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  1. regna added a post in a topic Crash to Desktop just before start menu   

    EDIT: Solved for me. The problem was a folder used to translate ingame texts I had in Blackdesert folder
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  2. regna added a post in a topic Crash to Desktop just before start menu   

    I've been reparing the client all day and now this... Srsly kakao...
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  3. regna added a post in a topic Patch and download problems   

    Kakao.eu patches are fkn crap. I got file corrupted almost in every fkn patch and I have to repair the client, which is a few hours..
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  4. regna added a post in a topic Patch Stuck 48%   

    I -----ing hate this client ant the -----ing patches. FFS.... why the ----- I have to repair everytime with my shitty HD... I don't have a SSD and this shit takes hours to repair..
    -----ing KAKAO fix your client/patches... I'm so -----ing tired of this crap.
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  5. regna added a post in a topic Last Jordine Siege War - Calling EVERY Guild Out!   

    The problem with Sieges in Jordine has a main cause: <Grind> and Kakao.
    Grind guild stablished a colossal level of grinding, top guilds had to follow with some succeeding and others failing. With Kakao decisions, a lot of guilds lost too much. Some of the "big" guilds failed to retaing their players who ended up leaving the game, recruiting or disband were the options. After Grind disbanded, the guilds that remained strong recruited what they could and now we have grindmony and a few guilds that have too much level in terms of gear, number of players and level, compared to the rest.

    That being said there's a few problems right now imo:
    - Too much nodes, if you think sieges are the only thing that has no participation, there's a lot of nodes in the same situation, where you can build and earn a node for free.
    - Level cap, until ppl get his boss set TRI, the siege scene won't show any improvement.
    - Population, having 10 player more or less can make a huge impact in a war. As I play t2/3 node wars mainly, I don't see medium/big guilds competing with top guilds any time soon.
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  6. regna added a post in a topic Here is Content that is coming the future.   

    Hello there my friend. Do you know EU exits and the game is there too?

    I'm sick of ppl saying NA instead of Western version of the game.
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  7. regna added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    1% exp loss was a way to troll someone as you could kill him and make him lose exp with no reason at all.

    What I would like to see is a timer to respawn that it's increased more and more whenever you die.

    1st death: 1min to respawn/use elion
    2nd death: 2min to respawn/use elion
    3rd death: 4min...
    4rd death: 8min...

    Ofc you are free to spawn in the city.

    This way you are being punished the more you die, when you have died 5 times, you have 16min to respawn. Fair enough.

    But what if you are being hunted by a party/camped in node? In that case I would give a buff of invulnerability when you respawns that allows you to go to another spot without being hunted out of grinding spots. The buff dissapears whenever you does some damage (pvp or pve).
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  8. regna added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    My circle was too small. When I got the first coin the circle got bigger.
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  9. regna added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    Ok so I got 5 in a row. 100% chance, no RNG. You have to go to the top-right, but the place is out of the circle, imagine it's a square.

    The initial circle was too small for me.
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  10. regna added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    Look at the picture someone posted and zoom in.
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  11. regna added a post in a topic Mainquest trouble "Moving Ahead"   

    This is even worse than "kill 10" mobs quests. Sigh

    250 shovels and I'm not even getting shards.
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  12. regna added a post in a topic Character crash after loading   

    Gonna try, thanks.
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  13. regna added a post in a topic Character crash after loading   

    Same here. I was in Ancado and my game crashed. I cannot play with my Sorc anymore. And I don't want to spend like 2 or 3 hours repairing the client....
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  14. regna added a post in a topic 100mil costume worth buying?   

    OBVIOUSLY I'm talking about Western version.
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  15. regna added a post in a topic This is rediculous   

    I -----ing love your avatar tho.
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