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  1. Whoze added a post in a topic Hunt of the carebear   

    If you kill something does that make it a "carebear"? I killed a -----roach today, does that count?
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  2. Whoze added a post in a topic the continual downhill road of black desert   

    You will probably need to find other ways to harass them now, or maybe get along with them as in other games without pvp? Seems to me that this will just provide more players for others to kill, which is what I think pvp is all about. Not really sure how this is a problem rolling downhill.
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  3. Whoze added a post in a topic PvP Game?   

    All PvE activities prepare the player for end-game pvp, so for PvE players making millions is pointless if they do not have this goal in mind. Once the pure PvE player realizes this they (me) will gradually loose interest in this game. This is an intentional game design making this a pvp focused game.
    Whether it is a good one or not is another matter but one you are glossing over with this sideways approach of "Pvp Game?".
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  4. Whoze added a post in a topic Feeling a bit Apprehensive Now   

    People making these types of vids are idiots seeking attention to elevate their self esteem by bragging about how clever they are. In fact they are not very bright at all to advertise exactly what they are doing to whoever will take steps against them for doing this. Furthermore they destroy their future opportunity to take advantage of these flaws in game design by revealing them to game developers.
    The only sure way to perpetuate these types of advantages is to keep them to yourself, not to be the "cool" UTubbie with the most views. Kids these days, just another example of them not being too bright. Shortly they will end up incarcerated if they put these types of tactics applied to RL scams. Amateurs, I tell ya.
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  5. Whoze added a post in a topic Having trouble getting into this game.   

    The longer I play BDO the more clear it becomes that all roads just lead to non-ending pvp as the end goal which then has no ending. All PvE seeming additions to the game just are there to facilitate this. Gearing up is adjusted on this basis in that early on in game you can obtain the best gear by simply (not so simple to get the bid though) purchasing it from the Marketplace. Players who are AFK fishing can thus accumulate vast millions to purchase gear and stones, or stoned+ gear more likely.
    So called PvE crafters who use their AFK style Workers to produce materials to either sell bulk or themselves turn (craft?) into sub-materials to sell in the Marketplace then accumulate their millions for what purpose? To use to purchase better gear or enhance it themselves into better gear. Why? To just kill mobs more efficiently so they can level higher, which will eventually make them vulnerable to pvp if they choose to or not.
    If someone is not really into pvp I can understand that after a while they will just wonder what really is the point of playing the game any further. When this uneasy feeling of something not quite right about the game arises due to not being able to deny what it is all about (end-pvp), it may be time to just cut your losses and look elsewhere for a game more suitable to your own desires.
    Yep, seems kind of pointless playing unless this type of pvp gear dependent system is your thing.
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  6. Whoze added a post in a topic Felt like "easy mode" until around 40   

    My guy just hit 42 recently and your gear numbers are well beyond my own. What I have noticed is that you can easily be led to mobs beyond your capabilities by following quests and such, so I have had to not advance to more difficult mobs at various times. There are those Indian type mobs up around Florin that you should be able to kill without much difficulty. Then too those Chimera dog things by Keplan for good gains. I tried those Trolls near Calephan but they just take too long to kill and hit a lot harder than those I mentioned so I leave em alone for now.
    A very good guide about spell sequence is in the Wizard/Witch section: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/64446-how-to-witch-~-beginner-advanced-gearpvppvevideossiegesgemscombohorse-combat/ Using stunning and slowing spells will help a lot to keep the mobs from getting to you quickly as well. I also like that magic shield you cast with Q and use it before gathering groups when many times they will be on top of me.
    I don't think your gear is the problem here but being too ambitious in taking on the harder mobs is more likely the issue.
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  7. Whoze added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    They could just make all pre-Mediah lands PvE only, then no new server need be added and players could travel back and forth freely. No reason why any pvp of interest be conducted there when all the new lands are for higher level grinding and gear drops.
    Still this won't change much since the game is lacking in other areas to make it of long term interest to a PvE player anyway.
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  8. Whoze added a post in a topic what to do....   

