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  1. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Make the girl in Velia attackable NPC   

    The sequence needs to end with the giant picking up the girl and nailing her to the wall. Problem solved.
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  2. Pinkeh added a post in a topic desync is horrible   

    Try hunting blue whales and the whale desyncs and then teleports across to the other side of an island. GG
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  3. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Imperial Delivery Trader Not Available on All Channels   

    No imp delivery traders for us on Balenos channel 2 either.
    No imp delivery traders for us on Balenos channel 2 either.
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  4. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    Me: Yay i have 12 medals. Maybe i'll win something

    Guildie: I have 500+.

    Me: Oh...

    *RIP working life*
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  5. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Whale Hunting Worth?   

    Took us 4 hours to kill a big whale with beginner rifles.
    Good activity for a group or two.
    Kind of boring, as they have a lot of health and the whale animation is terrible and glitch. But for the first time we did alright. Everyone got titles .
    Two people got some teeth worth ~30mil each.
    Might be better if you grind your hunting proficiency up before taking on the big whales. Also need faster fishing boats with some upgrades.
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  6. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Guild level restrictions for guild missions?   

    We were an extra large guild but we've recently experienced a sharp drop in activity due to new games on the market. We're now down to 65 with around 30-40 active players during Oceanic/Aussie prime time.
    We don't have numbers or strength to do the large ones as numbers keep falling. So with this change we can scratch out guild bosses.
    Great change dev team. Not.
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  7. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Great famine of Edan (✿◡‿◡)   

    This is why Sydney's housing market is so expensive.
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  8. Pinkeh added a post in a topic [Profession] Trading Skill Improvements   

    Trading needs better profits. The higher ranks does nothing for the profession apart from unlocking more goods, but it should be increasing the probability of bargaining, the stock amount NPCs have and better wagons. Right now its kind of dead when you can sit at a fishing hotspot and earn 4x the amount of money you can make taking a wagon around the continent.
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  9. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Trade Guide (Trade Table included)   

    Still waiting for imperial trading. It's been months
    Bigger wagons and higher prices on the trading managers would help too.
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  10. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Peoples definition of p2w   

    Not this again.
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  11. Pinkeh added a post in a topic Racist Chat Worst I've Ever Seen In A Game!   

    Turn off channel chat. Problem solved.
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  12. Pinkeh added a post in a topic So i finally broke down and bought myself a Ghillie   

    You don't get the passive P2D bonuses by dyeing it. -50% exhaustion and -50% consumption of water. HUUUUUUGE.
    P2D = Pay to (Not Die In The) Desert.
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  13. Pinkeh added a post in a topic So i finally broke down and bought myself a Ghillie   

    Pfft we've had it in Korea for a while. Why waste your money dyeing the green suit when you can have both.

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  14. Pinkeh added a post in a topic So i finally broke down and bought myself a Ghillie   

    Not much use in Valencia. Good luck finding something green to blend in with.
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