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  1. Kinna added a post in a topic Some1 have a korean client to share presets here?   

    Do you happen to have the original templates for the sorceress and ranger in the korean version? I really want these. Q_Q These were the ones used for the first trailers. 


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  2. Kinna added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I think I'm in shock. I just got my second T8 from a T6 + T7 (both lvl 30) pairing. I've been breeding T6 females to T7 males because I only ever had 3 T7 females. Never expected to land on the 8% chance lol.

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  3. Kinna added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hello everyone!
    I was taking some screen shots of my one and only pretty T8 Lugh and caught this funny moment! I thought I should share it and maybe it will brighten some fellow breeders' day. :3 Here's a big grin from Lugh and my sorc, both enjoying the pretty fall colors:

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  4. Kinna added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    Registering price of Tier 7 and Tier 8 horse market has been increased drastically.
    Horse Price for selling to the NPC and Imperial Delivery has been adjusted to 50% of the Horse Market registering price.
    In preparation for the major ocean content improvement patch scheduled for the 12th of October, smaller content patches will be progressively applied resulting in changes to some areas of the underwater landscape.
    Please use caution when exploring the underwater content as this system is being overhauled you may encounter some potential hazards.1. YEAH! Finally
    2. Aw... QQ Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing yet.
    3. Noted. 0.o
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  5. Kinna added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    So after 10 or so breeding attempts at T8 (I stopped counting and paying attention to the colors I breed, my motivation for this has dropped by a lot after 5 months) and a huge wave of T6 females, I finally got a 3rd T7 female. She started off really well with 6 skills by lvl 9, including charge and instant accel, but now she's lvl 20 and hasn't learned anything else...  RIP Fennel. 
    Edit: I trained 3 T6 females without the horse costume for a change and they did significantly better than all my other horses recently. I didn't put it on the T7 I mentioned above, so I think that it's just rng and the costume isn't necessarily bugged. 
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  6. Kinna added a post in a topic Horse Market RIP   

    She's referring to people who like to kill horse breeders and/or their horses if they happen to train horses out of safe zone with autolooping. The nicest spot to train horses is around Heidel since it's a nice big circle, so you kind of don't have a choice to be out of safe zone for a bit if you don't want to miss exp (exp ticks get messed up if you run up and down the safe zone road).
    It started to be this way since all T7 horses got released, even more so when T8 horses got released (buying out horses to exchange for a foal).Selling to imperial delivery (to the game) for seals to get a camel for the desert.Imperial delivery makes as much or more money than selling it on the marketplace for lower tiers. Selling higher tier horses is not worth it if you take into account the amount of hours it takes to lvl the horses. Most people will simply exchange them to get another foal.RNG is so damn cruel that each horse breeder will have one, maaaybe two, horses that are worth keeping. Most of the time, only the dumb ones get sold to the marketplace, mostly because the breeder has had it with rng and will rather have money than another failed attempt at the foal they want.I think that's about it.
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  7. Kinna added a post in a topic [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds   

    Well, 1 point of defense or evasion isn't that much. If you read the description, you'll notice that it rotates between melee, ranged, and magic. If you count these, it will be 3 DP/evasion per category, plus one for the final level, so 4 DP/evasion per category. It would only really be "worth it" to have these if you would get all of them in my opinion, which would cost you 60 skill points. You're much better off spending those points for the main skills and awakening skills and enhance your armor for DP. Sure being a bit tankier would be nice, but we do have the wonderful ability to teleport along with some iframes we can use to not get hit. If at some point you have every single skill in both of your skill trees and 60 points to spare, then yes you might as well take them, but for now, it's better not to, especially if you're tight on skill points. ^.^
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  8. Kinna added a post in a topic [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds   

    You don't need them ever, they're a waste of skill points. If you have some active, reset them right away and invest in important skills. ^.^
    The last level of signs of agony isn't really a must, and I would get the last level of infinite mastery before the awakening skills because HP is very important in PvP, you want at least around 2.3k. As for eruption of guilt, it costs a ton of points, so you might be better off getting some lvl 56 awakening skills first and grind more skill points for it. It will really depend on your skill point pool at that point.
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  9. Kinna added a post in a topic [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds   

    You're on the right track for the PvP combo skills. The only thing is that you should really max night crow and storming crow. The second level of storming crow knocks down, including in PvP which I find very useful, plus it adds extra mobility. You could remove the last level of signs of agony and you don't need ultimate shadow eruption for combos, so since you're close to 56 you should probably remove these. Since you're tighter than I was on skill points, I would go with something like this: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/11515 . It brings you at 630 and you'll only be missing eruption of guilt, the last lvl of infinite mastery and signs of agony.
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  10. Kinna added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    So my last 4 breeding attempts for T8 (T6+T7 28/29 because rng refuses to give me T7 females) turned out to be 3 T6 females of the same color and 1 T5 purebred black female. Guess what the color was for the T6 females? YEP, THAT'S IT. KETCHUP N' MUSTARD BABY! The 3rd was actually from exchanging the second. FML.
    U MAD?
    HELL. YES.

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  11. Kinna added a post in a topic [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds   

    Alright thanks. I'll do some testing later today. 
    Looks like the guy I'm quoting below does!
    Now that is an impressive amount of skill points. 0.o I guess you being lvl 60 explains it, that must have been a lot of grinding.
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  12. Kinna added a post in a topic [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds   

    That is a lot of points but wouldn't I miss damage since I already removed black wave?
    I currently have 1610 stamina (lvl 31 breath) so I think I'm okay for that, especially since I'm tight on skill points.
    Okay that's what I thought. I might try it out with resetting claws to rank 2 for more points like Keldorn suggested and see how that goes. I can always relearn it later if I manage to gain enough points. ^.^
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  13. Kinna added a post in a topic [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds   

    I think I'll stick with night crow for now, thanks though. ^.^ I do plan on maxing my HP for sure, I just need more skill points (I only have 10 left right now, will be grinding mobs and quests for more).
    Is agony part of the combo or is it just to give you time to initiate it? Also that's interesting about the amulet vs scythe in PvP, thanks for mentioning it. I removed black wave and kept shadow eruption, just removed the ultimate from it for now, but yeah it does look like sorc needs most skills to perform well. I was basically trying to get the best build possible with my currently available skill points; I will definitely be learning and using more skills as my skill point pool increases.
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  14. Kinna added a post in a topic [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds   

    I think I rather spec for PvP since I like that better, even though I don't have much practice with it. I decided to go with this: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/11145 . I think it's pretty much the best compromise I can get for now.
    I don't think I'll ever take signs of agony unless I end up with more than enough skill points; I've never used it until now and it seems to be a bit risky to use in PvP. In which cases would rebounding darkness be used? I'm quite used to using night and storming crow to dodge and re-position, it seems like a bit of a skill point waste unless there's a combo I don't know about.
    I'm pretty sure I did most of those quests except for the amity and Valencia ones. I was planning on starting to look for the ones I might be missing today. Thanks for the list, it's definitely more complete than the one I was using!
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  15. Kinna added a topic in Sorceress   

    [Questions/Discussion] Awakening, Skill Points and Builds
    Hello everyone,
    If you have questions about preparing for awakening with skill points and builds, you may use this thread!
    Below is my original post containing my questions:
    And here is the build I ended up going with before leveling to 56 (I was tight on skill points so I went with the best compromise): http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/11513/
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