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  1. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    How about you idiots stop trying to money grab and instead hold to the promises you made this community about never being pay to win. and while your at it fix some of your bugs and get an actual customer support.
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  2. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Castle Siege Terrain Exploit   

    Can you further explain how exactly going through a tunnel that is commonly used in the other versions of this game and has had the game devs acknowledge it as legit could be cheating? If you fail to be able to defend this outrageous claim could you then please explain how our devs could get away with such favoritism as to completely cave into calling it an "exploit" soly because a "certain bdo community" that at least one of their staff has admitted to having loyalties to wanted it to be so?
    It is a commonly used passage in the Korean version that the devs know about and never removed or took action against the people using it. If you want actual citations you would have to directly contact the Korean version's devs as ours currently have a mouth full.
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  3. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Castle Siege Terrain Exploit   

    This is a prefect summary of everything that is currently wrong with the BDO staff and you should be fired. Actually the entire staff should be revapped to be impartial. This includes, but is not limited to: equal treatment in the regards of answering tickets and unbiased decisions on what is an "exploit."
    Terrain glitching has been done in hundreds of games and in very, very few is it a ban-able offense. In the majority of the games the game devs didn't realize you could do it and made it so that it couldn't be done. I have never heard of a case of an actual tunnel that has been used many times in their other versions and has had the game devs admit that it is legit suddenly decided to change their mind and punish the party involved.
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  4. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Quest: Knowledge required for Conversation   

    Its in between the folding wall thing and a bunch of pillows were you wouldn't see it unless you ran right on top of it. Thanks for the help guys
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  5. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    He isn't talking about the exp boost (which is a little annoying, but not a deal breaker) He is referring to the fact that it reduces the amount of taxes the marketplace takes from your sale by a third. Which means you spend IRL money to make more in game money, Argo: pay to win
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  6. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Node wars II debut.............Broken...   

    We are having the same issue
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  7. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic UNO Unable to purchase Fort Node War items   

    Node wars ended today, but the people who want to partake in a sunday node war are supposed to be able build their forts as of an hour ago, but it would only let out guild master buy any of the equipment and will not let us place our fort in an area that is valid. (Orwen)
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  8. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Does anyone find the Amity Game enjoyable?   

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  9. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Best way to get cooking XP?   

    Make sure that you do the advancement quests. You can find them under guide in your black spirit... Normally, currently it is bugged for myself and all guildies i've talked to
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  10. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic Does anyone find the Amity Game enjoyable?   

    I didn't mind it before the Mediah patch. But it seems like they justed something because everyone in Mediah has no interest in anyone and even NPCs that used to be easy are completely different and a pain in the ass now.
    Also 100% shouldn't have a chance to fail, that is what 100% means and they tend to fail more than anything else for me
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  11. SkyeHawk added a post in a topic New player LF Casual/Competitive Guild   

    ImmortalVanguard is currently recruiting on Orwen

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