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  1. Kirihito added a post in a topic new world 1.1.2017 - rewards to single chan players aka none exploiters   

    haven't you noticed already? everything that happens has some sort of exploit that everyone knows but kakao turns a blind eye to it. e.g. before the boss armor update, people amassed loads of bundles before said update. and others more. I've long given up. Literally only afk horse training until witch awakening release.
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  2. Kirihito added a post in a topic •Server maintenance & Network improvement   

    the people who argue about not having any desync probably dont even know what desync is. Im from the UK and I played tera NA server and I could play fine, all international games I've played no desync. This one just takes the cake. Imagine ur a witch with desync which I am and fighting a ninja/awakened sorc. shrug* I'd be lucky to land anything.
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  3. Kirihito added a post in a topic You'll get more fun smashing your head against a wall than playing this game!   

    I just log in, autopath my wagon. and every few hours feed my workers. thats how motivated i am.
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  4. Kirihito added a post in a topic How much Have you Spent?   

    I could buy a high end rig for that much. i envy u people.
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  5. Kirihito added a post in a topic Male Character Discrimination In BDO   

    i would rather seen female ass than a male one when playing a 3rd person game. It's Science. Roleplayers will probably play their genders though.
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  6. Kirihito added a post in a topic everything disappears   

    that usually happens when you've been disconnected. There's this long period where nothing happens before you're kicked out of the game.
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  7. Kirihito added a post in a topic Trading crates   

    it scales off distance now. longer distance = more xp.
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  8. Kirihito added a post in a topic Drying - Chopping, why don't they give processing XP   

    They do? Depends on ur processing lvl. I chop timbers all day long. Master 1 here u only notice after a long time.
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  9. Kirihito added a post in a topic What's the sustainability strategy for BDO?   

    good points however I think everyone gave up trying to give suggestions for a while now and just outright complain. Even if your post looks like a noble prize winner thesis. All you will ever get is silence in return. 
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  10. Kirihito added a post in a topic Name changes between your characters   

    Why would they give u something as convenient as that?
    I'd give support a shot though.
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  11. Kirihito added a post in a topic I start new topic on reddit - KR PLAYERS SHOVELING EXPLOIT - any info ?   

    Not using energy wasnt intended. The act of using the shovel is supposed to cost energy not when picking up the items.
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  12. Kirihito added a post in a topic Pls help me to create a tanky Witch.   

    i have 350 dp and as witches are often focused alot, a high dp increases ur chance of survival. And trust me a live witch is better than a dead witch. With the added awakenings right now the amount of cc every class has is ridiculous, killing witches/wizards are easy as pie. As a dp witch I can help my team take focus from enemies, heal, do cc. sages teleport to enemy team, meteor, blizzard, frigid fog, earthquake, residual. We have so many of our own cc. I do so many support kills for my team. Some of the other witches in my guild die so many times so quickly that I have more kills than them at the end even with their full ap build while i have significantly less deaths. 
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  13. Kirihito added a post in a topic How do I gauge my skill level?   

    no matter how good u are at pve someone with better gear will just simply do better no matter how unskilled he is.
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  14. Kirihito added a post in a topic WARNING: This video contains graphic content   

    lol he lost months and months of progress in about 10 minutes. This is why I'm jumping ship as soon as a new mmo comes out.
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  15. Kirihito added a post in a topic Gear curve, pvp balance and exploits   

    Im just playing bdo to waste time until other mmo's gets released. This fcked up game has lost it for me. Beautiful game but the most messed up mechanics ever. Oh and the occasional fck ups.
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