    Take a nap. You know the saying "In your dreams!". Things will change there.
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  9. Whoze added a post in a topic Based on yesterdays news and the responses I see, I hope Pearl Abyss do not aim to please the top '5% no-lifers'   

    Although my approach is to enjoy the journey within BDO I do not think that the game is designed to enhance this experience. The end-game is clearly pvp and the progression is designed with this focus; thus it makes sense that those who have this interest will grind and rush to get to this point ahead of others. The game facilitates this approach most efficiently and any accumulated silver obtained by farming mobs to level up or afk time spent fishing are then used to purchase any gear that is not gathered by the rng drops. I see really no point in obtaining these astronomical millions of silver if it is not spent on this gear and since gear is the determining factor in being in the "top" pvp ranks, again it makes sense that these outlets are available to accumulate it within a more rapid time-frame than in many other MMO games.
    Although I personally have no real interest in pvp that doesn't prevent me from having come to the realization that all the PvE aspects of the game are focused in this direction, that being to enable players to reach the best gear to participate in the pvp end-game. Look at the new land content of Mediah and future land expansions and you will note that you need to be 45+ to participate within this "journey" into new lands with better gear and tougher mobs. You are no longer safely ensconced within the warm protected embrace of pre-45 security. You then need to raise levels (grind) almost mind-numbingly by killing mobs and fighting off others by pvping to maintain your farming or slink off to other les productive areas.
    Face reality, the game is designed to be a grind to experience the fullest extent of it, which requires more time to be put into the game. Don't resent others because they choose to do this for whatever reasons. Spend more time with your wife and family. This is wise and will be more fulfilling than any time frivolled away playing the game. You are sort of on the fight track there but probably spend too much focus on this game than upon the real world where it matters. There are other games designed with a more casual approach that do not focus upon being better than others. Maybe you should focus your achievements upon the outside world instead.
    Let others waste away their time here in any amount that they choose. Your life will not suffer for this and that is really what is important anyway rather than not being able to waste the amount of time playing this game that others are able to. Yes, the game is designed in this manner but be wise enough not to fall into that trap. Pity those that do, such as myself who have nothing better to do, may be the wiser choice.
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  10. Whoze added a post in a topic Spirit Leaves bumped out of the drop tables?   

    Only certain trees that workers chop will yield Spirit Leaves. There is a tree node near Velia that yields them and now I have plenty starting to accumulate in the bank. Offhand I can't remember the node though.
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  11. Whoze added a post in a topic What to prioritze to buy with silver?   

    I also found the Marketplace to be confusing at first because of that Expired label attached to every item. Then I thought that I had to purchase every item in the individual listing to purchase them.
    So what you do is just hit the purchase option and then type in the amount of that item that you want to purchase, fill in the code numbers and press purchase. Then at the top of your screen you will notice a white message that states something like "Item Purchased". Close the Marketplace, open your inventory and the purchased Item(s) will be there.
    What that "Expired" label actually means then I am still not quite sure as it doesn't make much sense to me being listed as Expired when you can still purchase the item.
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  12. Whoze added a post in a topic EU or NA   

    I view many players being on the same server as not so good a situation in this game since personal interactions are limited by the way it is setup. Then add onto this the competition for mobs to kill for gear and leveling and there is more reason to play on the less populated channels on the servers. Sounds to me like your late hours on the EU servers will be to your benefit.
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  13. Whoze added a post in a topic Should you play BDO?   

    There are many enjoyable things to do within the game rather than putting a focus on getting to the "top" and then quitting because building the foundation has been neglected. Even then there is so much new content continually being added at such a rapid pace that it seems strange to me that others might see no further progress being available to them. Read the News & Announcements, Patch Notes and Events sections to find out more about how the game has progressed in these areas.
    For those who enjoy the journey more that ending it they will discover much more than the OP has seemingly overlooked in attempting to be better than others. Strive to pursue no others interests than your own and all will turn out well I would imagine. BDO can be a pleasant way to idle away the hours for those so inclined, even at a pace not so steep to discourage further steps into the unknown.
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  14. Whoze added a post in a topic Unacceptable names   

    Most games will quickly delete/ban characters that use names that don't conform to their ToS. As others have stated just report it to the GM's and they will take care of the situation. You will be doing a good turn for everyone playing the game by doing so. Making a post about this is the wrong approach and will just stir up needless controversy which solves nothing.
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  15. Whoze added a post in a topic Ten or so hours in and...   

    I have been playing since pre-launch and my highest character is Lvl42. This is my main Gathering and Life Skills guy so I won't be going out killing any more mobs with him. That way it will be easier to keep him under the Lvl45 harassment zone when out gathering or riding horses to level them up (faster).
    I have 3 more guys at low 30's and one of those I will raise beyond the Lvl45 pvp pk level. AFK fishing for me is not necessary as I really don't need that much silver since to 50 +7 weapon and +5 armor works fine. More fun riding horses AFK to level those up to breed and seems more worthwhile in my situation.
    Point being there are different approaches to playing the game and it does offer this type of variety. To each their own I have heard told.
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