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  1. Foxie added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    People in this thread claiming Ranger is OP in their current state have obviously never played one.
    They have strengths, but their weaknesses outshine them currently, especially compared to other classes.
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  2. Foxie added a post in a topic Bidding system needs to be gone :(   

    People quitting because of RNG are quitting because of a different kind of RNG.
    When it is RNG relating to an item that thousands are trying to purchase, it is technically as fair to you as it is to everyone else attempting to buy the item
    If it is RNG relating to enhancing accessories, of which you can fail multiple times losing all net worth, that is understandable to why some players just cannot continue playing after they go backwards so far in progress.
    The marketplace is much better how it is now, it can be frustrating at times losing multiple purchases on boss armour for example, but it is much better than how the system worked beforehand.
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  3. Foxie added a post in a topic I'm a lost lil crit that needs help ;_;   

    This is why we're the best server, godbless cancer chat.
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  4. Foxie added a post in a topic delete   

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  5. Foxie added a post in a topic what you guys do these days in BDO?   

    Grind, blow up jewellery and main/offhands, grind.
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  6. Foxie added a post in a topic How's the game population right now?.   

    It depends on what you mean by catch up.
    If you're looking to become levelled and geared enough to participate in Node Wars, then looking into what accessories you'll need to either buy or farm and enhance yourself is important, you will need to spend a lot of time gathering to further enhance your gear past +15 standards and you will need to level to 55 at the very least to be useful.
    If you're looking to be in the top 2% of geared players, then you're out of luck unless they all begin to quit and the 2% shifts lower.
    I recommend spending a few hours looking into what your character needs to progress, Experience, Gear, Money, and how you want to achieve these.
    Grinding is extremely efficient at Pirates/Sausans with a high (6+) node.
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  7. Foxie added a post in a topic GM lucky box   

    Got some stones, but I've seen WE and a Bensho's be opened.
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  8. Foxie added a post in a topic Rip Kzarka   

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  9. Foxie added a post in a topic Sudden Low Australian Ping - Eden Only   

    Apparently a few people from Orwen have reported low ping.
    I've gotten 10+ confirmed players with lower ping on Edan though.
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  10. Foxie added a post in a topic Sudden Low Australian Ping - Eden Only   

    A few of us discovered this and are the reason for that post you linked to.
    We're trying to figure out a few things, such as which channels are giving us low ping and if players from other regions are experiencing worse pings on those channels.
    Currently, I'm getting 30~ Ping as an Australian to: Balenos E1, Serendia E1, Calpheon E1 and Valencia E1.
    All E2 channels have been giving me 200+ while testing different channels.
    If this is going to be permanent, I wouldn't mind if it's only one or at most two channels with these servers, but the game feels incredible. 
    I've not been this excited to play this game ever. Everything is smooth, everything works how it should and it feels amazing.
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  11. Foxie added a post in a topic RNG TOO POWERFUL, QUITTING BDO!   

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  12. Foxie added a post in a topic actual function of desert fox   

    It's cute af
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  13. Foxie added a post in a topic My failstack char stuck :(   

    This is my reality.
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  14. Foxie added a post in a topic Cannot Stay Connected in Game since Patch   

    Was fine all day, constant disconnects happening to myself and others.
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  15. Foxie added a post in a topic Compensation For Storage ?   

    Bugs happen, ----- we're entitled little shits.
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