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  1. Mikaw added a post in a topic NA server > why these class names for blader   

    I always try not to be mean, seriously, I do. But watching this kind of comments and reasons why they shouldn't be named as they are makes me laugh so hard and also, feel sorry for the person, in this case, you. I would undertand this kind of complaints if they were written in the original language, or in some alphabet the majority of the western culture is not used to. Who cares about pronunciation when you are writing? If you can't learn how to write in your own alphabet a foreign word like Maehwa (6 letters) or Musa (4 letters), let met tell you that you are mentally lazy and that's why I feel sorry. If it dosen't make sense to you, then search what the ----- it means, I'm pretty sure the word dosen't make sense to any of us westerners, but a little culture won't do you bad, and no, I'm not talking about "converting" into a weeabo of oriental culture, I'm talking about culturizing yourself a little bit, at least trying google, I bet you wasted more time creating this thread than typing -or if you can't memorize six or four letters- copy-pasting the words in google search bar and reading the first result. If those classes are named that way maybe it has something to do with the game lore.
    I'm gonna assume here you are from Canada or US because of the "English speaker" part, if I'm wrong correct me please, but it's kinda sad that people from those countries, which are well developed, therefore have easier access to information, are so lazy in aquiring knowledge.
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  2. Mikaw added a post in a topic Any reason to use 4 pieces of Agerian armor?   

    Nope, you are not. In fact, some classes benefit of having half&half. I'll go ranger with Aegerian Armor/Shoes + Heve Gloves/Helmet
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  3. Mikaw added a post in a topic Interested in getting the game, but...   

    Yes, you would be able to run it, you are a bit above recommended settings. You can check it in this link
    http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=7996&game=Black Desert Online
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  4. Mikaw added a post in a topic To the people complaining about not receiving pre order stuff until march 3rd.   

    Even if I agree with you on the topic that not receiving pre order items is not and should not be a top priority, remember: my tummy-ache is more important than your cancer. I don't care about receiving the costumes and/or items before March 3rd because I know I'll get them sooner or later, but obviously for some people that's more important than BDO having a release in NA.
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  5. Mikaw added a post in a topic Is it true Daum ruined the game?   

    I see your point there. Yeah, the game is mostly soloable as the PvE things, the open world bosses are not soloable though, don't even try. Also, the open world dungeons are soloable but only if you have a pretty amazing gear, and by pretty amazing I'm talking about a lot of time invested on the game, aside from that the game is soloable. But the main attraction is the PvP and guils wars/sieges and by no means that can be done solo, so don't worry, the personal growth is soloable, but there's content exclusive for parties. You should read the PM Diaries, there's from 1 to 3 (2.1 and 2.2).
    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/1696-pm-diary-tamer-release-and-more/  PM.D. 1
    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/7363-pm-diary-21-party-system-and-energy-changes/  PM.D. 2.1
    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8038-pm-diary-22-cash-shop-and-more/  PM.D. 2.1
    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/23484-pm-diary-3/   PM.D. 3
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  6. Mikaw added a post in a topic Is it true Daum ruined the game?   

    - A large scale of PvP is still available, however, you will not be able to loot the prays. I'm not very informed in the loot thing with the trade wagons, but I think you can loot a small portion of it, not sure about it. Scratch a little bit the forums for more info on that or play the game.
    - Large open world raid bosses are available, in fact, they took out that feautre for KR/JP/RU but re-implemented them for us.
    - Open world housing is still a thing, but it's semi-instanced. Everyone can own the same house, but for yours you just press R near the entrance of your house and you are in, no loding screen, everything loads intantly.
    - The types of guilds were removed, I don't know why though.
    - Slower leveling is a thing, but it's not 200+hrs to get to 50. The soft launch was less than 24hrs ago and there are some lvl50 already.
    - P2P trading is available, but restricted, they are discussing/planning to remove it.
    The information about the mobile players was not true, however PA said that their goal was to make the game as is able to run on mobile, meaning they want to optimize it a way a mobile is able to run it. It dosen't mean they are adapting the game for a mobile.
    Hope this helps.
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  7. Mikaw added a post in a topic Is it true we lose xp when we die?   

    I sugggest you can level down with lost XP, that'd be a very cool feautre.
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  8. Mikaw added a post in a topic How we can stop this game from being turned into ArcheAge 2.0?   

    That's the thing. Would you answer to empty complaints when you are seeking constructive feedback? My estimate guess is that only 10% of those +2750 posts (25/page) or less are actually constructive feedback/discussion between players. I stopped reading the CS discussion thread after the 5th page because most of the coments were empty complaints, I feel sorry for @CM_Jouska and @CM_Praballo because it's their job to read them all. The more empty complaints or whining we make the more time it takes them to actually write down what's worth and point it out to the devs.
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  9. Mikaw added a post in a topic With all this bickering of P2W and shady business practices, how have you all forgotten about the most notorious company of all time - FLAGSHIP?!   

