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  1. OddGD added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    Ah, the 'if they don't see eye to eye with me, they're a troll' response?
    Have you decided if you're officially back in Support?  They couldn't really decide if they should describe you as 'gone and distant' or 'a friend of the guild'.  I could see why you'd want to maintain the appearance of distance...
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  2. OddGD added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    I made a reference that would be abundantly clear to someone who was sufficient at pursuing this type of interaction, that you apparently failed to catch it only supports my original statement which you apparently called into question.
    Do you really wish to discuss the time investment difference between writing a few posts on the internet, and engaging in an activity that requires near constant attention?
    Excellent image to describe a majority of the folks in top guilds, but unfortunately not applicable in this situation.  This stems not from an unwillingness to accept an apparent attempt at constructive criticism, but from the uninformed foundation it's being based upon.  Let Euphie handle their own battles, Caddy, they've made it clear that they feel only folks in Rage and Old Support have the right to post in the thread.
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  3. OddGD added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    Wouldn't the real nutcase be the individual who allowed others to override their ability to self-manage emotions?
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  4. OddGD added a post in a topic NA <Kingdom> PVX | Relaxed | Noob Friendly | Sieges | Any Level   

    Happy to see that life has settled down a bit.
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  5. OddGD added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    Oh, it's a statement, not a threat.  I've watched, observed, and listened - my confidence at achieving a desirable outcome in a forum based discussion is absolute.  It's me letting everyone in the thread know that I'm the Alpha, this is my domain, and idiocy will be treated harshly. o7
    Again, mindsets change, and what was discussed pre-merger did not match what happened during the holidays with Support.  If you recall, you specifically stated that you weren't sure if Support would even be an all-week T3 guild, given the power of the guilds 'at the top' coming into the merge.  It was post-merge that the shift in mindset happened, around the time that the first wars began.  Somewhere, someone felt that they had a shot to compete and took it - which is again, fine, but it was a shift from what was originally discussed.
    Additionally, your requirements were indeed achievable for a majority of the guild, who only had a few pieces of gear to adjust.  It did, however, leave those who entered into the guild with the original requirements a bit in the dust.
    Perhaps you missed the part about shifting mindsets, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt because I'm feeling generous this evening.  The discussions with Support pre-merge were with a guild leadership who did not believe they had what it took to be on the stage weekly as a T3 guild.  We specifically discussed the 'upper percentile guilds', their rate of push, and how Support would not get involved in that because of burnout.  Post-merge, most of our wars involved at least one of the upper-percentile guilds discussed each battle, and decisions were made to actively fight them.  This shifted the dynamic of the guild, which again, happens, I was merely someone left in the dust as a result, and I believe I've stated that I'm fine with that.
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  6. OddGD added a post in a topic Honest opinion after 2+ months of BDO   

    The difference is that the people who feel the bite of RNG most frequently are those who are past your content level, and require successful enchantments to remain competitive.  However, we appear to be faced with another problem as a community - the constant push to attain similar gear levels to the 'Top'.  I speak with folks constantly who feel pressured to take their gear above TRI in order to feel relevant, to the point where they burn themselves out entirely in pursuit of a perceived requirement.
    Personally, I don't care how many TET/PEN pieces someone has - they'll likely have much more time available each week to play than me.  I also knowingly don't place myself in guilds that strive to be a part of the top percentile, because I cannot meet those requirements.
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  7. OddGD added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    Well, this certainly became a party.
    Hi, I am not from Rage, but myself and two others merged with Support at the same time as Rage, and I happened to leave the guild just after Rage departed.  However, my reasons were mostly because of the requirements - which escalated at a pace that was contrary to what was previously discussed during the merger.  Which is fine, mindsets and outlooks change, and I'm perfectly willing to admit that my current time does not work with the existing requirements - which are much more geared towards the upper percentile than what was discussed and pitched during the merge.  I simply wish that there was better communication from the start, as I was pretty clear that I had a busy slate coming up, and that I'm not a college kid nor a early 20s individual with copious amounts of free time.
    Additionally, there were some other factors discussed during those early conversations, but now is not the time to bring those up.
    As for Rage, I was elated to find out that an Orwen guild was merging with Support, but it never felt like the walls from either guild really came down.  The identity of 'Rage' maintained itself despite wearing the 'Support' tag, which can happen with guild mergers.  You win some, you lose some.  I consider myself fortunate to have made friends in both guilds, and look forward to enjoying BDO content with everyone.
    I'd simply suggest that both groups take this experience as a lesson to be learned - Support should work on improving communication with major shifts in outlook, and Rage now knows that they're much happier as Rage than as being members of another guild.
    PS. If anyone from Rage or Support is salty with me for the above observations, step lightly and thoughtfully lest you find yourself engaged in an unfavorable situation. o7
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  8. OddGD added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    To be honest, the merge happened heading into Holiday Break, too soon to comment on Siege Attendance.  In the working world, some folks are just getting back to business this week.  A fairer assessment would be looking at attendance in Feb.
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  9. OddGD added a post in a topic Account buyers (✿◡‿◡)   

    Actually, the higher profile cases are the bleeding edge guild members who burn out on the game and want compensation for the hours they spent.
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  10. OddGD added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    It's about taking an area that was created for a specific level range, and filling it with players who outlevel the content by large quantities - driving lower level players into other areas rather than forcing higher level players into fresh content.
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  11. OddGD added a post in a topic Gear Assistance   

    Kzarka.  Once you've got it, it's one less future upgrade.
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  12. OddGD added a post in a topic Am I in the wrong for being salty about Artisan Memories?   

    I'd be more concerned about people buying each others geared accounts, or simply taking them over, when a guildmate/friend gets burnt out on the game.  Liquidate the assets, purchase all of stacking gear you list that would otherwise not sell, or horses, etc.  All I can do is shake my head who I've seen call out 'P2W' and then openly discuss doing the aforementioned takeovers.
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  13. OddGD added a post in a topic Status of Lavientia’s items   

    Something happens right before a global holiday, and they indicate it will be fixed a few days after said holiday, I would imagine that part of the discussions they're having today and tomorrow are related to the answer you're seeking.
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