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  1. Trypta added a post in a topic Anyword on Sorc fix? ranger fix?   

    With accuracy off-hand and boss gloves, dark flame still does less than 50 damage typically. It's broken. It missed 2/3 times. It's like it doesn't scale with your stats anymore at all.
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  2. Trypta added a post in a topic Signs of Agony   

    Basically my point was if I get it to land, I can(could have) pull off my 1-shot combos 90% of the time afterwards.
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  3. Trypta added a post in a topic Signs of Agony   

    crow + stinger to them, most of the time you will get there in time to land a float on them so you can combo. It does occasionally get them from the point where you are too far but I guess a DoD would be 2nd best option. Either way, it's still an incredibly good skill to have under your belt. 
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  4. Trypta added a post in a topic Signs of Agony   

    It's a ranged stun, think about it. It's great for PvP. If I get the stun from signs to land it's basically an automatic win 1v1.
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  5. Trypta added a post in a topic "Small" nerf on DF   

    I'm under the impression that the skill doesn't scale with your stats anymore. I'm dealing incredibly little damage with it and missing the majority of them too when using boss gloves.
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  6. Trypta added a post in a topic Sorc Nerf?   

    No, it seems like EVERYTHING is doing less damage. Not just dark flame.
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  7. Trypta added a post in a topic Sorc Nerf?   

    Confirmed nerf. I could Easily one shot people with shard+DoD insta or air combo and they're barely scratching the same people I usually fight. It's weird. 

    It's way too low for it to be intentional, the patch notes don't reflect it either. Must be bugged somehow.
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  8. Trypta added a post in a topic Black Desert freezing/crashing constantly since patch   

    I had something similar. But I also bought some new RAM a day before the patch also. I ended up re-seating the RAM and uninstalling and reinstalling while making sure to delete the cache and files in the documents directory too and it seems fine now. 
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  9. Trypta added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Wouldn't work, we can't see gear nor player level. Something that was hidden to stop griefers.
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  10. Trypta added a post in a topic Karma 2.0 - Where is it?   

    Daum are confirmed biased towards casuals - only fishermen use bait.
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  11. Trypta added a topic in General   

    What happened to this system?
    I thought Daum EU were discussing a more refined PvP system? Why did we get a gimped version instead? You lured is in with a complex and well thought out system and then gave us the opposite. What happened to this?

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  12. Trypta added a post in a topic The current state of PVP   

    Non-PvPers don't care. How many posts have you seen about people keeping their characters under 45 on purpose just to completely avoid even the idea of PvP? I've seen a shit-tonne. More incentives would be great, but they've either removed pvp-elements (no 3v3) or heavily casualised it (battleground normalised zerg fest)
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  13. Trypta added a post in a topic (EDAN) Coalition of PvP Guilds Against Asshat Karma Penalties proposal   

    Godspeed my brothers on Edan.
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  14. Trypta added a post in a topic U Opened Pandora Box   

    I thought it was a box. OP you're correct about everything else though. Open world is a mess.
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  15. Trypta added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    There weren't enough incentives to PvP before and there definitely isn't now. This might as well be a diablo clone now.
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