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  1. Hannzo added a post in a topic Node War Time for West Coast   

    The solution to this problem has already been stated. Node wars shouldn't be at a static time, they should rotate the schedule from day to day so that no matter what time zone or schedule you have, you have the opportunity to participate. 
    This isnt an east coast vs west coast thing. Its another use your brain Daum thing. 
    People have been preparing for this content for months now, and the truth is, a good portion of the player base isn't going to be able to participate. They could easily open the window at different times on different days so that a guild that is mainly pst based could participate on the day the times were later and an est based guild could participate on a day when the times were earlier. We aren't talking massive differences, a couple hours either way. 
    The lack of common sense over at Daum/PA is awful and its really getting tiresome. 
    The content release timeline sucks, they are releasing node wars while there is still massive class imbalance (we have post awakening patches with no awakenings) and their priority is getting us Valencia for some odd reason. No one cares about Valencia, we want you to fix the desync, release awakenings, give us ninja, and start to use your brain when it comes to a content release timeline. 
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  2. Hannzo added a post in a topic PSA: Present and future Warriors, This Class is now Obsolete   

    This is the sad reality, Daum made their money at launch and by the end of summer the NA/EU version will be a shell of what it could have been if they had their shit together from the beginning.  They knew they had all this content and somehow completely managed to screw up its release schedule.
    They are more concerned with cramming Valencia down our throats than giving us the content/balance that we are looking for. No one is crying for Valencia. People however do want Awakenings, Balance, Night Vendor. 
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  3. Hannzo added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    Can you confirm that current main hand/off hand stats contribute to overall AP/Accuracy once we have awakening weapons? 
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  4. Hannzo added a post in a topic Giving up for now?   

    I struggle with the decision of what to do on my warrior every day. I love the class but the news of waiting for 3 months for awakening is a bit much for me. I dont want to do all of Valencia as sword and board. 
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  5. Hannzo added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Thanks for allowing us to provide feedback. @CM_Jouska
    While i understand the reasoning that @CM_Tytyes provided there is a completely different part of this equation that has been completely overlooked. It feels like PA/Daum sometimes makes changes based on a knee jerk reaction without looking at the implications of the decisions that have been made. 
    As it stands at the moment, there are premium farming locations in the world. Those locations are protected by guilds and groups of players by either Declaring Guild Wars or flagging and taking the Karma hit to protect  their location.  This creates a competitive aspect of the game and gives players a reason to join guilds and group with other players. Smaller guilds or individuals who want to farm, still have the ability to do so in maybe slightly less contested areas or can channel hop to find an opening. 
    With this change, you have made it impossible for people to defend the location that they are farming in. Classes are designed with different clear speeds and strengths. Rangers and Wizards/Witches are some of the best farming classes. I cant count the number of times, i have been farming at Sausans with a group when an un-guilded ranger comes up and starts to clear camps in our rotation in order to grief us. There damage output is spectacular and they are able to steal the mobs. In order to protect our rotation, our group would flag and then kill that player which makes their actions have a consequence. 
    With the new changes, that player can now come and grief a group of players with no consequences. If they are flagged on and killed, they lose nothing. While the player who flagged, loses Karma. There is no longer a benefit to ever flag in pvp, as there is no gain, only a loss. 
    While I understand the reasoning that was provided for not wanting players to be gated from progressing due to open world PVP. I feel like if you looked at the majority of your population, most people are not sitting with negative Karma due to the implications that come along with that. With these changes, there is no purpose to the Karma system. 
    Please revert the changes back to how they were as the Karma system already helped to manage a healthy balance between open world PVP and just killing people randomly for no real reason.  Have faith in the systems that were designed. They work, there will always be exceptions to the rule, but the system did work for majority of the population.
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  6. Hannzo added a post in a topic CM_Jouska vs. Warrior   

    Lol warriors have issues in PVP as well. We do 0 damage. Its like playing a broken Valkyrie.  You basically run around as a meat shield and cc machine which even a zerker does better. Aside from knocking people down you pose 0 threat to any class with +15 armor lvl 55+. 
    If you're grinding for xp you are doing it in a group anyways and being carried by ranger/witches who will always have more damage than us.  They need to increase the damage on scars and spinning slash across the board. Who cares about damage on Ground Smash, the WP cost on that skill doesn't make it viable to spam for damage anyways. Its used as an AOE knock down. 
    All of the problems for PVP stem from PA/Daum giving us the CC Patch that is meant for post awakening weapons from the outset. Our ability to lock someone down with our cc has been removed and nothing has been done to compensate for it.  Some other classes (musa/maewha) suffer from the same problem but have received significant buffs.
    They have now announced that we arent getting awakenings until at least August which is 2 months away and in the interim giving us all of Valencia. Valencia wasnt designed for warriors to solo without awakening. Their answer is to nerf the hp/ap/dp of the mobs, but that doesnt solve anything as ranger/wiz are going to mow those mobs even faster with that change. 
    They need to buff our damage across the board to help bring us in line with some of the other classes. I dont expect to be able to kill things as quickly as a ranger/wiz but being semi competitive would be nice. 
    Warriors ended up with the shortest end of the stick by PA/Daum not wanting to release awakenings until they can do it all at once and there has been 0 effort to make this class competitive. 
    I have no idea why they have chosen to release the content on the timeline that they have. We have barely had mediah for a month and they already want to give us Valencia. They would have been better off giving us node/seige, ninja, awakenings, and then Valencia.  
    By the time we get awakening weapons there is going to be nothing new for us to do with those weapons except grind the same mobs we have already been killing for months. 
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  7. Hannzo added a topic in Warrior   

