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  1. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    I unchecked then rechecked all then logged out of game then it was in my BS so maybe try that..
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  2. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Golden Flondor Goose Egg Event begins.
    Event Duration: Apr. 12 ~ Apr. 26, 07:59 UTC
    An event-related quest titled ‘Legend of Florin’ can be obtained from the Black Spirit.
    This quest will navigate you to Florin to visit the NPC ‘Valentine’ where you can begin the hunt to find the Golden Goose and her egg.
    Find the wandering goose near Florin to earn the Golden Goose Egg. This quest can be done once a day.
    Anybody else having trouble getting this started? 
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  3. SumAussieCobber added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Servers so LAGGGYYYY
    Why are you guys doing nothing about your servers? People have complained SINCE THE MERGE!! Now its getting beyond a joke i cant farm any where as i am to afraid of disconnecting and losing gems! Cant PvP much anymore due to the lag getting so bad on most channels.. I love this game but your not listening to your COMMUNITY!! Stop wasting money on Pearl shop crap and fix the main issues as your community will start to leave due to lag getting worse.. 
    Just a thought guys....
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  4. SumAussieCobber added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cant Roll my Dice
    Since the "hotfix" i can not roll my dice any reason why?
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  5. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Horse training stop at lvl 30   

    So even after horse lvl 30 i just use it and how and when do i know when i get the horse skill changed?
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  6. SumAussieCobber added a topic in General   

    Horse training stop at lvl 30
    So i used a horse coupon to change a skill at 30 as world chat told me that the EXP bar still goes up regardless of lvl.. As i am at 30.99 does that mean it stopped and wont go up and i have wasted a coupon for nothing?
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  7. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Cancerous Marketplace RNG   

    I understand that your mad about not sniping anything from the market but that is just RNG deal with it or leave pretty simple answer. But for player trade options my opinion is you can only sell to friends you have known for a month and guildies that have been in the guild for a month but you can sell them the item even if they dont have the cash just make it like a contract and a daily payment that needs to be made and if they dont the weapon/armor/accessory item goes into lock down in your inventory and until the contract is paid cant be used.. But personally i like the system as its RNG and that is how the game is based around..
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  8. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Any tips talking about pvp as a maehwa ?   

    Mortia has covered alot but how i play mae bae is i always flank the blackline but i wait for others to initiate or start then i flank around on people (like 2/5 no more) who do not look behind them. But if that doesnt work or i miss a stun i dart back out wait for cool downs then try again. Our class is heavy depended on getting a stun off to start our combo. Also link your gear so we have a better understanding of what to help you get up to TRI etc..  I will link my gear  http://bdoplanner.com/save/[[9],[10985,18,[15224,15224]],[11014,18,[15206,15206]],[11016,18,[15212,15212]],[11015,18,[15217,15217]],[[12007,1],[12007,1]],[[11828,1],[11808,2]],[12210,1],[11607,0],[13310,18,[15501,15201]],[14772,18],[13140,18,[-15106,15627]],[-1],[19001,[-1]],[19394],[-1],[22399],[19363]]
    I need to upgrade my necklace to atleast DUO and same with rings as our class needs atleast 200 ap to 2/3 shot people but even at what i am running now i can kill lvl 60's also i am 59 i am going for the 61 as i think our class rocks at 61 from all the streamers and youtube vid's i have seen of our class.
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  9. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Here is mine i gonna find a better place to take a picture but still cant find one lol

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  10. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Leaving Pirate island Bug stuck   

    If you hug PI when you leave you can make it or when you enter come in from the top side of Arita island
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  11. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Stuck at Pirate island   

    Lol dont think i tried it took me to an island or margoria sea on the attempts i had. So i just swam to oliva but if you leave and come in to PI on the top site of PI you can make in and out just longer
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  12. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Leaving Pirate island Bug stuck   

    If you hug PI and leave out that way you can get out
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  13. SumAussieCobber added a topic in General   

    Stuck at Pirate island
    Cant leave get randomly stuck between Arita and Padix island..

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  14. SumAussieCobber added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Leaving Pirate island Bug stuck
    Leaving Pirate island and 2nd time i have got stuck on nothing fix pease

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  15. SumAussieCobber added a post in a topic Trying to gear up my Maehwa   

    Kutsuu never new of that site makes things alot easier lol and this m y build atm i blew up a few things like my belt going for DUO rings and earrings.. 
    RaZe Hawkins that is good you changed to full grunil for the crystal slots as they help a fair bit and now we can buy the WP pots makes things alot easier for us now if you dont make them.
    As for the HP its ok it doesnt take long to get to 20+ as long as you eat blue or gold or orange foods but they are pricey unfortunately..
    Yeah just watch the price of witches as they change a fair bit so try to sell when they over 9mil at least. and DUO blue coral are fine until you want more ap.
    But with only 97DP might be a bit hard at helms but if you can maybe get them to atleast +15 or just under. try this site to help with getting gear to +15 also http://www.blackd.de/failstacks/
    Food makes a difference too a noticeable difference i found.
    Yeah but in the mean time you can buy or try the boss rednose for the armor as tree to snipe is pretty hard and from the pipe lines rednose armor is changing to support the melee classes from what i heard but no known date unfortunately.
    Yeah i am on NA server and name is Shyma Jiraiya.
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