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  1. Hannzo added a post in a topic NO Blader on Wednesday!   

    Who is Rick Van Beem? I doubt Daum Official is releasing this info based on some random twitter post.
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  2. Hannzo added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    Thank you! 
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  3. Hannzo added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    Has anyone seen a proper skill build/guide for blader/plum. Most of what i have seen online is pretty dated. 
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  4. Hannzo added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  5. Hannzo added a post in a topic Gear for Blader   

    Yes Taritas has higher DP than Grunil
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  6. Hannzo added a post in a topic Gear for Blader   

    Bheg gloves are probably going to take the majority of players a long time to get their hands on, will they not?
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  7. Hannzo added a post in a topic Appeal to Daum- Please let us know if there are plans to promote the development of your PvE focused community, and/or those of us that dislike nonconsensual world PvP.   

    Where do you think Open World PVP happens in this game? No one randomly just flags the guy chopping a tree to kill him. People want these channels/servers so they can farm in peace and not be bothered. That wasn't how the game was designed.  Why should the Developer's change the vision of their game to cater to the minority of players?
    For some reason you seem to think that people who want no pvp are the majority of players playing this game. I can assure you, that isn't the case. The game was designed with guilds wars, node wars and castle wars. This was a huge draw for a ton of people. There certainly are people who will play this game casually and enjoy the many other aspects of it, and there is nothing wrong with that. But you are asking for development time or servers to make these changes which impacts time they could be spending on new content ect.
    You are asking them to completely remove a major aspect of the overall game design. 
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  8. Hannzo added a post in a topic Appeal to Daum- Please let us know if there are plans to promote the development of your PvE focused community, and/or those of us that dislike nonconsensual world PvP.   

    The system is fine as it is. You need to fight over premium grind spots. If you could just turn off your pvp so you could do as you please, when you want to it would completely destroy the already limited OWPVP that there is. The Karma system is already limiting, people can kill 5 people before reaching 0 and it takes a good amount of time to grind that karma back up. 
    Quit being a baby and suck it up. If someone flags on you, use your V and leave the area you were in. If you dont want to fight for it, go do something else. 
    This community is such a bunch of whiners. We want this, we want that, change this so i can do exactly what i want, when i want. 
    The game is heavily marketed as a OWPVP game with no instances. You knew what you signed up for. Stop asking them to cater to the minority. 
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  9. Hannzo added a post in a topic Blader/Plum questions   

    If you go boss gloves you can probably go with AP rings. 
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  10. Hannzo added a post in a topic is it ok to use Axion over Vangertz if you have ring of good deeds?   

    Keep Vangertz until you get boss gloves. Boss Gloves + Weapon is enough for you to swap to AP accessories elsewhere. Go watch That1Game on Twitch or look up his youtube videos. The guy has been playing warrior forever on KR and is an amazing source of information. He also answers all of the questions in his chat when he is streaming. 
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  11. Hannzo added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Bug: Item Vanished from Marketplace
    Listed a +11 Heve Helm 2 days ago, item is no longer under my registered, it didnt sell as the silver is in none of my warehouses. It has just vanished. I have checked every warehouse/marketplace and its nowhere to be found. 
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  12. Hannzo added a post in a topic Disconnected while switching characters   

    Same issue
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  13. Hannzo added a post in a topic Rant   

    I feel your pain man, it sucks to be jack of all trades and master of none. Love the play style but hate that our damage output just isnt there until we get some content patch maybe 6 months away. 
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  14. Hannzo added a post in a topic Malum Factum - The Last Guild You Will Ever Join Recruiting 55+ NA Eden 330+ Combined ap/dp | Node Wars   

    Legitimately the last gaming community you will ever need to join
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