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  1. Beld added a post in a topic Give every class an on command healing ability like Wizard   

    Yea that wiz is op compared to every class he is fighting there...not fair at all....especially to all the other wiz/witch he was fighting there too........hmm wait....
    Also ninja does have a heal I believe.
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  2. Beld added a post in a topic Class nerfs?   

    Wiz 100% has actually already been nerfed.
    Play a witch/wizard and you will understand why they haven't received the nerfs you want them to receive.  The very nature of the class many people would never be satisfied until the class no longer has AOE damage but its built into the class so it would have to be completely retooled for complainers to be satisfied.  Every class can pretty much kill in the span of 1 knockdown cc and no one is scared of wiz/witch in 1v1.
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  3. Beld added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Bull no way a wiz with 150ap does more damage than a sorc with 221 ap.
    A wiz with 400 dp can slowly whittle down a target because of the fact he can stay alive but no way does he do anywhere near the same damage withing the same timeframe as a 221 ap sorc. (unless maybe that sorc has absolutely no accuracy and misses the majority of his abilities against a evasion stacker maybe)
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  4. Beld added a post in a topic Korean tamer feedback post March 3rd KR patch notes   

    This is how you know this player's idea of balance is not balance.
    If it wasn't already suspicious that a player who by their own admission uses tamer to dominate in rbf in fights of 1v2 1v3 and above while also claiming the class is trash.
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  5. Beld added a post in a topic Ninjanerf Superarmor   

    You guys do know the superarmor skills work differently in pve than pvp right?
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  6. Beld added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    In this game the majority of people inflate their income numbers for every activity for whatever reason.  When they talk about grind spots they never fail to use the largest amount they have ever made in an hour (the time they got lucky and got 2 rare drops that hour) and when it comes to lifeskills they list what they made that day they decided to cash in on everything and cut out all the preparation time that went into it that they didn't do that day etc etc.
    I remember back before pre orders was a thing when I first hit high on the wealth rankings thinking if the average player is really making what everyone claims to be making there is no way I should be on these charts.
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  7. Beld added a post in a topic Bye Bye Witch it was a great time - Welcome Ranger - Bye bye Ranger -> -.-   

    There are going to be a lot of wiz/witch re rollers.  So many people flooded the class thinking its op and most of them will fall away when their results dont match their expectations.  Then they will do the fotm cycle all over again on another class.
    The real trick to being OP is playing the class you like enough to take it close to the top of its potential imo.
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  8. Beld added a post in a topic Be fair to ninja/kuno   

    Lava field last 7.5 seconds......bugs in stealth should be fixed but other classes having counter play to stealth is a good thing.
    This is kind of like a wiz asking for super armor on all heals complaining that in 1v1 fights good opponents jump on him when he is trying to heal and never let him get the heal off without taking more damage than he healed in the process.  There should be counter play to heals and stealth. 
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  9. Beld added a post in a topic Be fair to ninja/kuno   

    You really think having these classes be able to be unkillable once they go into stealth would be fine?  Know wonder you are unhappy with the class.  I think by your standards you will be unhappy with whatever class you play eventually once you get to the point where stronger characters are killing you on those classes too.
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  10. Beld added a post in a topic Manup + Gravity merger   

    The irony of the people that lost and had to give up and go ask to join the better guild that beat them saying this.
    Now might be the time to show just a little humility.
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  11. Beld added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    Man that witch was so OP!  Hurry up and NERF!
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  12. Beld added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    Play a witch/wizard and take them to the point where you can compete in pvp.  You will find what their weaknesses are or if you are correct you will rise to the top and crush every equally skilled/geared player of every other class.
    I am confident witch/wiz wont take any of the major nerfs that people want them to have because those nerfs would leave the class too weak to do anything except be a support to other classes.
    Its easy to take any class and list all their strengths while ignoring all of their weaknesses and try to paint the picture that they are OP.
    witch/wiz will continue to be a hated class that people cry about simply because of the many situations in group fights where a class dueling another char gets their fight interrupted and killed by a witch/wiz AOE.
    This is a strong balanced class that shines in group settings when there are other players to protect it and distract the opponents.
    On the flip side the class's abilities are all  fairly slow making it easy to bait out and dodge when a player is focused on it instead of another opponent.  Not to mention most of that awakened super armor people scream about seems to only allow the class to get spells off but many of them don't seem to mitigate much if any damage.  Unawakened PBAOE freeze spell superarmor can keep me alive through hits.  Awakened superarmor spells seem to just keep me on my feet.
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  13. Beld added a post in a topic Would you agree with my enchant suggestion?   

    There are people in KR who are getting to the point of having pen the majority of their equipment.  Health gained from food used to be capped at like 30 but once most people were close to 30 they changed it to be endless progression for that too.  Your suggestion seems like it might go against the devs philosophy and therefore have a very slim chance of being adopted.  All signs indicate they want this game to be endless progression on all fronts.
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  14. Beld added a post in a topic Quick question about archer   

    Ranger archetype has been like this for a long time.  Think Legolas and countless other examples from popular fantasy.  Archer from fate stay night, the rangers from warhammer.  Etc etc.
    So its not like this is some weird or shocking thing that black desert invented.
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