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  1. Junkpile added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Ascended gear give 5% advantage. Why you lie whole time? You guildmates plan to move GW2 because PvP balance is pure joke in BDO?
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  2. Junkpile added a post in a topic My first actual node war lots of fun also deaths :D   

    Why enemies are immune whole time and why you take so much dmg? Seems like they still haven't fixed PvP.
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  3. Junkpile added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I come back in BDO forums after 6 months and seems like only retards play this game. God you people are stupid. Wonder i can still get refund. This LightningFFXIII-4 dude is just hilarious.
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  4. Junkpile added a post in a topic Another Youtuber returns to BDO after quitting! e-celebs paid by daum to return?   

    Wonder if i can still get my money back? I am still pissed that i bought this game.
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  5. Junkpile added a post in a topic What's your favorite thing to tell a noob?   

    I say "you started to play korean mmorpg and expect it to be good? Are you stupid or something?"
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  6. Junkpile added a post in a topic Fanboys/White knights are the MMO killers.   

    Koreans are famous mmo killers.
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  7. Junkpile added a post in a topic Should i listen to the internet?   

    Does this game even have PvP? Haven't really seen any.
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  8. Junkpile added a post in a topic What to do with my superior gear?   

    Think if getting gear would be easier, but different kind of play styles would need own gear. Now you just try to get max dp armors and max ap other stuff. This game doesn't really motivate play alt either because you need to be extra lucky to even get one good main weapon.
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  9. Junkpile added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    People say that you did know before buying that gear give advantage in BDO, but how we could know that somebody actually could be stupid enough to make game where gear mean this much. Seriously i remember games that were worst p2w games ever and still balance was better in those games.
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  10. Junkpile added a post in a topic 2 reasons i doubt ill last another month in BDO   

    7 scrolls bheg/week since launch and 0 gloves 0 livertos.
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  11. Junkpile added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    So your pro tip is just to be lucky or have account that have too high luck? Wonder why those boss armors are so expensive if everybody can just kill boss and get one. 
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  12. Junkpile added a post in a topic Gear based PvP is only supported by plebs   

    If dude have played 26k hours and still can't l2p it's ok that player who have played 2 hours destroy him. Bad players doesn't deserve win no matter how much they grind.
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  13. Junkpile added a post in a topic help on pc   

    Wonder when they actually make something new and powerfull. I planed get new processor, but then i started read some tests and notice that my museum processor is still ok. It's old like heaven and still these new processors aren't even that much faster in gaming. Good old days new processor did give you like 100 fps boost in games.
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  14. Junkpile added a post in a topic The madness of BDO Edan?   

    I planed do some nodewaring, but i heard that some enemies might have like +16 gear and stuff. I was like f**k this i pass.
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  15. Junkpile added a post in a topic help on pc   

    Those computers are almost always one big hoax.
    Doesn't you have stores that assemble computers? I just select parts and company built it. They check parts compatibility, test system and sometimes they recommend better components. I did build my computers before, but nowadays i am too lazy and it just piss me off when some component is broken and you need to wait to get new one.
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