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Posts posted by Lasarith

  1. The guy at the Shop is just off the phone with me- he Stress tested -the Cpu//Gpu and over clocked the fan/s to see if it would Shut off and restart -it would Not, 

    the Only thing he Did Suggest was the GPU got quite hot 80-90degee but still did not cause a restart -the Only thing was he said where my PC was located might not get Enough Airflow so I'm going to try (he said not really recommend) leave the case open and see what happens and take it from thier.

  2. I had thought I needed more accuracy. I kept trying to stack pluses and my spells still didn't hit. I figured I was just missing this whole time.

    I was hitting them just doing no damage, I thought I was out of range or something.

  3. Solved

    • Monsters sometimes not taking damage from ranged attacks has been fixed.


    Ty i know it was somting not right :D

    so that's what it was...

  4. They do have a point. If you are willing to wait that long, you might have the money to just buy a +15 outright. I would have done it myself but I'm impatient :) The 29 stones it takes to go from 14-15, and the repair costs alone are probably close to half the cost of buying a finished item.

    Granted after taxes, yeah, not near half anymore. But the point still holds forcing all those steps will cost you more than RNG, or just buying the item off the MP.

    I have 5M -seems to be a case of which ever comes first then.

  5. That seems.... a little excessive if you plan on doing all your other gear the same way, you will waste so much money.  Honestly, rng sucks like no other, but your best bet is to go to like +12 or +13 before you start forcing.  You'll end up saving money in the end that way.

    (Shrugs) dunno but I CBA with the RNG.

  6. PM me a copy of the blueprints, specifications, patent if you have them and I will get back to you.

    Remember it needs to be at lest 30% diffrent from his version 😉

  7. Statistically you will be spending more doing it that way. But it is an option of you hate the RNG that much. Just means u will have to wait longer to upgrade.

    Possably I need 31 Yuria staffs and (91 I think ) Weapon stones.

    ill Either save up for it or join every boss scroll fight I can .

  8. If the piston eating mechanism is outside of the game I see no problem with this. Now you got me curious. What type of food does this piston prefer?


  9. Trolls....This starting to be a real problem when world boss hunting. You look for info in general on the spawns, someone says the chanel you ch-shift and go to the boss spawn and suprise YOU GOT TROLLED! nothing there. When we add 15min cd on ch-shift this starts to be really frustrating I tried to ask few ppl for confirmation on spawns when someone gave a chanel and guess what, more trolls. This is even bigger problem when Kzarka is spawning( chat goes crazy.) the chance you will shift to right chanel is RNG(srsly even this part of the game is luck based?) Any idea how to protect your self from this kind of grief apart from joining masive guild? I lost soo many bosses by this already :(

    well Red Nose Seems to Spawn at 2 AM UK time, and I Believe Kzarka is on a 48 hour after killed said by CM Jouska's in a post some time last week.

  10. It's coming on 20th though. :/


    Not that I care, not gonna play Musa/Maehwa, but people were really upset about them teasing the classes today, making them think they come tomorrow.

    And then, NOPE.

    AH, Fiddlesticks 😑 Well @ lest you have a date now 🙂

  11. You're late


    But yes, this is the one I am waiting for.

    Great, I wasent 100% sure I hope you get it Tomorrow🙂 

    PS: I'm late because I was out talking my PC to get the Random restart problem fixed hopefully at the store within the next ? Long.

  12. with the patch lowering costs of forcing to enhance by 2 blackstones in alot of cases is it worth it to force to +10 or possibly even higher 11-12 without bothering with failstacking and RNG? some of the forced costs seem real cheap now bc of that

    well for me that what I will do as CBA with the Failstack RNG.

  13. It is widely known that up to +7, the enchant is guaranteed but i could not find anywhere information about  +8 to +15.  All i could find on the web is this link (table below) that shows how to go the 'safe' way.

    What I wanna do is do the math behind both ways to reach +15 and follow the one that I believe Is the least costly.

    Does anyone know about the fail chances for +7 to +8? Is the table below bogus? 

     Enchant Blackstones required Decrease Max Durability
     +7 to +82-10
     +8 to +95-20
     +9 to +107-30
     +10 to +119-40
     +11 to +1211-50
     +12 to +1319-60
     +13 to +1429-70
     +14 to +1531-100



    113 Stones (forced) and 38 of Said Weapon on Standby.

  14. Apart from Energy (Max???) as far as many previous post go-Contribution slows at 256 and Skill points at 500 but they won't stop just the amount of XP is like the jump for 1-50 to 50>> 

  15. Don't forget Plums too! We may have boobies but we are people too!

    Oops I forgot the Funny Fruit people 😝