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  1. Donsuke added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    I want my 2 boxes as compensation. Can't exchange my last 70 (60) coins because of this.
    Screwing with the clock didn't help
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  2. Donsuke added a post in a topic What are you going to buy with your Pre-Order Pearls?!   

    <=Self Explanatory.
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  3. Donsuke added a post in a topic How hard did you work to afford the Pre-order?   

    I sold my right kidney.
    Told my brother to buy it for me 
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  4. Donsuke added a topic in Off-Topic   

    The look of pets excl. Hawk
    I get the feeling the pets might look a little bit...uhh...overwhelming?
    Take a look at the felines mouth when they open it.
    Take a look at the pug. 
    I like the pug though. It's....unique.
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  5. Donsuke added a topic in Suggestions   

    Channel Chat Moronse
    Once again I'm complaining about these idiots who just fill channel chat with useless banter aka PC Mustard race, console peasants, spoilers, spam, more spoilers, even more spam.....
    Unlike the previous thread I made in CBT-1 I'm not asking for a harsher energy penalty for using channel chat, but could we have a few chat moderators or such to monitor the chat and apply mutes or other punishments to people who are complete a**hats?
    The attached image is one such example For those who think it may be me, my IGN is only 3 characters long starting with M.
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  6. Donsuke added a post in a topic Suggestion: Lower the pearl shop costume pricings   

    My opinion is to scrap the costume stats and lower the price. It's way too high considering how weak the New Zealand Dollar is compared to USD. bloody 1.5+ NTY.
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  7. Donsuke added a post in a topic Harsher Restrictions on Channel Chat   

    The point is there's too much useless stuff being thrown around in channel chat that everyone can see, if people really want to socialise w/o any penalties and such there's always whisper, general and stuff of that sort. Use channel for what it's designed for. 
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  8. Donsuke added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    Some where on their site clearly states that Valkyrie will be released upon launch, on the other hand it may not be available during the closed beta's like we saw in CBT-1 where Witch and Valkyrie weren't playable.
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  9. Donsuke added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    I'm gonna go neutral with this. For me it's I don't really mind if Blader comes out, Personally I might even play it. What I don't want is people complaining about the lack of content updates after due to them pushing classes out early and having nothing add into the game in the future.
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  10. Donsuke added a topic in Suggestions   

    Harsher Restrictions on Channel Chat
    All I see in channel chat is people having group conversations, smack talking, rage, more rage, trolls, people singing lullaby's, useless spam, banter, PC Master Race discussions, Archeage hate and a whole lot more completely useless stuff. Sure I don't mind the newbies asking for assistance on channel but when they spam Ctrl+C Ctrl+V that gets really irritating. Would be great if there were greater energy penalties for using channel to make some dimwits actually think twice before flooding channel with trash.
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  11. Donsuke added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name : Ionasaru
    Family Name : Reveris

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  12. Donsuke added a post in a topic Was going to preorder and play but now not   

    Yes I do interact with people in real life like this too. You got a problem?
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  13. Donsuke added a post in a topic "Love" the unfair CBT1 key giveaway   

    I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet.
    randomˈrandəm/adjective 1.made, done, or happening without method or conscious decision."apparently random violence"
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  14. Donsuke added a post in a topic Was going to preorder and play but now not   

    If you don't like how the game works you're not welcome here, Devs cannot cater for every possible request. Deal with it.
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  15. Donsuke added a post in a topic Order a Character!   

    I would be forever indebted to you if you could make me a Tamer with this as a reference.
    Shimakaze from Kantai Collection
    Costume and armor completely optional preferably sailor uniform if applicable? 
    Would be greatly appreciated  

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