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  1. flarecde added a post in a topic Skill Points Reset   

    Free, no.  But there should be some method of paying for it with in game currency.  Maybe 100 silver per skill point reset or something.  Or a timer.  I'd be fine with the cash shop item too if it was a little less expensive.
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  2. flarecde added a post in a topic Take the Moghulis daily scroll instead of Imp Captain, dammit!   

    I've never seen an option other than Red Nose (and yes, I check and scroll through all the choices before pressing R).  There must be some other prerequisites to the other quests.
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  3. flarecde added a post in a topic Belt of Shultz the Gladiator mobs?   

    I've seen it drop at both rogues and manes.
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  4. flarecde added a post in a topic Some questions for the Informed.   

    I got a +5AP weapon crystal off a guild boss.  Would that be better than the +1AS/+1Crit gem?  Using Yuria, Liverto is too expensive for me right now.  More PVP than PVE focused.
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  5. flarecde added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    I'd like to see more incentives to actually play the game myself.  I'm not against the feature, but maybe levelling should be reduced when using it.  Much like how fishing is slower when AFK fishing.
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  6. flarecde added a post in a topic Very hard descision for me - need opinions   

    Pets auto-loot for you at a rate of about once per 10 seconds.  This goes down as they level.  Pets can't die, but they do need to be fed.
    You also get a permanent horse whistle with the 50$ pack unless something changed, which some people find handy.
    I'm on Edan and it's pretty crowded most of the time.
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  7. flarecde added a post in a topic The Solution to Corrupt Files in Launcher That Worked For Me!   

    The file operation cut or move, as opposed to copy.  I imagine copy would be fine too, if you don't mind duplicating a massive quantity of files.
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  8. flarecde added a topic in US Guild   

    [US][PvX] Player LF Guild
    Fair warning, I'm a picky pain in the arse when it comes to the people I associate with.  That said, I'm looking for a useless sack of meat beasts... err, I mean a guild to join.  No, no, put your pants back on, I don't want that kind of meat, I'm a guy and I have my own, thank you.
    I'm a mostly functioning adult almost halfway through my third decade in this hellhole.  I like to play MMOs as entertainment.  That's important to note - I suck at games.  Really, I'm the worst.  That feeder in LoL?  Probably me.  That bot in WoW?  No, that was me, I'm that dumb.  But I like to have fun.  Typically as defined by Dwarf Fortress.  And MMOs are boring as anything without people to play them with.  I'm neither competitive nor ambitious, but I'm always happy to kill things.  Preferably not alone... forever alone.
    So are you people?  People I'd want to play with?  
    I'm looking for...
    A mature guild.  Note - mature, not necessarily old.  I've met 14 year olds with more maturity than 40 year olds, if you know what I mean.  Age restrictions not required, but not being jerks, etc. is.Casual friendly.  At my most dedicated I'm a core player, but I'm usually pretty casual in terms of time spent.  In terms of skill... casual is pushing it.  Your mom is probably better at this game than me.Newbie friendly.  I played all of 20 minutes in this game.  I've done a fair bit of research to make sure I'm not wasting my money, but I won't know what the heck I'm doing.  Likely stabbing myself in the nether regions.PvX.  I like doing new things.  I'm not too picky about what I'm killing.  It's going to be myself dead on the ground inevitably anyways.EST timezone.  I work full time, so I'm on from ~7PM to 11PM EST weeknights.  Weekends at random.  If there's no one on, that's going to be a bummer.Solid leadership.  90% of the guilds I've been in died when the male-female couple leading it broke up (and no one took custody of us kids!), the college bound / exiting leader suddenly ran headlong into real life's voracious mouth, or the leadership was simply a bunch of incompetent twits.  Staying power.  More often than not guilds I've been in (particularly the multigame locust variety) leave the game before I do.  Please let me die before you.  I promise it won't take long.High tolerance for bad humor.  Seriously, have you read this post?  And I haven't even introduced you to my puns yet.What you get...
    A mature player.  All joking aside, I know when to be serious, and when to not be so serious.  I swear I haven't thrown a tantrum in the last three or four MMOs I've played!A warm body.  Or maybe slightly cooling.  Don't expect much in terms of skill, but I'll do what I can.  To be blunt, I put about 80% into these games - they're a form of entertainment, not my job.  You don't want to be around me at my job anyways.  I'm that arse in IT that blocked you from youtube.A long time player.  I started playing video games with an old Atari, computer games on a 286, and MMOs with RO (then eventually WoW, EVE, Aion, Tera, FFXIV, GW2, etc.).  Currently still play WoW occasionally and EVE.  Pew pew internet spaceships (or Excel online) never gets old.Bad jokes.  If you can call them jokes.  Just mostly lots of bad.Apparently a pretentious jackarse.  I mean really, this forum is full of recruiting guilds, and you make a post?  Who do you think you are?TL;DR: LF guild PST
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