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  1. Hro added a post in a topic Cron Stones?   

    Just visit the cash shop and buy yourself a new suit for only 30$ along with it. 
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  2. Hro added a post in a topic HOLY MOLY, how much?   

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  3. Hro added a post in a topic My Characters name has been changed   

    Oh you didn't know yet? They do whatever the F* they want. Just like ignoring support tickets for over 40 days.
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  4. Hro added a post in a topic Based on yesterdays news and the responses I see, I hope Pearl Abyss do not aim to please the top '5% no-lifers'   

    Don't you say shit about my game ! Hurr durrrrr
    I like rng enchants, this is content. This is progression ! 
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  5. Hro added a post in a topic Let us PTW. Sell 100% upgrades.   

    Brainwashed already...
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  6. Hro added a post in a topic Based on yesterdays news and the responses I see, I hope Pearl Abyss do not aim to please the top '5% no-lifers'   

    Theres a difference between liking a car and bashing a car all together.

    I think he doesn't want to change the car itself.. it just needs some tuning here and there. 
    But whatever, tell everyone to f*ck off and this game will drown in it's own shit anyways. 
    Hi i'm a welfare -----, i like this game. Don't say shit about it ! 
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  7. Hro added a post in a topic People quitting is making me quit.   

    Oh i can't wait for the endless node wars, we are going to play that every single day and be bored with it after a month again. 
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  8. Hro added a post in a topic Kzarka weapon droprate   

    Just quit already like the others did. This game isn't made for people like us and even i had the time to no life this shit but after one month i realised this game is a dead-end with RNG elements that drive you crazy eventually. Either don't worry to much about it and keep on playing or leave it for what it is like me. 
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  9. Hro added a post in a topic 30 dollars to play and more money for pet ???   

    Dont forget that you can buy a pet to upgrade your current pet (lets say you want a higher tier kitten).. that you can actually fail on this attempt and lose 20$. 
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  10. Hro added a post in a topic Farming not being boosted? Why?   

    Don't think "we" do. but "i" do, yes.
    Now beat it scrub.
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  11. Hro added a post in a topic The Amount of Dissatisfied Players - Reasons   

    The problem is:
    The worst expensive cash shop in history.
    RNG Based bullshit regarding pets, horses, gear, workers.. litterly EVERYTHING in the game is RNG.
    No Trading
    Energy System Aka Facebook Time Gaited crap (spend x amount $$ to speed up process, prolly next patch)
    Horrible support team.. like over 40 day tickets with minor issues such as a simple e-mail change.
    Worst announcement system in-game (regarding field bosses or any other world activity) 
    Invincible PvP (gear imbalance)
    Desync (PvP AND PvE very noticable regarding some Field Bosses)
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  12. Hro added a post in a topic Lack of hotpatches   

    Your answer lies in your own sentence.
    ps: they already have your money.
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  13. Hro added a post in a topic Farming not being boosted? Why?   

    You'll level up? Or your 4 alts level up? Some people like to get high life skills on just one toon you know?
    And let the alts just do the stupid pruning since this game requires energy for everything. 
    Anyways on topic. Forget the 99/99 skills like this is some runescape shit.. this game doesn't want you to progress. It wants you to drive fking crazy about managing EVERYTHING.. gold, time, energy, plan ahead etc.. one mind ----- this game is.
    Did we want you as community manager? 
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  14. Hro added a post in a topic Man Up - Saltkeepers   

    This video shows how retarded this game is.
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  15. Hro added a post in a topic Solution for Fieldbosses. No more cri's   

    Great solution. 
    Lets all head back to a game where we can actually do something and not get sushed away like "This is our spot" "This is our boss".
    Not to mention the shitty drops of stones and other bullshit. 
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