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  1. Xandour added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Its too bad we can't downvote on this forum, cause you my friend really deserve it. 
    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about... 
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  2. Xandour added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    This is what happens when your IT department is trash... really how hard is it to install and force use an SSL on the forums? It takes less than 5-10 minutes... 
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  3. Xandour added a post in a topic Custom quick slot and multiple characters   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity  Any chance we get something done about this very very please?
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  4. Xandour added a post in a topic Fan Made: Trailer Contest   

    This means that Kakao will hold the right to even get all the revenue from all the YouTube views as well? 

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  5. Xandour added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    We are talking about a new player is Olivia or a returning player in Olivia. Of-course you are calculating the 50% from night and 200% for 30 mins (or 100% for 1 hour) daily reward as he is a casual player so he will grind 1-2 hours tops per day. 
    On top of that as a new player he will have many GM blessings 10%, 20% bonus exp from the Event Black Eggs, 5% scrolls exp ( you can take them with item exchange ), 10% from costume , 20% from helmet gems, 50% combat book/combat scroll, 15% elixirs, 8% food, 10% Villa and finally maybe some extra from pets. 
    When you are a casual you will actually use every possible exp buff to make your time as efficient as possible. I have returned back to the game after a long break and i received more than 40 GM Blessings 1/2. You can basically reach lvl 59 with just 1-2 hours per day, just using your time grinding efficient. 
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  6. Xandour added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Did you actually check to what bonus exp buffs the OP was referring to or you were to lazy to read?... 
    Even without the exp buffs the OP was referring to, i can easily get 1,6% at pirates jungle rotation just with 100% weekend buff + 10% costume + 8% milk tea and these are not even close to the buffs we were talking about... 
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  7. Xandour added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Unfortunately my answer will not help your friend. Each place has different rotations and every player takes different %exp per hour as it is more related to your AP and clear speed.
    For example a very good place to grind is the jungle rotation at pirates. No matter how much AP you have you can never clear the rotation before respawn. 
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  8. Xandour added a post in a topic Increase exp for Group play = improve the game   

    Another solution would be to reduce the respawn time of monsters when it's killed by someone that is in a party.... (rules would apply on this so people wouldn't abuse it)
    The main issue with party grinding is that the respawns are terrible. Why would i party grind when i can solo clear a big rotation at pirates?... 
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  9. Xandour added a post in a topic What "secret" game mechanic probably doesn't exist but you could believe it does because it's so BDO?   

    There are specific timings that any enchant will succeed 100% even with 0 FS no matter what item it is...
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  10. Xandour added a post in a topic What "secret" game mechanic probably doesn't exist but you could believe it does because it's so BDO?   

    When you have a "cursed" item that simply DOESN"T go up no matter how many FS you use, you can remove it's curse by simply not trying to enchant it for a week.
    (actually worked twice with 2 of my cursed items)
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  11. Xandour added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Well the game is not designed to play it for a week or two and have BiS with max level... If you want something like that then WoW is your game... 
    Taking a 6% at 57 , 5% at 58, 3,5% at 59 per hour (with multiple exp buffs on) is not bad. It means that you have to invest a bit of time to level up. 
    Besides after a point you don't grind for the exp... you grind to make gold for your gear upgrades. Leveling just come's along ... 
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  12. Xandour added a post in a topic So ranger is borderline unplayable if you don't purchase multiple maids and max weight limit?   

    Even with all weapons Branded at 100 max durability... you can barely farm for an hour... at 45-50 mins everything breaks down... Can't even use the daily grinding hour reward buff properly. 
    If we complain tho about that... it's a QQ post... 
    So i am not complaining, just asking for EVERY OTHER CLASS to get 0 weapon durability after 45-50 mins of grinding... 
    Does it sound better now?
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  13. Xandour added a post in a topic So when we are going to have secured forum connection?   

    You can have secure forum connection the moment you start using the new forum  
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  14. Xandour added a post in a topic Usage of pre-AW skills across classes?   

    The non-OP classes are forced to use every single skill that's not on CD in both normal and AW stance... in order to do proper DPS... 
    OP classes tho... they have the luxury to faceroll on the keyboard and 1-shot   
    Does this answer your question?  
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  15. Xandour added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    Full PEN botters on their way! 
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