    Gear after Bheg Gloves
    Thoughts on which set is best once you have +15 Bheg gloves? 
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  8. Hannzo added a post in a topic Xp loss for pk   

    Pirate island is massive, you were up there continually trying to pull packs from the rotation our guild was running, so they killed you over and over. If you want to farm there, go to another part of the massive island or change channels. You were stubborn and stayed there, so you lost xp.
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  9. Hannzo added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    It is pretty obvious at this point that Daum has no clue what they are doing and has failed massively as a publisher. Congrats, you released a game to EU/NA that was already amazing due to the KR version and managed to completely ruin it within a matter of 3 months. You got your initial burst of income from the sales/cash shop and within a year, this game is going to have 1/4 of the player base that you could have had.
    The reality is that people aren't going to wait 3 months for awakenings. Node wars will release with Valencia in June. That will be fun for a couple of weeks, and then July is going to hit and with the lack of new content coming and no awakenings, people just arent going to want to play the hours they do now.
    Reducing the mob HP/AP/DP is not a fix for the problems that people are concerned about. The idea that this is your solution to the problem really shows how out of touch you are with the game that you are publishing. 
    Will all classes be able to farm Valencia? Probably. However, Rangers and Wizards are still going to be the kings of PVE farming for another 3 months. World Bosses are already miserable for Melee as it is, you haven't made any adjustments to that either. The fact that people are doing world bosses naked in melee in fear of losing crystals should be a huge red flag to you.
    As a publisher you need to slow down and look at the timelines that you initially had and why you have had to bend them so drastically. You have content that is already created, patched and balanced based on the KR version of the game. Why do you need to deviate so wildly from how they released content? You even have the ability to speed up that timeline as you go. 
    I dont understand why you are so hell bent on releasing content expansion after content expansion. You could leave us with Mediah for longer, give us node wars and awakenings, and then give us Valencia and people would still be happy. You're cramming content down our throats that we dont even need and leaving the content we do need for months on end. People are upset about awakenings, you havent heard people upset about not having Valencia right away.
    Would it be nice to get all awakenings at once? Definitely, but not at the price of certain classes that are already way behind the curve compared to the top tier classes having to wait for months on end. Witch/Wizard not getting their awakening isn't going to gimp them. They are still going to be amazing for gvg and pvp due to their kit. We werent even supposed to have those classes at launch. 
    People love this game, but you are killing it with your poor implementation choices. There is lots of whining on these forums but there is also some great constructive criticism from some players who have been playing the Korean version of this game since release. Start listening because your staff clearly has no idea what they are doing. 
    Your solution is to postpone Valencia:
    1. Release Node Wars
    2. Release Awakenings
    3. Release Valencia
    Pretty obvious that the above should have been the timeline from the outset.  Have some kind of emergency meeting and fix the shit show you have planned over there.
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  10. Hannzo added a post in a topic Mobs and or Bosses should ALSO drop Black Crystal Shards   

    I would like to see them as very rare drops from mobs as well. PVTree isnt something im into. I think buying them off the auction house would be viable if it was possible to actually buy anything off of the marketplace that is rare. Between individual pings and the captcha its very difficult to buy items that are rare and placed on there. Then you have the problem of needing to camp the marketplace for hours to maybe get one. It's poor game design.
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  11. Hannzo added a post in a topic [Post May 4th update]Feel the Placebo Effect   

    With your awakening you get a new set of skills, a large portion of those skills give us super armor which makes us fairly tanky while still putting out damage. The issue that we have right now, is that we are balanced for those skills/weapon that we dont have yet. 
    Its like sending us into battle without any arms. 
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  12. Hannzo added a post in a topic [Post May 4th update]Feel the Placebo Effect   

    The reality is that they didn't do anything of note or they would have posted it. When they adjusted the skills for Giants, they posted exactly what they were. They are just trying to buy time, whether that's for a patch next week or to have us wait until awakening. 
    I just cant see them balancing us right now with the awakenings coming in a month to month and a half. The patch we have now has us balanced for the addition of the awakening weapons. 
    I would bet we are only really going to see a correction on the dp issue.
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  13. Hannzo added a post in a topic What are people using as their main weapon?   

    lol what?
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  14. Hannzo added a post in a topic Keep playing musa or reroll to a..?   

