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  1. Eireochd added a post in a topic Cannot sell for true minimum price -- cannot play game   

    No, you can't. At least when I tried last Summer, it wouldn't let me relist at a lower price even though the price kept going down, down...
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  2. Eireochd added a post in a topic What "secret" game mechanic probably doesn't exist but you could believe it does because it's so BDO?   

    This actually was a mechanic in DIKUmuds. Each mob maintained a 'kill list' of the players that killed it, and how many times.
    Since memory was at a premium back then (and everything was server-side) the list was only 20 players long. So the trick was go do something else for a while, and let other players bump you off the list.
    The "get up high to enchant" thing is interesting, as I've always gone near the water (low points, obviously) and I've had terrible luck enchanting.
    And I'm also convinced your zodiac sign affects a lot more than just cozying up to vendors.
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  3. Eireochd added a post in a topic Would you pay for a premium service with high quality guides, a profit dashboard, dedicated support and an app?   

    I guess a fair question is, how much of the information you'll be providing to others for a fee was provided to you for free?
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  4. Eireochd added a post in a topic Custom resolution?   

    I dunno.... GW2 and SL have the same limited size selection.
    Have you tried the 'Crops' under 'Optimization Options'?
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  5. Eireochd added a post in a topic Which Class Should I Reroll to?   

    If you're into buying your gear, there's a much better selection of weapons for Maehwa. Enchanted Shortswords are rare and more expensive.
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  6. Eireochd added a post in a topic Custom resolution?   

    Short answer, you can't.
    The game needs to maintain the proper proportions, or things look really wonky. Basically, you can't split pixels. Especially with all the 3D stuff going on, the game depends on standard screen sizes to make things work.
    What you can do is choose a smaller windowed standard screen size that allows your task bar to show, or maybe set your task bar so it appears when you mouse over it.
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  7. Eireochd added a post in a topic NINJA Gear question   

    You get +5 AP from the Grunil helmet and gloves, and +150 health from the armor and boots. Heve armor and boots gives you +250 health. But you get another +2 AP for the full Grunil set, so mixing the sets gives you 2 less AP for 100 more health. If you feel squishy, then the mix is a good option. If you're not always close to dying, then go for the extra attack power.
    Press 'P', and look at the lines in the middle, on the left. You want Attack Speed and Critical Hit Chance to read '5'. Play with your gear and crystals until they do. For farming drops, you want Luck at 5, Movement helps as well, to get from cluster to cluster . I'm playing with Casting Speed since we have so many AoE spells, but I can't decide yet. 5 seems to give quite a boost over 4, though, so be sure Attack and Crit are maxed....
    For PvP, you'll want to worry about the Resistances, as well, but there's only so many crystals you can wear.
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  8. Eireochd added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    No, I'm afraid she's right. I spent ten years coding a "challenging" game, and in the end, I had less than a dozen regular players.
    It's what I said before; BDO is targeted at the left side of the bell curve, and that's probably smart. Goodness, the same strategy made a game show buffoon president of the USA!
    Those of us with brains are smart enough to find our own fun in BDO.
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  9. Eireochd added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    So, you're saying BDO can't be better than other games?
    Or, is this an "everybody does it!" excuse?
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  10. Eireochd added a post in a topic Alt question   

    I'd say try Kunoichi. Lots of mobility, with great animations. Quite a bit of AoE. A lot, in fact. Not so tanky, but since you're always moving, you don't get hit much.
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  11. Eireochd added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    I remember my first time going to kill goblins, and constantly looking over my shoulder for the Elite Fighters. They were scary!
    Now, you can sneeze and they fall over dead.
    The OP likely represents one lone poster among thousands who deleted the free trial because the came appears to be for wusses.
    Seriously, I think they need to give people something to sink their teeth into right from the start. The game was fun when I started.
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  12. Eireochd added a post in a topic So I started my week long trial...   

    I think that's a fair summation.
    Many of the of the people with legitimate complaints are well-spoken and incisive.
    Given the "end-game" features luck over skill or knowledge, it's pretty obvious BDO is being targeted to the left side of the bell curve. 
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  13. Eireochd added a post in a topic So I started my week long trial...   

    Actually, I think it might be the opposite. I think here we have a smart player who is used to figuring out how things work on his own. But BDO isn't designed for that, and the documentation is non-existent. Recent changes have not been an improvement. 
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  14. Eireochd added a post in a topic You need to stop pearl trading.   

    So you concocted some wild prediction and get all snarky when one agrees with your version of a possible future?
    Oh, yeh, I can see it's going to fun having you around.
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  15. Eireochd added a post in a topic Remove Facebook link from launcher?   

    the topic moves from Facebook to facepalm.
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