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  1. Kokefa added a post in a topic [Updated for Margoria] Ranger Gear Information   

    Not sure if the discussion been up but why is Kzarka Longbow considered the best?
    Using the same crystals but switching attack speed gloves to crit I would end up with 5crit 4atksp and need to use mediah special, losing out +10 acc for +1 cast speed.

    Head: 2x 50hp / 5hp recovery
    Chest: 2x 100hp / 20LT
    Shoes: 2x +2 movement speed
    Weapon: 1x +1 crit / +1 attack speed & +5 ap / +2 human damage
    Liverto: 2x +2 attack speed
    Kzarka: 2x +2 crit
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  2. Kokefa added a post in a topic Why are rare drops being increased?   

    I started to thought the increase was ridiculous, I had 2 mark of shadow dropping within 30 minutes, 4 luck and no node investment.
    Not sure if lucky or if drop rates are that high now.
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  3. Kokefa added a post in a topic Need advice on gears/build for world bosses   

    TA into PW requires some practice, didn't know about this combo, was looking for a flow but didn't found one.
    Killed 5-6 Kzarkas today, no bow/bundle  Still got 19 hunter's seal, 2M in silver (incl bars and silver drops) ~12 black stones. And some spare crystals incase of breaking.
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  4. Kokefa added a post in a topic Rotation on bosses   

    I guess 99% of the people at the boss gets loot in some way or another. The loot may wary.
    On topic:
    I'm using shotgun spam pretty much, bringing around 340 mana pots which sometimes isn't enough depending on the amount of people actually engaging the boss. Next Kzarka I may use Tearing Arrow more, I'm not 100% in like of that ability, charge ups are meh...
    Razor Wind 24/7 works aswell, but it has a cooldown in which in use when on cooldown reduces damage which is sad  FeelBadMan
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  5. Kokefa added a post in a topic Whole computer freezes occasionally.   

    Do you by any chance have an AMD graphic card? Or does Nvidia users have this aswell?
    I haven't checked my SSD, but according to crystaldiskinfo it's in "good" status, with 20tb written and read, I think the lifetime for my ssd is 100tb, it's quite old, 4 years +-1 I think.
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  6. Kokefa added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Whole computer freezes occasionally.
    As topic says, my whole computer freezes when I'm playing BDO, only BDO, not any other game. It's completely random when it happens, but lately it has happened during boss fights, doesn't matter if I have very low or high graphic settings on, my fps is +60 most of the time unless heavy population on boss ecnounters.
    I wonder if anyone else have had this problem, for me to solve it, I just need to alt tab, somehow that works and in 90% of the times I can go back and play, the other 10% the game crashes, oh well stops responding to be honest. 
    Lets say I keep it frozen, the sound repeats on what happened that second, like when your computer loops 0.5 seconds of a song, you know what it sounds like, THAT kind of freeze I am experiencing.
    My graphic card is an AMD R9 290, clocked and stable no worries there! I know I don't have the ABSOLUTE latest drivers, my current version: 16.15.2111-160314a-300947E
    I will update to latest WHQL drivers, even tryout the beta drivers to see if it still happens.
    Might aswell show my specs if any GM/CM reads it.
    Intel Core i7 3770k @ 3.5ghz, turbo @ 3.9ghz (this is stock values) temps around 50C in-game.
    AMD R9 290, 1000mhz/1300mhz, around 75-80C in-game.
    16GB RAM @ 1600mhz
    OCZ Vertex3 MAX IOPS 240gb
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  7. Kokefa added a post in a topic Whats your base HP/MP?   

    915hp and 559mp at level 55

    EDIT: MP is calculated wrong it seems since you get mp from health xp. Only level 8 on health, yes the slack
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  8. Kokefa added a post in a topic I'm about to respec! Please check if this is okay!   

    Has anyone tested maxing TA with spirit healing @ 55? I feel for a reset, still using EES with bow skill X.
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  9. Kokefa added a post in a topic Let's talk about BDO EU/NA future [ Maintenance Discussion ]   

    I would love to know if there are any world bosses up, relying on chat is quite terrible  
    An NPC you could ask if ANY of the world bosses are up for 30 energy or something would be cool.
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  10. Kokefa added a post in a topic Can't sell items to merchants. bug after patch?   

    I got this aswell, was in Tarif trying to sell stuff. A relog didn't work.
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  11. Kokefa added a post in a topic What gems are you using on boots   

    +150 Stamina and +(?)% Knockdown/Bound Resistance (Grunil Shoes)
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  12. Kokefa added a post in a topic Maintenance today?   

    There is no forum post about the maintenance, wierd... 
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  13. Kokefa added a topic in Suggestions   

    Filter out what party member loots (Ui)
    I already know that we can filter out what party member loot in chat, thank a lot for that. But we still see that rolling message in the Ui spamming out what other members in your party has looted. This is annoying because if you have a loot filter on and farming for a certain item, there is a high chance you might miss when a mark of shadow appears in your loot bag.
    At the moment you really need to tunnelvision that rolling loot messages in case something valueble dropped.
    I can't find a image of what rolling message of loot in the Ui, but I hope people understand what I'm pointing towards. 
    TL:DR, Let us filter out what party members loot from the Ui (Not chat cause that already exist), but keep special deal drops (items caught by loot filter) appearing as a message in the Ui.
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  14. Kokefa added a topic in Suggestions   

    Party Loot Bag, add timer for special deal.
    I'm not 100% sure how it works, but at least 90%. 
    Ex. You're in a party with three people, including yourself. The loot filter is set to "Grade -> Green", suddenly a wild Mark of Shadow appears.
    Mark of Shadow goes directly to Special Deals, leaving you to make a fast action, purchase, dice or forfeit before someone snipes it off from special deals.
    If this is how it works (Lost some black stone weapon due to this), I would love to a see a timer before the item is actually up on special deals, that leaves your party time enough to notice the item actually dropped and able to make a decision before someone snipes it off. Of course, if every party member choose Forfeit, this will override the current timer and insta put it up on special deals.
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