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  1. Angelless added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Hey Kakao. Remember that 2 step verification you added AGES ago to the other BDO regions?
    About time? Yes? No?
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  2. Angelless added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    You messed up. Fix it before this truly escalates.
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  3. Angelless added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Just to be clear, the war declaration change is for guilds without nodes being able to declare on everyone right? Everyone else can still get griefed by guilds without?
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  4. Angelless added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    IMO theres no need to nerf either, do i get 1 shot by wizzards sometimes? Yes ofcourse. But think about it..they got 1 reliable nuke, cooldown based mobility..and no real defence. Avoid the initial nuke and you can more often than not land a cc combo on them right after.
    I'm pretty sure the majority of the people complaining are like you said possibly under geared and/or inexperiences but also quite possibly assassin classes that are suposed to die easilly if they get caught out.
    This isnt a "perfectly balanced" mmo. This is advanced Rock paper Scissors.
    Every class counters something, learn to deal with your weakness best you can cause it wont be going anywhere.
    Oh and the reason tamers take more aoe magic damage could..be a glitch..but more realistically it is cause theire the small scale pvp god class and if they didnt take more aoe magic damage they would be too strong in large scale too.
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  5. Angelless added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    Reply to all the "Nerf witch/wizz" posts...
    Git. Gud.
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  6. Angelless added a post in a topic DONT USE CASHSHOP BOOKSHELVES ON ALTS. Your game could crash and you could be locked out for weeks.   

    Log onto the channel you logged off from, This lasts for up to 24 hours or untill you manually access all the alts reading the books and cancel it.
    Been in the game since launch.
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  7. Angelless added a post in a topic Are witch/wiz op in pvp?   

    So far the only classes i've accepted i cannot beat if i do not outgear them are sorc and ninja as a witch. Sorc casue all our blocks and super armor doesnt matter mcuh sicne they just spin through it^^ Ninja cause..surprise grabbs from the back is just that strong xP Everything else is just a matter of practise IMO
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  8. Angelless added a post in a topic Exp Events   

    You say greater overall boost but this specific event is only for this weekend, mind explaining if i missed something?
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  9. Angelless added a post in a topic Compensation for Boss Gear scam?   

    I'd imagine they will hand out another box that is 100% guaranteed to NOT have red nose armor in it. And if not..i'd expect a crappstorm untill they dangle something shiny infront of us again ( like usual)
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  10. Angelless added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    @GM_Dew Please consider extending the current daily login reward event due to the long downtime ( i got friends who already missed a couple of days and will miss today due to the maintenance being extended repeatedly)
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  11. Angelless added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    You guys are making BDO really hard to stand up for..
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  12. Angelless added a post in a topic A new dawn   

    Star Citizen...this is like comparing Star Trek to Lord of The Rings.
    But no..BDO will most likely not die within the next year.
    As for your suggested fixes i believe that korea already got a sort of arena system working, not sure when we will get it tho.
    And as for class balance i think/hope it will stable out once all the awakenings are out since then they should be able to properly balance it out without having to consider classes that has yet to get it.
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  13. Angelless added a post in a topic Grinding for silver updated spots?   

    I would say it deppends very mcuh on what class you are, the post above is pretty much half of what i make as a witch and i think i am below the gear average currently.
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  14. Angelless added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    Play efficiently with the time you have and you will do just fine. I know people who play 1/5th of the time i do and are billions of silvers worth ahead of me in gear, sure i got crappy luck it would seem but still..just spend your time efficiently.
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  15. Angelless added a post in a topic When valencia mobs junk get higher price?   

    Because they want to keep pld content populated unlike some mmos ( wow came to mind right away).
    They want newcommers to see a living world and not have to wait till "endgame" to be part of the gmae.
    At least that is what i think^^
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