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  1. pcid93 added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Have to disagree somewhat.  Our 1v1 pvp is decent, with our only hard counter being warrior.  Our group pvp used to be good before mages got their awakening, but now it sucks because of them.  Maehwa is in a similar state, but better at 1v1s and slightly worse at group pvp aside from their 100% bsr.  A grab will not change much for us in group pvp, which is really where we need the most changes.  I would be content with a grab to make our 1v1 more dynamic, but it's pointless to think about.
    The main issue with musa is that it just doesn't shine in any form of pvp, being mediocre in 1v1 and on the lower end in group pvp.  This would be fine if there weren't classes that were great at everything, but alas, that's just the way it is right now.  Nothing will change, as evidenced in the KR version, for a long time.  Maybe we can see something positive when they do the base skill revamping, but right now there's nothing we can actually do about it.  We just have to acknowledge our class as it is and have fun with it.  If you are not having fun, I do suggest you reroll because we won't see changes for at least half a year(I think longer).
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  2. pcid93 added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    I was merely talking about the musa who is clearly not a potato.  I never mentioned the ninja.  And yes, you are correct that we can one combo a full ap ninja.  
    As for the accuracy thing, idk.  I've fought evasion build sorcs and it wasn't much of an issue to me.  I'm in NA if that matters at all.  I'm also 61 with 2 RCE and kutum.  If they go with evasion accessories(centaur/sicil for example) it gets a bit harder but I can still one combo them with a longer combo.  Seems pretty normal since I should need to use an accuracy offhand at that point to counter a build like that.
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  3. pcid93 added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    You call that musa a potato?  We must have a badass over here, I expect 1v10 vids from you in the near future
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  4. pcid93 added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    To be honest you really shouldn't pay too much attention to the musa forums.  Find and try to poke the brains of high lvl musas in game.  The most you can get from a sub-forum like this is when you are new to the game and need basic tips and tricks about the class.  1v1, the class can fight anyone, while only having trouble with -good- warriors and valks.  We also hold our own in group pvp, but just not on the level of witches, wizards, sorcs, and warriors.
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  5. pcid93 added a post in a topic Ranger is officially the worst class in the game   

    You must be new here.  Don't make these kinds of statements without researching first.  
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  6. pcid93 added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    Being unable to be cc'd is indeed makes unkillable(or close enough) for our class, as our class relies on ccs to be able to kill, with the only exceptions being warriors+valks, which we have the choice to go around their turtle blocks if we are careful enough to avoid ccs in the process.  We can't simply dps you to death while we take no damage, that's just not feasible against a class with constant movements and multiple grabs like a zerker.  Fighting a zerker means trying to exploit the gaps between their skills that do not have cc immunities.  Don't say you don't have gaps, because you do.  Also...you do have a super armor heal...?  I mean it's not that useful since we can basically nullify it by dpsing you, but it does exist and it does help you if we disengage.
     The reason people are criticizing the dude about not using blade is because there are situations and fights where it is useful.  Maybe not that much against zerkers, warriors, valks, and tamers.  But certain classes it can be useful on, most especially rangers+wizards. 
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  7. pcid93 added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    We would not use stub arrow in group fights.  Stub arrow in anything other than 1v1 should only be used on someone trying to flee.  And you are missing my point.  You are not in super armor 100% of the time.  I don't know what you are trying to say here.  We can swap into triple shot like valiant says, without making it obvious.  There are certain skills that you use that do not have super armor, which can be caught.  In the midst of battle, I doubt you will constantly be looking for a stub arrow when there's the rest of our kit that we can use to catch you with as well.  Just because you -can- have super armor a lot of the time, doesn't mean you will be using that super armor every single moment of the fight.  Unless you are saying good zerkers are unkillable if you don't have a grab...at which point I can't listen to what you say anymore.
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  8. pcid93 added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    It is free since we can cancel out of it if we see a zerker using their ranged skill, which is much easier to anticipate than a stubarrow backchasing out of awakening stance.  You do not have so many super armors that you are never out of super armor.  There are always openings between cooldowns.  It's not to say that we should rely on stub arrow, but telling me that you anticipate every single stub arrow a musa could possibly put out is disingenuous.
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  9. pcid93 added a post in a topic CC Chain combo   

    That requires at least one other tet accessory or a pen dande.  You have this?  Either way, stahp.
    If you want a kill combo, any combo that alternates stiff/stun/kb then float/bound to finish works.  Just remember that you can't stun someone twice in one combo unless you use a knockback to refresh it.  Stun->stiff->stun does not work anymore, it was nerfed.  Stun->stiff->knockback->stun does work.  You can stiff someone twice in one combo, though.  Our longest combo without going too crazy is stiff->stun->stiff->kb->stiff->stun->stiff->float/bound.   You likely won't need such a long combo, but it can still go even longer if you wanted to mess around.
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  10. pcid93 added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    You act like you would never get caught by a stub arrow.  Sure, you can avoid most of it, but you will definitely get caught sometimes.  Good musas throw it out whenever they can.  It's a free attempt at a cc in 1v1s.  I've fought zerkers while they had awakening and I didn't.  The advantage we have over you is our mobility and an active block, which we have plenty of in our base class.  It's a 50-50 fight between a musa+zerker.  Either we get grabbed or you get stunned, either one ends in death.
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  11. pcid93 added a post in a topic Google translated KR 16/03/17 patch notes Musa   

    this..used it after spinner once to cancel it and saw the air attacks a while back.  Interesting, but pointless.. 
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  12. pcid93 added a post in a topic Google translated KR 16/03/17 patch notes Musa   

    Have a feeling that first part is about blooming phantom, where it would have the damage from the phantom happen immediately rather than slowly afterwards.  No clue as to what the 2nd bullet would mean by ideal, but it has to do with the damage of skills in tiger blade form. 
    Also...twister damage buffed to 600% ...why even bother >_>..it's weird enough that it has air attacks.
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  13. pcid93 added a post in a topic Musa as node war Commander.   

    I wouldn't say warriors fall off, since they can still 1 combo people.  They do have less damage than musa at higher ap ranges though.  
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  14. pcid93 added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    It is hateful, I don't know why you're defensive about it.  Never said I was triggered or anything, so I don't understand how it warranted such a response.  Doesn't really matter anyway, that wasn't the main point of my post.
    And yes, there aren't many good NA/EU musa pvp vids...that doesn't say much about the top musa players in each server.  Just means none of the good ones make videos..

    Your perception of the game is a bit warped.  Just because people are not that good as a class, does not mean they should reroll a different class just because it is easier.  I rerolled musa from my wizard back when wizard was king pre-awakening(obviously not much has changed since then, huh...).  I was able to get easy kills and party wipes with the simple sage/meteor/blizzard and staying backline with ranged spells, but playing it was too boring for me.  Instead, I rerolled a class that obviously had it much worse in terms of game balance(mainly in group pvp, which I participated in often), simply because it was more fun for me.  Was it the smartest choice?  No, probably not.  Was it the best choice for me who slowly lost interest in the game?  Definitely.  
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