    I doubt we are getting a patch this week. If we are getting one, it will be next week. There is a lot of pressure on them to get these issues resolved to get the class into some kind of semi competitive state. 
    If we dont get some kind of patch next week, im going to re-roll to ranger so i can roll my face on the keyboard and mow down everything. 
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  15. Hannzo added a post in a topic Yo, that Blader Burst/CC combo, what it be?   

    With the release of BDO in NA they changed how CC works. After being CC'd by one of the types of CC, you are granted immunity to that type for the next 6 seconds i believe. 
    So if you have multiple skills that knock down, you can not chain them together with other skills to keep your opponent locked down. 
    In Korea, Bladers/Plums used to be able to keep an opponent perma/cc if they landed all their combos until they were dead. 
    You cant do that on NA. 
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  16. Hannzo added a post in a topic Yo, that Blader Burst/CC combo, what it be?   

    There is no chance you are ever getting that full combo off on anyone that isnt a complete window licker. 
    I usually can get off Stub-Rising Storm>Rising Storm Blaze, dragon bite combo. 
    Then they get up and if they are a witch wizard with equal gear, port away and heal to full. 
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  17. Hannzo added a post in a topic Musa Leveling Problems and Questions   

    You should work towards your end game build as it will get you used to using the skills and combos you need to pvp. 
    Rising Storm has a knock down when it is not on cool down, if you are sitting in a pack of mobs and just using it while its on cd, you probably are getting wailed on.  Use this to knock down the mobs initially.
    You can then use dragon bite for good damage along with another stun. 
    Cyclone slash can be put on your hot bar and used as another cc ability or can be combo'd with rising storm. 
    Blooming - this is another cc you can use to stun mobs. 
    You can also blind thrust into an instant gale. 
    Use your backward dash to avoid collision and go through mobs to get behind them and get these skills off. 
    When your skills are on cooldown you can use whirlwind cut to regen sp. 
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  18. Hannzo added a post in a topic So it seems many are dissapointed with musa and maewha   

    I agree, but the CM's wont even acknowledge that is the case. 
    A simple post saying, "hey we recognize your concerns and are looking into them" would go a long way. Instead their CM team is as useless as their dev team and  they just leave people sitting here wondering wtf is going on. 
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  19. Hannzo added a post in a topic So it seems many are dissapointed with musa and maewha   


    This is the problem. They are releasing classes that are broken with the patches they are releasing because they know they have the fix which is coming in god knows how many months, they expect us to just sit here and wait for it in the interim. 
    It is pure laziness on Daum's part. Rather than translating the earlier patches, they are just taking the awakening patch and blanket applying it to all classes now so that it doesnt need to be done in the future. 
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  20. Hannzo added a post in a topic So it seems many are dissapointed with musa and maewha   

    The thing i dont understand is why we continue to get post awakening patches that are balanced based on us having weapons/skills that are not in the game. It's extremely lazy on Daum's part. 
    They nerfed our damage/iframe/ and provided us with the cc immunity patch. It just makes you wonder who the f is over there making these decisions. There is 0 common sense behind the decisions they make. 
    They were perfectly capable of launching the class with the pre-awakening patch. 
    Instead we are very likely now stuck being irrelevant until awakening in maybe June, just like warriors. 
    It is great that Daum have access to content that is already created but the fashion in which they are releasing it is leaving us with a broken game in the interim. 
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  21. Hannzo added a post in a topic Musa/Maewha dash+ani cancel changes (KR Video)   

    Would be nice to get some sort of answer on this.
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  22. Hannzo added a topic in Musa   

    PvP Burst Combo
    What are people using as their burst combo when you get a stun/knock down?
    Keg I saw in another post you said "Usually if I get a knockback or stun I would do a/d+lmb into whirlwind:cyclone slash into rising storm"
    No blooming in here?
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  23. Hannzo added a post in a topic Gale Cancel Combo   

    do you need to be 53 to pull this off? 
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  24. Hannzo added a topic in Musa   

    Gale Cancel Combo
    Anyone know what this combo is for the insta cast of gale?
    Im not talking about Cyclone Slash. 
    I think it has to do with dash and dragon bite but cant figure it out. 
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  25. Hannzo added a post in a topic NO Blader on Wednesday!   

    meh, they dont release their updates until the patch hits anyways so could still be this week
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