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  1. Khrynia added a post in a topic Decent money guide   

    Or, sell the materials instead of the boat to make more money than you would by putting the boat up. 
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  2. Khrynia added a post in a topic Maintenance makes me feel special :)   

    Ah, makes sense. Thanks.
    Strange that it would do that though. 
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  3. Khrynia added a post in a topic Maintenance makes me feel special :)   

    So... what exactly is the point of this thread? Is it to gloat about the player's profession ranking, or does this actually have something to do with server maintenance? 
    I don't get it. 
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  4. Khrynia added a post in a topic I keep falling and smacking the ground whenever I use Evasive Explosion Shot   

    Have you tried aiming at something other than the ground right infront of you? 
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  5. Khrynia added a post in a topic Free Art!   

    No worries. Take your time and I'm sure the end results will be amazing, as they are with the tamer image above.  
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  6. Khrynia added a post in a topic POLL : If black desert came to life and you had to...   

    Choice not on the poll, no reason to vote. 
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  7. Khrynia added a post in a topic 30 Euros for a costume? U guys are high?   

    And yet, there are people who will drive an extra 3 miles to pay 2 cents less for a gallon of gas. 
    People always have their own opinions about what is a better deal or not, whether or not it is downright stupid. 
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  8. Khrynia added a post in a topic Tamer pets getting huge change soon   

    Keep trying. I've heard that can get you one of those new unicorn mounts if you're lucky. 
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  9. Khrynia added a post in a topic Blader/Plum Discousion!   

    Blader or Plum? I'll be rolling both. 
    Already have a file for Blader from the RU version and I'm not going to let that go to waste, but I'm more interested in Plum. 
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  10. Khrynia added a post in a topic To those who say leave the game as it is...   

    Inb4 Deska locks this thread for senseless off-topic arguing
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  11. Khrynia added a post in a topic No, the horse market won't be "flooded" with high tiers   

    This is exactly how I feel about this as well.
    Thank you though for making this information easily accessible for those who would like to know it. 
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  12. Khrynia added a post in a topic Would like to pay 100$ for a RNG free game.   

    yeah, it's a similar story for me. Took me a measly 5 stones with no prior fail stacks to get from 13-14 on my bow, but trying to get to +15 is kicking my arse.
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  13. Khrynia added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit prices are fine!   

    Would be an excellent way of apologizing for that 1 loyalty dye that a lot of people were tricked into buying.
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  14. Khrynia added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit prices are fine!   

    Am I the only one who wants to see them add a wearable trash bag for 99 loyalty points to the shop? I'd purposely look like a bum just for the hilarity factor. 
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  15. Khrynia added a post in a topic Are Herring Guild Gather quests just Daum's way of laughing at us?   

    Are you sure this quest isn't just
    A red herring?!
    I'll see myself out.
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