    Everything you said I agree with, or at least almost everything. I feel like Daum is one of the best companies for publishing a game, also I think that there's no P2W items on the cash shop, also, I think that most people are complaining in a wrong way about cash shop prices, or at this point, about everything, in fact, I don't think they are complaining, I think they are demanding with a very rude "tone". But I also think that Daum made a very wrong choice with the cash shop prices. I mean, come on, the whole game is $30 which in Mexico is pretty expensive for most people, and one costume is $32. Don't get me wrong though, we mexicans don't mind paying $30 for a game, hell, we sometimes don't mind paying $100 for a game if it's good enough, but paying more than the game was for a costume just won't suit us, and I don't think it'd suit anyone in their right senses.
    That's just my opinion, and even if it's my opinion, I'd still pay $32 for a costume, even if I feel it's a rip off, but I know many people would not buy a costume, and not just people from Mexico, but also people form US, Canada and Europe. It's just wrong to sell an in-game item for more than the game actual value.
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  10. Mikaw added a post in a topic You can buy a ship in the cash shop?!   

    It won't, trust me. The only ones that are gonna buy the ship are those who love fishing, besides, now that I remember about it, I think you also need to build that boat, you just get the... lets call it recipe, I'm not sure about this though, and those who love fishing will have to connect nodes to actually make some money out of it and again, while they are bussy fishing we will do other stuff that will give us money or exp, or whatever. As @Sizer said, maybe when they are fishing we get a black stone drop from grinding, I got 10 black stones grinding, 6 armor 4 weapon and I only got to lvl 31, so yeah, I think it's pretty balanced, even if you don't buy anything
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  11. Mikaw added a post in a topic You can buy a ship in the cash shop?!   

    Yeah, you are. But since when Pay-to-Progress is Pay-to-Win? Black Desert is a game that asks for a resonable amount of knowing how to administrate resources, and by resources I mean everything that you have. You can earn more money fishing without a ship if you know how to manage your resources, and again, by resources I also mean time, how to make more in less time. That's one of the things I love about BDO, that it makes you manage and administrate EVERYTHING. It makes you administrate time, workers, energy, contribution points, skill points, silver... everything is a matter of knowing how to administrate stuff. Paying for items or convenience is really nothing. It's like buying a coffee machine because you are tired of boiling water and making coffee like it was tea.
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  12. Mikaw added a post in a topic Together we can save BDO   

    Your post was very nice, I loved it and I completely agree with the part that we are starting to be toxic as a community. But this part I'm quoting from you is something that, I think, should not be removed IF Daum agrees to lower the prices on the CS. Why? It's pretty simple. We all bought the game, so we all have access to a form of payment, if and only IF they lower the prices there's no excuse not to buy a costume. Now, the people who thinks that the outfits are a P2W item we all know they just don't know what's going on. The stats on the costumes are not high impact on the in-game system, it just helps you a tiny little bit on the PvE, but it dosen't help you on the PvP, unless is the goddamn gilly suit everyone is whining about, and to say the truth, deep inside me I'm whining about it too, but I don't care about it that much to ask for a change, if you are sharp enough you should notice what's going on around you.
    I think we should all be patient with the people that thinks that the outfits and items in general in the cash shop are P2W and explain them what's going on. Daum clients are kinda our clients too, the more clients Daum has the fastest we get the updates and the better they can work, so I'd suggest stop being rude to everyone that say something "stupid" and instead of being rude, help them get rid of that "stupidity". You said it yourself, if we work together this game can and will be amazing and long-lasting.
    Cheers!! And again, I loved your post
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  13. Mikaw added a post in a topic You can buy a ship in the cash shop?!   

    I kinda agree with you with the ship and the gilly suit, but at the same time not at all. A ship is only used as a way to sail the ocean. I really don't know what the CS ship can do, but even if it attacks I'm pretty sure a built ship would have better attack. The gilly suit gives you "camouflage", but you can also get that pressing Q and after that pressing Space, true, you don't "walk" as fast, but still you get "camouflage".
    Now, for the skill resets, you can also get them via loyalties, so no big deal with those. Mounts you can get them in the wild and breed them and, at least in this CBT I found out that by increasing your movement speed via gems or equipment you can actually run faster without pressing shift than a horse that's just galloping. The buffs the outfits gives you are useless in terms of real impact. I can't find a reason for you to think that BDO is gonna be P2W. I think the boat and the gilly suit are the most "OP" things in the cash shop and still, they are things that you can have in-game without paying anything.
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  14. Mikaw added a post in a topic Measure Comp - YOUR Rig specs   

    Nah, I think we are the same, you compensate with peripherals and broadband. I have just one monitor LG HD pretty old one, 15mb broadband and a vulgar razer orochi mouse, but oh god, my keyboard, blackwidow chroma
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  15. Mikaw added a post in a topic Measure Comp - YOUR Rig specs