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  1. Soulstealer added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    I'm sure the small percent of the whiners here on the forums only make 5% of the total player base. You will not be missed. If something like this makes you stop playing then see ya. Ask yourself this, even with the costumes up on the market, how many Kzarka and boss armor do you see on the market? How often do you see said items on the black market? Stop spewing your nonsense and think about it... I mean really think about. Anyways, I main hand an American Express and off hand an Visa, sup bruhs.
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  2. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    All the spam and childish remarks in this thread.... Makes me laugh. Keep it up people, cry as hard as you can till your mom buys you that toy in the store. None of you, absolutely none of you know how to run a business. 90% of the people saying they'll leave, won't. I have 0 issue with this, if they kept it or not, but what this thread has become, I doubt anyone would take your opinions seriously.
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  3. Soulstealer added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    About time. Pearl abyss wants to make money and this is how they will, I don't see an issue with it. Keep it, even without the max of 5 per week. All these people screaming you lied, rip bdo ect ect, were also saying rip bdo when auto loop came in....Just remember whatever you do, good or bad people will cry and complain. Thanks for finally getting this in over in NA.
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  4. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Leave it as is. This community does nothing but cry about anything, and I mean anything that is done in game. Leave it, nothing is wrong with the pack.
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  5. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Revamping the cash shop   

    So basically you have no proof on anything. It's all speculation on your part. Thanks for your input though, at least we know you think you know everything =D. Also, cash shop is fine how it is, and it won't change.
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  6. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Revamping the cash shop   

    Can I get a link to where you got your numbers from?
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  7. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Bring back wolves and foxes in Olvia!   

    They should of thinned the bees/beetles, those things were everywhere. Foxes and wolves were fine. I went to the other entrance where you run thru when you first start your character and the black spirit tells you to go kill foxes and wolves there. They're also thinned by a bunch but you can get the dailies done there.
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  8. Soulstealer added a post in a topic If Mediah part 2 is coming today, what would you like to see?   

    Hunting, I wanna kill fluffy whales, gators, bats, oh my.
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  9. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Me, Me, Me :2   

    Oh I know, I was just being like them is all lol.
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  10. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Me, Me, Me :2   

    Nice shit posting yourself.
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  11. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Me, Me, Me :2   

    I like this better.
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  12. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Mediah 2 hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4/5/16   

    I just want my hunting, give me gators, bats, whales....
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  13. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Hacker banned from BDO, makes a video crying.   

    I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with this dude....I  love the fact that he does nothing but make up excuses and saying he cheats with good intentions, saying a lot of people loved what he did... what a lying piece of shit. This is the type of person who would commit a terrible crime in real life and think what he did was ok... /facedesk
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  14. Soulstealer added a post in a topic Hunting   

    I've been waiting to hunt bats on horseback and hunting whales for a while...kinda sucks it's still not in.
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  15. Soulstealer added a post in a topic black horn bow upgrade location?   

    Hiedel 9-4
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