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  1. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic Launching a game 4 hours late to fix bugs looks good for a company   

    Just make sure it soesn't have to queue to play. if yes, not more than 30 minutees of queue:)
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  2. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic launcher error 10060 need someone help plz   

    I got this problem solvedm, please check my thread
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  3. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic launcher error 10060 need someone help plz   

    I have same problem! I bought 50 euro at 25th march, I am in Norway, is Norway blocked? Norway is not Eu union country. I could play the game on  an other computer. any GM here?
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  4. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic logging in the launcher?   

    same here. pls help. I found 4 ppl have same problem as us.
    I got this problem solvedm, please check my thread
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  5. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic Launcher launches blank   

    same here I'm waiting for any GM to help us. Please anyone can help? I mean we have paid for it 50euros before 26th!
    I got this problem solvedm, please check my thread
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  6. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic Explorer pack bought 25th, cant login to launcher [Updated]   

    Issue updated, I'm planning to reinstall my win7
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  7. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic Explorer pack bought 25th, cant login to launcher [Updated]   

    Thank you for the suggesion but didn't work.
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  8. Lancer7474 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Explorer pack bought 25th, cant login to launcher [Updated]
    Is anyone playing in game right now? I live in Norway, this afternoon I was still able to log in to game and begin create my character using school computer(I haven't finished created a character yet), but how at 4 o'clock, when I use  my laptop, after i run the launcher the login window that would pop up before doesn't pop up, and I couldn't login, the play botton is gray.
    I tried to click the play botton, and a window pop up says "you have to log in in order to click play button", but how can I log in now? nothing else I can click on the UI!
    And later I tried again, things changed, no mather how I click the play button, no windows shows up anymore, just nothing.
    I bought 50 euro pack on 25th, isn't this strange?
    I checked this thread and figured there a tons of shit happened in the head start, but my issue is not listed in this thread. anyone else have same problem?

    Laptop hardware/internet: no problem I can promise that
    Driver problem: lol srsly? my drivers are absolutely fine...
    I just want to say, it's fine if they get some difficulties at launching, players will be patient to wait, but at least publish the information, acknowledge it and explain it!!
    Work hard at day to now at 4 o'clock, finally got back home, and you are tellin me I have to spend an other 3 hours to re install...  Hell no I think I 'll just go to sleep and wait the 3rd march, or even later who knows....
    The launcher is not saying "deny access" like many else experienced, it's just not responding to me, can't log in
    Update1: tried to delete broweser cookies, and restart pc. not working
    Update2: Today 2.3.2016 afternoon I'll go to use an other PC, and try if things work there.
    on 2.3.2016, I tried to download newist version of Adobe Flash, and tried to allways enable it. didn't work 
    Update5: I found a log file under my game folder, this might indicate an error occured,log file is attached to this thread 

    Update 6: 
    Additionally to the missing log in interface, the launcher also appears to be black screen at all time(the art part is black)
    Now at 3.3.2016, this problem seems to be solved. When i use my laptop at school and play the game, then close the game and go back home, I run the game again at home, the Launcher does not let me log in anymore, it appears to be blackscreen on the launcher. So I found a way to solve this: I have to uninstall the game and launcher, back up the "PAK" folder under my game rood folder, it about 30G, and then install the game agian, after installation, I copy "PAK" folder into my new install location, and then run my launcher. The lacuncher automatically patches, and takes very short time to re construct the game again, During this process I'm able to login, and also able to log in when this process is finished.And the game is playble.
    So do you see them problem here? This problem doesn't seem to occur everytime I run the launcher now, it's just some time, things are getting better:)
    This is defenitely a bug or my internet has some very unclear issue. The error log file is attached (error 10060, I tried to google this but didn't find a way to help)
    Gladly I'm able to solvethis problem by my self, as already waited for 72 hours and still got no reply from any support, I understand they are busy it's fine.
    If any one in BDO support team see this, please give suggesions and solve this issue. Thank you.
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  9. Lancer7474 added a post in a topic <Reapers> | PVP Focused | Siege | Hardcore | Are u Ready To Reaping ?   

    Do you have a group of good friends with you, to help you manage and develop the guild? or Are you a very experienced lone wolf?
    And what is your atitude about attacking other players when they carrying trade packs?
    this is a nice post I like this recrutment
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