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  1. PerlStyle added a post in a topic why do we have 1.2million in such a short time ?   

    i do think it is not a glitch ... considering the Korea is shutting down all out of Korea with IP block on march 3 so i assume .... people just swapped from KR to EU and NA cuz they will not be able to play there. so considering they know the game i assume they go for the pre-order ones cuz they know already what the game got to offer and know the benefit of the small boost that the starting stats give you for a a vet player on a new server ( and i am talking mount and pet )
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  2. PerlStyle added a post in a topic why do we have 1.2million in such a short time ?   

    the order number is broken down in 2 sections date and number of account it is registered as YYYY-MM-DD and the rest is the number of your account in an incremental +1 order for all  (if you upgrade an account it will count as a +1 due to the fact that the account status changed )
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  3. PerlStyle added a post in a topic why do we have 1.2million in such a short time ?   

    you watch it you like it you play it .... that is how i got here in the 1st place ... watched a Korean play bdo and i was  <3 <3 <3  must play 
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  4. PerlStyle added a post in a topic why do we have 1.2million in such a short time ?   

    fml i live in a hole .... why did i not see this ??????????? it is like when your gf is no longer your gf but you are the last one to know
    tnx all for your help ... and ----- my grinding spots 
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  5. PerlStyle added a post in a topic why do we have 1.2million in such a short time ?   

    wait by "pewds" you intend the way he got on top of youtube or did he make a video to advertise bdo ?
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  6. PerlStyle added a topic in General   

    why do we have 1.2million in such a short time ?
    so i found this out we got  a huge boost of "orders" since the cbt2 popped but ..we still go up .. like look at the 2 images and look at the reference one the time from one to the other is abut 1h of difference and the numbers go up for 3000~ in 1h  and we are out of CBT2 at the moment of the transaction . can some one explain to me  
    i do understand we are going up and fast and i did take in account this process since november 17 with my 1st account number 1500-ish and since then i did get 5 more accounts and 1 upgrade from 49.99 to 100 so that makes 6 ( total 3 x100 2x50 and 1x upgrade to 100) so i do have some numbers to work with . i hope this is usefull to you all 

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  7. PerlStyle added a post in a topic Guilda de romani   

    eu as intra cu voi daca ma primiti :0
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  8. PerlStyle added a post in a topic And your Name is ?   

    50% want a spacer ...can we get that implemented ?
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  9. PerlStyle added a post in a topic Make Cash Shop accountbound!   

    and that kids is how you get geared in tera online if you have a life or bad luck  
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  10. PerlStyle added a post in a topic And your Name is ?   

    my friend is named Ontopofu. ... we call him Onto' new people actually did not notice that the name was "on top of you" we had a prank once in guild with the question who has 4 words in there name in out guild and no one found him it was really funny at that time ( and we where on ts3 so it was a ball  ) pls don't judge my humor it was funny at that monent :3 
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  11. PerlStyle added a post in a topic And your Name is ?   

    i updated the poll  i hope it is not to late  
    4th entry (space only)
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  12. PerlStyle added a topic in Suggestions   

    And your Name is ?
    Hello people PerlStyle here with a question What is Your Name. And by that i want to know what will you name your character. now now wait i am not done here  and i do not want to know the names .  What i want to know is if you can have "Spacers" or "Symbols" to create your Name or Family Name. 
    With that in mid Customization of your character can be complete considering the vast amount of randomness you can go with the actual character creator (thank you god for making me live in this era) can we use a double word name for the Name or Family Name of our characters? or even have a (overkill) 3 word names example : Nietono no Shana that is a 3 part name and most translated JP names have or can have an extension like -san -sama -chan ( and i know some one will go for Grey-sama or  use  "Von" like Klaus Von Reinherz at some point  )
    So the question is can we or can we not use (space) _ - / . , in our names 1-3 times /name? 
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