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  1. Kellogz added a post in a topic Cant Transfer Guild Leadership   

    you got a bid somewhere you need to go to every town and work it out, even if it fails its still active you have to go de activate it... sucks yeh..
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  2. Kellogz added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    im fine with it tbh and anyone who plays mmo's should of known this was coming... but lets hope we get the pearl shop prices of korea / russia if were getting the same otherwise why would i play here
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  3. Kellogz added a post in a topic NEW Trading system mechanics (Suggestion)   

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  4. Kellogz added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Personally I think the updates awesome, the game needed a premium feature to it, most of those in the pack is what I would expect. OK the 30% isn't really needed too much, but it does make it damn appealing so ill be happy with it and ill pay the sub like I would to any game I actually would invest time into.
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  5. Kellogz added a topic in Suggestions   

    Some Simple Game Changes
    Myself and guild have come up with a few suggestions which we feel would be handy in the game.
    1. Display of current energy of each character on "Character Select" and "Change Character".
    2. In chat make it use family name not character name, its too confusing with the game wanting you to use alts and encouraging it all chat should reference the family and not the character name since this always stays the same and would be less confusing.
    3. Make PVP Guild Missions, this is a PVP game so give us PVP Guild missions like kill X amount of members in a node war, or in red battlefield ect.
    Thank you for your consideration
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  6. Kellogz added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cant Transfer Guild Leadership
    As title says coming up with the message "Not available during guild house bidding". We are not bidding for a house and far as I am aware there is no bidding on currently.
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  7. Kellogz added a post in a topic Free class change for sorc   

    Just re roll will take you a day or 2 to hit 55... 
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  8. Kellogz added a post in a topic The lag is real xD   

    Yes servers are experiencing lags perhaps further DDOS
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  9. Kellogz added a post in a topic The Soul Slayers [SLAY] [EU] [PVP] [Jordine] [18+] [Node Wars] [Community]   

    Still recruiting had a few in last few days but we are still looking for PVP focused members!
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  10. Kellogz added a post in a topic The Soul Slayers [SLAY] [EU] [PVP] [Jordine] [18+] [Node Wars] [Community]   

    Thanks too all the welcoming messages on the SLAY rebuild. We will keep fighting and rebuilding, than we can hopefully bring some more challenges for you guys
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  11. Kellogz added a post in a topic The Soul Slayers [SLAY] [EU] [PVP] [Jordine] [18+] [Node Wars] [Community]   

    Wish tree would spawn already ¬.¬
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  12. Kellogz added a topic in General   

    Daum rebrands to Kakao

    Lol wut?
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  13. Kellogz added a post in a topic Have you ever wonder what we have to gain by joining & helping a big guild?   

    Whole point of a guild is your a group of people who want to play together and socialize. Wouldn't of lasted 2 weeks in this game if i had solo'd.
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  14. Kellogz added a post in a topic PK'ers during Blue Whale   

    do it on a level 40 cant be pked, win?
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  15. Kellogz added a post in a topic The Soul Slayers [SLAY] [EU] [PVP] [Jordine] [18+] [Node Wars] [Community]   

    Anyways.. this is not iron or any iron members, just SLAY members...
    Great fight last night guys against 5 different guilds was a lot of fun, we was out numbered but we managed to be one of the last 2 worked well, just shame we lacked the numbers in the end, but hey "NEVER STOP FIGHTING!"
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