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  1. Valkeries added a post in a topic High CPU Utilization Fix   

    shrug i have no problem running 64bit OS and i got blackdesert running 24/7 from main to main no problems i can even run multiple other games or programs with no problem.
    So i dont think its only a coding problem but also how you build your rig.
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  2. Valkeries added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    There only needs to be 1 change.
    Up the rng of logs by 1 so you can get a max of 3.
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  3. Valkeries added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Geuss they need to invent ship carrots.
    I think this is to get us to slave over making +5 sailing costumes and costume from shop?
    but im geussing they will add more daily quest when they add more sea content.
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  4. Valkeries added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    Well i did Afk fish for a bit  at the new Valia hotspot but woke up to 0 relics to sell, maby the moving of the valia hotspot didnt reach all the afk fishers because the nets are still loaded with people afk fishing.
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  5. Valkeries added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    The skill’s stats have been reduced but due to changes in the calculations, actual PVE damage has been increased and PVP damage remains the same.
    Learn to read everything instead of only looking at the picture its a buff for PVE
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  6. Valkeries added a post in a topic Increase imperial whatever purchase limit   

    Its a pain to sell boxes but on a good note honey boxes are so hard to sell there is now 400k cooking honey on the MP
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  7. Valkeries added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Spot is taken but i dont want to defend it because i might go red.
    Suck it up butter cup dont gamble what you cant afford to lose. you want the spot you defend it till they drag your death corps of the field
    on a side not gear should not level down if there still crystals in the gear
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  8. Valkeries added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    All i read is QQ i cant ezy sell my T8 for pearl gifts anymore because people can get noticed its time to snipe QQ
    thats the only reason sales have dropped no sane person will gift you before they bought the horse
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  9. Valkeries added a post in a topic Server merge was a bad idea -.-   

    Right server merge is the problem there are only 2 spots in the entire game wich people say are the best for both silver and XP if you dont have major AP to farm fast some were else. Hell even if you do have the AP its worth to stay there and grind solo. I dont think a server merge is the reason that in coming major updates there giong to add more spots that are like pirates and susans to the game.
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  10. Valkeries added a post in a topic So ranger is borderline unplayable if you don't purchase multiple maids and max weight limit?   

    i bring my elephant 1500 weight and you can overload it to hell
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  11. Valkeries added a post in a topic LvL 56 Tamer PvE grinding rotation   

    Im just lazymode atm and just stay in bo-staff all the time its not the best rotation and ill probarly add in B/J again all im not sure were its location will be.
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  12. Valkeries added a post in a topic EU server down   

    I see there making us buy more maids
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  13. Valkeries added a post in a topic Unable to login to the game!   

    you can still log in just takes 40min to proces your log in
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  14. Valkeries added a post in a topic EU server down   

    Its not down just takes 20min to process so you can get on char Screen then a other 20min of processing to maby log into the game
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  15. Valkeries added a post in a topic epic chat delay   

    Not only that i wanted to switch channels and it got stuck had to relog but cant log in now great days
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