monthly schedule, however the Korean PR team did not spend 5 months spewing out bullshit about them coming out all at once. People are angry and they have good ground to stand on here, the devs did hammer in that they will try to release as many awakenings at once as possible. It's not like this is some new content that has to be developed from nothing, its already finished and ready to use and has been on the other 3 regions the game is active in for quite some time. To add to that, the Russian build of the game did release these in bulk rather than in weekly releases. This is nothing more than poor handling, either as a desperate attempt to needlessly extend the game's lifespan for just that little bit longer, or cause of pure incompetence that could very well have been caused by there simply not being enough money for the western team to use. This game has been incredibly poorly handled since release day, it only makes sense that some are tired of this treatment from DAUM/Kakao. 
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  4. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    The thing is, the content's already there, it was created and implemented in 3 iterations of the game. There is literally no excuse for why this delay exists. Its either that this team is getting insanely low amounts of budget to work with compared to all other publishers releasing the game, or they are telling us straight up bullshit.
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  5. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    On one side, if you are really going to have this game be up to date with its Korean counterpart by the end of the year, I will end up somewhat happier. There is some awesome content that released in Korea recently and the game is clearly improving. My issue with what you are doing is that you are attempting to artificially prolong this game's lifespan by drip-feeding us content in hopes the retention rates remain a bit higher while implementing changes made specifically to raise your profits form the game. This is problematic as its contributing to the degradation of this game. It confuses me that this is the way you are going about keeping your playerbase playing where the game is actually improving. If you didn't completely wreck this game's reputation with the recent changes and PR disasters during Gamescom and instead put all your focus into showing off the improvements done to the game, you could have vastly increased the interest of other players getting in on this ship. 
    You should really just stop with the BS, put some solid thought into your business and work improving the business model, the marketing and communication. You have an amazing game filled with potential that's currently being violently -----d by an incredibly greedy company. You can still save this, the question is, will you take the steps required to do so. 
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  6. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Remove Valencia P2 dungeon RNG   

    The random spawns on dungeons in the Desert is in my opinion a brilliant feature. See, with the desert being a pretty huge wasteland with no full access to the map, the random dungeons will encourage guilds to set out search parties to find entrances, increasing the potential for group interaction and teamwork in a game that currently is somewhat limited in that aspect. As for excessive RNG, this is honestly a feature that I think is a nice addition and unlike the enchanting system or the skill system, does not need much change. 
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  7. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    So considering how you have AlienFX support, can we get SteelSeries Game Sense support too?
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  8. Zhaltor added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    *Points at the Kibelius set*
    Hey, males get pseudo armours too you know... Also, what's wrong with the Karlstein outfit?! Its covers up pretty much your whole body no matter which gender you are. 
    I honestly see no point in crying about female CASH SHOP costumes not being up to your taste... They are cash shop items for god's sake, they come at additional costs and are fully optional to your experience, if you really dislike them you simply don't buy them and use the in game armour models. If you are that bothered by fully optional cash shop items that aren't forced on you by anyone, maybe look for a game that doesn't sell revealing cosmetics, and with that I wish you luck. 
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  9. Zhaltor added a topic in Suggestions   

    Male Hair Customisation
    So I have been accepting of this game's gender lock, its limited amount of armour models, its overly annoying dye boxes, but today I have gotten to play a bit more with males in the Character Creator with the release of the Musa. Having created a Tamer and a Sorceress, I must say, the customisation on the male models is lacking. I am not sure if anyone else brought this up but please explain to me, why are the male hairstyles not customisable to the degree female hairstyles are? It makes very little sense to me considering that both genders have long and short hair presets. I am not sure how many people are bothered by this, but personally, I find that a lot of the personality in a character comes from the hair it wears and therefore I want to ask if there is any possibility to add shape manipulation for male presets.
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  10. Zhaltor added a post in a topic [Jordine|PvX] The Conduit | A Bridge Between Worlds   

    shameless bump
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  11. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Intead of "pve channel" correct pvp off option.   

    Personally, I have to disagree with the ability to turn off the ability to get PKd. I also disagree with the idea of having a specific channel for PvE players where PvP is not enabled. What I think should be done is some more interesting and at the same time dangerous risks should be implemented to PvP. With said risk there should come rewards. So a Risk could be a bounty placed on your head by the player allowing other players to send out after you trying to collect a reward. A reward could be items that drop from players that can be exchanged for silver that don't have to come from his inventory. 
    When it comes to toggling PvP, a player who enables PvP should turn red to other players, the player wants to fight with others so a risk of said action is being seen as an enemy by non partied players. A toggle should then have a 30 minute cool down to make it so the player is forced to think about their actions for a period of time if they want some rewards from killing another player, otherwise, the player could get killed him self. Personally, I think this kind of toggle would make PvP rewarding (so long PKers are rewarded for a successful kill). But then, I am known to have weird ideas about balance so you will probably disagree :3
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  12. Zhaltor added a post in a topic [Jordine|PvX] The Conduit | A Bridge Between Worlds   

    Heh, thanks, now that I managed to grab some members, I have a bit more of a clear view of what the guild will end up being ^^
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  13. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    I love the whole "pro all at once" thing, if only you had the same feelings about the actual classes, then we would be on point!
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  14. Zhaltor added a post in a topic Knowledge system revamp   

    I made a thread with some description of a system I think could work, check it out if you want ^^

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  15. Zhaltor added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    I am yet to run into serious issues with energy in this game, especially with the recently added ability to convert unused energy into potions for later use.
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