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  1. Ethetun added a post in a topic Sieges postponed after Sat indefinitely ?!   

    lol...so which is it? Do you want patches and updates released without bugs or released with bugs? 
    They said all along this was a trial/test launch. You guys crack me up.
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  2. Ethetun added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I would think PA and Daum both want to wait and see the impact of node wars first. ...see what kind of impact that has on everything overall before making or not making another change. I believe I originally said they need to leave well enough alone now (even though I disagreed with it being implemented). ...I still tend to fall that way....not because I like what was done. I don't, but they need to let the community sort out these things on their own versus intervening and changing dynamics of the environment the community "lives" in.
    Ultimately, I think alot of this would be cleared up if they just came out and very clearly stated their goals for the game currently and in the future, regarding the core aspects of the game. I haven't seen where that has clearly been laid out. I have my opinions as to what it is based on what was released, but it is only an opinion until Daum and/or PA do so.
    @CM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar By intervening in major ways, like this, Daum and/or PA are not putting divisions or disagreements within the community to rest. They are only highlighting them, causing a further divide, and feedback threads (which imply a 'subject to change' mindset) only further fuel the divisions...which end up creating a toxic environment, not necessarily in the game, but definitely in the forums.
    ...I pointed that out, and said I was curious what the stats were in my post. ...number of people is irrelevant to me though regarding that comment...just think its funny that it is still going.
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  3. Ethetun added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    5200 responses and still going strong  ....lol
    I have to say @CM_Jouska...I am curious what feedback is being taken to PA on the subject. If they are already considering re-instating the quest at lvl 50 for pvp (which I don't really want), then I don't know why the xp penalty is not re-instated. I didn't see or experience PK'ing before the change, and I haven't experienced it after. ...I still find it hard to believe that people were randomly getting PK'd and then trolled so much that it required removal of the exp loss.
    Full disclosure, member of my guild was killed twice by a guy farming, but was then left alone, and I did have one guy, one time, try (after the removal of the penalty) to get the mob to deal a final blow to me, but I ended up killing him by accident in the process. ...I have to say that was quite funny.
    ...so really, not sure why people get so worked up over this, and honestly it feels like a small segment of the community that keeps repeating the same argument over and over again, in regards to diminishing or removing the pvp "from their daily gaming experience". 
    I would be curious what the statistics are on this thread actually. How many unique posters have replied to this thread, and how many repeats from posters. ....just curious, but think that would actually be quite telling in regards to the issue at hand, and whether it is really an accurate picture of the community, or ocd players on the forums.
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  4. Ethetun added a post in a topic PM_WHoShouldNotBeNamed lied about siege/node wars timing and now they refuse to refund ppl who trusted him   

    Gotcha. ...I don't really disagree on being a stickler, except that at some point there does need to be some sort of cut off. ...simply from the point of view that once a customer got tired of the costume, they would abuse this, get a return, and get another costume. ...granted repeating this would only happen when changes are made, but still would be cautiously considerate [how bout that ;-)] when giving a time table for returns. 
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  5. Ethetun added a post in a topic [Poll] Pretty or Creepy (thank you you all!)   

    both are creepy. eyes are too big, too far apart, and are set deep into eye sockets (least looks that way to me).
    in general looks like alittle girl, assuming tamer. ...to be fair, that is creepy in general to me (up close). ..don't really notice it in game.
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  6. Ethetun added a post in a topic PM_WHoShouldNotBeNamed lied about siege/node wars timing and now they refuse to refund ppl who trusted him   

    People play RBF? ...kidding. 
    hrrm....as I said then, I could potentially see the argument then from an RBF standpoint then since it was changed after that release. Ultimately, I am still not sure that I see the impact to the intended function though of the costume. I get that people may have been using for other purposes though. I don't think I've seen a well laid out reason of how this impacts or changes game play though since we aren't talking about the any cosmetic changes or anything after the fact, but a limited functionality change (limited as in not a big functionality change). It doesn't really impact me either way, but doesn't mean I don't care about it if people feel they are getting cut short.
    has there been an explanation of the change, or why the specific date range on the return policy? ...don't remember seeing one, just honestly asking on that point.
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  7. Ethetun added a post in a topic PM_WHoShouldNotBeNamed lied about siege/node wars timing and now they refuse to refund ppl who trusted him   

