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  1. Abarrane added a post in a topic World bosses   

    You can look up for boss guides on dulfy.net .The website has some pretty detailed guide about boss location, boss's pattern, and as well as those attacks that will instantly kill you.

    Also, for every pve death, you will lose 2% of your exp and a chance to have your crystal destroyed too.  
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  2. Abarrane added a post in a topic Tulip Pictures   

    GET OFF MY LAWN !!!!! 
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  3. Abarrane added a post in a topic P2W   

    You can still play as a solo player while being in a guild, those pay out after node war is sure too nice to skip.
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  4. Abarrane added a post in a topic ATTENTION! ..edit... !   

    Obviously, that $10 failed transaction is the source of all the problem. It isn't hard to see, when you are dealing with micro-transaction, especially from one continent to another, a failed transaction will instantly get your account flagged. Moreover, you switched between 2 cards, that adds in with being flagged due to past failed transaction, the service will certainly have question and have to ask you to provide proof that you are the real owner and not just a scammer.

    That isn't to say the method they use is acceptable, but this is a lesson for you in the future, always stay with 1 card for as long as you can and check your account before making any purchase.  

    Aside, it is entirely your lost if you decide to take the route you claimed to be, there are still plenty of other paying customers really. 
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  5. Abarrane added a post in a topic ATTENTION! ..edit... !   

    I have spent just as much if not more on BDO and I have yet to encounter such problem. So obviously the question is, what did you do ? 
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  6. Abarrane added a post in a topic Help Me Pick a Costume Dye Set!   

    I would go for #2 , a nice balance mix between White and silky yellow~ really lovely.
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  7. Abarrane added a post in a topic Eltro Sea Node Managers   

    I can tell your for certain that it isn't the effect of the fog. 

    There is 2 types of knowledges for island as far as I understand.

    One is when you talk to the node manager and you unlock the manager + the knowledge of the island.
    The second one is about a specific spot on the island that when you get to it or close to the spot, you will get a notice across your screen saying " You have discovered xxxx Island". The second one is what you will need to clear the fog for that sea zone. 

    Trust me, it happened to me as well.

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  8. Abarrane added a post in a topic Eltro Sea Node Managers   

    For that sea zone, you need to discover the Islands instead of the node manager to clear the fog, just walk around the island until you get the knowledge or discover it. 
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  9. Abarrane added a post in a topic Wagon Lamp   

  10. Abarrane added a post in a topic Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?   

    Yes, the blue one 
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  11. Abarrane added a post in a topic Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?   

    The upgrading quests, not the one that gives you the armor.
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  12. Abarrane added a post in a topic Question about horse's (pearl) items   

    didn't take it that way >.<~ *hugs* 
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  13. Abarrane added a post in a topic Question about horse's (pearl) items   

    Still better than leaving the OP uninformed about it, and OP wastes those stack on something undesirable.
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  14. Abarrane added a post in a topic Question about horse's (pearl) items   

    It is possible, but you will need Horse Skill Change Coupon instead of Mount Skill Training Coupon. Mount Skill Training Coupon is to train an already learnt skill to 100%, so what you need is Horse Skill Change Coupon instead.

    Do note that the Horse Skill Change Coupon is entirely random, you will get one of the remaining skills that your horse has yet to learn. However, it has a system similar to failstack in enhancing gear, but it is called "hope" for horse skill.
    You select a skill you desire, then use the coupon on the skill you wish to be replaced; the coupon will randomly switch the skill out for a different skill and place a stack of "hope" on the skill you want, in case you don't get the skill you want. The higher the "hope" value the higher chance you will have at getting the skill you want.
    Yes, your horse still can. What you do is change the skill with a different skill and it doesn't affect the amount of skill your horse already learnt. 
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