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  1. Skeria added a post in a topic Coherent UI   

    This problem is still around. I5-6600K, and still everything freezes after 100% CPU consumption.
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  2. Skeria added a topic in General   

    Gathering energy nerf?
    So I did today my daily gathering routine at Pilgrim's and i noticed how fast my energy was going down. I have 382 energy and i would need 2 shining tools and maybe use a third one for a bit to spend all my energy. Now after just one i had less than 100 energy left(i use durability reduction crystals in weapon). Did anyone else notice something similar?
    Also i am artisan 10 in gathering
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  3. Skeria added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    That was an award winning desync, lag or whatever... Never seen anything like it!
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  4. Skeria added a post in a topic Kutum accuracy test - UPDATED Oct. 12th: kutum vs axion vs vangertz   

    I would like to add something. I think we didn't consider the accuracy from the alchemy stone and the fact that eventually they might fix the serendia accuracy buff. That is an extra 14 accuracy.
    Most people that will keep playing this game will end up with a TET boss armor which is 283 DP. And also most people will end up with TET weapons and TRI jewels which will be at 240-250 AP. So my point is that with buffs, crystals etc etc, even with a 70% accuracy people will oneshot after one good CC.
    For the current EU/NA time DP and accuracy are still important but still i would like to see what a 205 AP warrior can tell us about accuracy when he 1vs1 people.
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  5. Skeria added a post in a topic Tamer awakening   

    What Irrelevant states is 100% true. Tamer preawakening with proper servers would be godmode! Tamer can be in i-frame, super armor, block status all the time and still do damage, but the slightest desync or lagg breaks your comboes and you die like a mob even with 300DP.
    I still wonder why people keep posting KR tamers that play with maximum 10-15 ms and compare with EU/NA.  I personally quit playing tamer because with my 70-100ms this toon is impossible to play. Sorcs were knocking me down mid i-frame. Not to mention the current bug that most people have with the particle effects from others. How can you play a class that needs incredible precision when you can't even see what hits you?
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  6. Skeria added a post in a topic Unable to Cancel Pre-order   

    Same here as well
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  7. Skeria added a post in a topic Weapon Prices at marketplace   

    I am not trying to undercut. I want to list at minimum price,but that is 20mill higher than those listed already.
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  8. Skeria added a topic in General   

    Weapon Prices at marketplace
    So i have noticed that while a TRI weapon may have (let's say) 272mill minimum price, when i list it in marketplace it goes 292mill minimum even though there are listed weapons with lower price. 
    Same happens with 2 other guildmates, so i was wondering if anyone knows how this thing works. Why can't we list them same price as the ones in marketplace?
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  9. Skeria added a post in a topic Awakened Ranger vs Tamer   

    Why is it a troll post Kuu?
    Without awakened status we need skill as tamers to kill ranger if we manage to CCchain them and stay in close range.

    After awakened status Ranger melee damage is insane too, so it is an impossible matchup when we talk about equally geared and skilled people.
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  10. Skeria added a post in a topic Awakened Ranger vs Tamer   

    Yes it is. I can't understand why Rangers are so higher than every other class.
    They are best PVE class, best mass pvp-siege class and after awakenings best 1vs1 class.

    Pre awakening we have to get close try to CC and kill them. After awakening they are strong even in close combat.
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  11. Skeria added a topic in Tamer   

    Awakened Ranger vs Tamer

    So i guess nothing really changes after awakenings with this matchup right?
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  12. Skeria added a post in a topic New awakening System, what will you do ?   

    Guys when you use Jolt move your cursor in the buffs. Does it say 10%?
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  13. Skeria added a post in a topic New awakening System, what will you do ?   

    Currently my Jolt awakening gives only 7 attackspeed. Anyone else has the same issue?
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  14. Skeria added a post in a topic New awakening System, what will you do ?   

    Why what happens if you don't reset your skils?
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  15. Skeria added a post in a topic accuracy,evasion and krea after patch   

    I think krea with 2 black spirit crystals is extremely powerfull. I currently play with 135/203 and i don't feel my AP low in Pve especially with the new buff against monsters and their nerf in defence. And i think it's also very good for PvP.
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