    I don't really see the issue here. The wars itself, I believe it said the next couple weeks are essentially trial periods, did they not? ...with it "officially" going live after the 4th I think...something like that.  ...which came from one of the PM's posts.
    As for the suit...they offered a refund if it was purchased within a certain period. The suit still functions as it was intended. They added new content, and have said that in the new content it would not hide it. If this were old content, then I would agree that it was a change, but given that we are talking new content, and the change was implemented at the same time, and not down the road, after the content release, I see no scam, cheats, lies, bad faith...or so on.. from Daum on this one.
    Also, why you want to name a thread or imply ill intentions by a PM, CM, or GM is over the top to me. I'm not saying there aren't instances where poor or bad decisions were not made. That is going to be the case when a human is involved, but to imply a devious or nefarious motive is silly. Ask for the change, list your reasons, but see no plausible reason to throw out random claims of deceitful behavior.
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  8. Ethetun added a post in a topic Do you want a Level 50 PvP Enable Quest?   

    Take a deep breath. ...it wasn't an insult. I believe I may have used "you", but wasn't referring to you personally, just your statement of "everyone who doesn't". Don't think I said it was about you, but thank you for your selfless declaration. You mentioned harassment and being dominated...hence the response....so just relax, not everyone is out to get you. Cute how you try to turn self-centered around on other people though. ;-) The "overstatement" was in relation to the line "Good luck in BDO when everyone who doesnt care about being harassed and "dominated" by likes of you leave.". 
    Don't know if it was you originally or someone else, but you are labeling all of this completely wrong. 
    PVP is one thing. I rarely meet a PVP player who goes around ganking people over and over again. If they gank someone it is usually in retaliation or a one time thing.
    PK is one thing. PK will go around killing people typically because of either RP or a faction alignment, like pirate. Even then, they gank and move on. Sure, if the other player keeps coming back to the same spot the PK is in, he/she will PK them repeatedly.
    "Griefer" is entirely different. you are talking about someone who is a troll going around repeatedly running interference to intentionally disrupt the individual's play time.Typically, these types are also verbally taunting and/or abuse in addition to game actions.
    I'm seeing people continue to lump all 3 of these things into the same category, and it simply isn't the case. I'm not saying there isn't any overlap at all, but it is not common, and I simply have not seen or experienced this phenomenon of "griefing everywhere". It is asinine to throw out or taunt someone with abortion in the midst of a disagreement btw. ...doesn't really elevate or help your argument at all.
    As a PVE player myself, I have two main concerns with implementing a quest to "activate" pvp.
    1. What does this do to the population mix in context of the end-game pvp content? Like it or not, the "end-game" (if you even want to say bdo has end-game content) right now is pvp-oriented. Reducing the population here would potentially have negative impact.
    2. By implementing this at a character level, are you leaving a window for guilds to abuse this system to gain funds for pvp content more easily by utilizing pve players that are not eligible for pvp, or have pve players somehow run interference in node or guild wars.
    I would have concerns with how either of these two elements would affect the game. I don't pvp, not really interested in it in bdo at all, but believe it is a necessary element to the game to make it whole, just as the pve content is necessary to make a pvp game whole. Trying to separate the two from each other seems fairly ignorant to the mechanics of a game like bdo, and what the intentions of the game were. 
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  9. Ethetun added a post in a topic As a big fan of cute races in MMORPGs, I hope that they make the Shai playable someday.   

    ...its better not to accept or provide fuel for a pedo period. ...???...
    I don't care who requested or asked for the Shai originally. Who and what they are is not my business, or anyones, unless they personally decide to share that information with me....and is quite frankly immaterial to the conversation...which I thought had died out at this point.
    We've gone from denial that it is pedo-like behavior to, "well, better this than a real life child"....wth logic do people use these days.
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  10. Ethetun added a post in a topic Do you want a Level 50 PvP Enable Quest?   

