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  1. Abraxis added a post in a topic i finally managed to get on top of heidel castle   

    Nice pics, what screen filter are you using?
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  2. Abraxis added a post in a topic This is what I love about wizards   

    With side step you can cast chain while moving sideways to keep from running forward.
    Also, you can charge up meteor/blizzard and hold them for a LONG time before you actually cast the spell.  Been practicing by doing guild missions on horseback and while it's awkward, I'm starting to get the hang of it and see it's potential.
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  3. Abraxis added a post in a topic mobs unresponsive Jordine   

    This is happening on Edan also, M2.
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  4. Abraxis added a post in a topic Aoe from walls/buildings   

    Do you have aim assist on?  Is it the same whether it's on or off?
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  5. Abraxis added a post in a topic Does ultimate blizzard Stack or Supplement Blizzards damage   

    It seems additive (i.e. 2 blizzards).  It looks like the speed of the blizzard increases and there is a very noticeable increase in damage and CC application.  
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  6. Abraxis added a post in a topic Life Skills severely limited by Energy Regen   

    I find the energy system frustrating also.
    I could probably live with it if they would allow you to get the 'bed' bonus on one character while playing an alt.  At least then I could try out some other classes while my narcoleptic crafter had her 5th nap of the day.  As it is, the energy mechanic encourages me to not play the game and that is not a good mechanic.  Sometimes this game feels like Online Nap Simulator 2016.
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  7. Abraxis added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Thanks.  Here are a couple more.


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  8. Abraxis added a post in a topic [video] Wizard solo open world PVP   

    That is an interesting build, I don't see too many builds with points in dagger or earthquake, at least at 544pts.
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  9. Abraxis added a post in a topic [video] Wizard solo open world PVP   

    Great video.  Would you be willing to share your build?
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  10. Abraxis added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Credit to Jubileus.

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  11. Abraxis added a post in a topic Will upkeep ever be brought to NA?   

    Why not just change channels?
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  12. Abraxis added a post in a topic Malum Factum - The Last Guild You Will Ever Join Recruiting 55+ NA Eden 330+ Combined ap/dp | Node Wars   

    Still time to get in for the conquerors head start tonight! 
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