    Meh, Don't particularly want it, but based on recent actions, I'd say it is a lost cause to fight at this point. It will probably be introduced.
    IF they do end up doing so, I think it would be better to be a guild quest. If the guild you are in completes it, then you are "vulnerable" to pvp. Too many guilds would try to "cheat" the system with their quests and earning money by simply having their people that aren't pvp "unlocked" do that work load for them.
    Can't help but feel like this is a serious overstatement. ...that or you pissed someone off in the game. I've yet to be atked, harassed, followed...name it..by a pk or pvp player or guild. Not saying it doesn't happen, but it is amazing to listen to how "rampant" this is according to the forums, yet I've yet to experience it.
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  11. Ethetun added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    Who cares? If that is how he wants to spend his/her money then fine. That is his/her business. That you think the game is suddenly p2w because of dyes (of all things), when they have had a shop since launch....well that would just be cute if it wasn't so pathetic.
    If you don't want to play a "p2w" game, then don't play a game with a shop, period.
    If you don't want to spend your money in-game on dyes to get silver, then consider yourself more intelligent and more financially secure than someone who did, but don't whine with the "omg, he has more silver than me". 
    Do you want games like bdo in the market or not? If so, they have to make money to sustain the games. This isn't a non-profit. Is a company supposed to show 1 yr of profit because people bought the game, and then nothing else for years to come other than negative profit margins? Get your head out of your ass.
    Instead of looking at the other guy and seeing what he has or doesn't have, why not set a personal goal to attain it, and focus on getting yourself there?
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  12. Ethetun added a post in a topic Desperately need a NEW Dye System!!!   

    Bit surprised on your spend on dyes, but I've spent a fair amt myself on other stuff, so to each his/her own. Regardless would +1 the need to simplify. 
    Honestly, why not make the system similar to the house. With the house, I open the interface and add whatever you guys have in the store I want, and it totals my cost for purchasing in the bottom right.
    Do the same for the dyes. ...open the interface, select each piece I want changed, set the color to what I want, and total my pearl cost in the bottom right for me to finalize. ..would be a much better interface. 
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  13. Ethetun added a post in a topic How likely will you buy pearls after what happened?   

    Honestly, I would kind of laugh at your guild mates....and I'm not trying to be mean, but that is really just silly. That kind of thing is not uncommon and is typically corrected quickly. 
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  14. Ethetun added a post in a topic I GET BANNED FOR NOTHING???!!!?!?!?!   

    I'm speaking in a general sense. So many freaking people have been reporting for ASSUMING that someone is cheating, and then upset when the individual didn't get banned. According to Daum, you are cheating....if I take everything as black and white as some of these die hard feral wanna-be moderators that claim there is no flaw and you are only banned if you are cheating, then you are a cheat. ...so I smile that a cheater was reporting cheaters and got banned for cheating.
    ..or I could assume a more reasonable approach that not everyone accused of or that is banned for, is actually cheating and that mistakes can happen. ...but it has been said that I must be a cheater as well because I tend to take this more reasonable approach. ...so who knows.
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  15. Ethetun added a post in a topic Banning Of Late   

    Did you get a ban notification, or is it just the xigncode knocking you offline? I started playing BDO on my desktop, but when I travel o nthe weekend I sometimes played on my laptop. To this day, I can't figure out what on my laptop is tripping xigncode (I've communicated with xigncode several times on it). I just decided to let it alone since my desktop is my main system anyway. I haven't logged in today yet as I'm at work, but considering I don't use programs or macros, I assume my desktop will be in working order without issue. Same programs installed on each machine...least that I can remember. ...well except for windows. My desktop is 10.  
    ...but again, all that was just xigncode for me, not an actual ban. Assuming you aren't cheating, I hope you are able to get it resolved.
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