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  1. Visigoth added a post in a topic what dose Additional Damage to Humans +5 mean?   

    Thank you
    So why is +5 vs Humans better then +5 vs All races?
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  2. Visigoth added a topic in General   

    what dose Additional Damage to Humans +5 mean?
    can anyone enlighten me, is it +5%, or +5AP, or literally +5 points of damage per hit?
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  3. Visigoth added a post in a topic Reached 50 and got them awakenings!   

    Doesn't stack with?
    I got (Headbutt: Increased Melee Attack Power by 5) and I don't see a buff for it when I use it (dose that mean I'm not getting anything from it?)
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  4. Visigoth added a post in a topic Headbutt Awakening +4 MP/WP on hit   

    I traded the WP on hit for, +5 attack power (I found myself using headbutt too much with the WP on hit... it was screwing up my combos, still neat tho)
    Now I have +5% Crit for 5s on Fierce Strike, it ties into my Headbutt/Fierce Strike/Raging Thunder Combo for grinding Mobs quite well!

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  5. Visigoth added a topic in Berserker   

    Headbutt Awakening +4 MP/WP on hit
    It's kind of neat, I can gain a huge amount of "Frenzy/Rage" pretty quick. and OMG the HYPE is real! Raging Thunder +4 HP on hit Awakening Bonus is sweet!!!
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  6. Visigoth added a topic in Suggestions   

    Haptic Feedback with the controller.
    Please give us a slider option to adjust the amount the controller vibrates, or turn it back down (Since the March 16th Update, it seems to be way higher. it literally makes my hands go numb) I love using a controller with this game, it makes the combat feel like an awesome combat/fighter game. The haptic feedback is a must for combat (letting you know if your attack landed, or if your taking damage (it's just awesome!) but while your using the controller it vibrates way to much "it makes it feel like your going to drop it" so you grip it tighter, and then after a while the constant Over Done Vibration, really wears down your grip and makes your hands go numb and hurt.
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  7. Visigoth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Please tell someone, They turned up the Haptic Feedback (controller vibration) to high!
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  8. Visigoth added a post in a topic Dose anyone else use a Controller?   

    the only setting is On/Off "but it's super useful for combat" (Go get your Vibrator, turn it to MAX and tightly hold it for ten minutes... it's probably like that) ;p
    it's too high, it's making my hands go numb ~_~ they just need to add a slider setting. (It didn't used to be this bad)
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  9. Visigoth added a topic in General   

    Dose anyone else use a Controller?
    I've been using an Xbox 360 Controller since CBT2 all through launch till now, I've been loving it! but after today's patch my controller seems like it's possessed (it constantly vibrates during any kind of combat, and not just a little... but like HARDCORE vibrates, it's like I'm holding a fu*king power-tool...) I play a Giant.
    has anyone else noticed this?
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  10. Visigoth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    OMG! did you guys increase the Haptic Feedback on controllers? (I've been playing with a controller all through CBT2 till now, and now all of the sudden my Controller seriously vibrates every time I do anything during combat "I play a Giant, so I'm constantly headbutting, spinning, or attacking with my axes") my freaking hands are numb after five minutes of combat... TURN IT DOWN (or give us a slider so we can adjust the vibration) if this stays the same I can't play anymore... after dropping $350+ on two accounts and some Pearl Shop stuff, I'm gonna be insanely pissed!
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  11. Visigoth added a post in a topic Why No-Trading is the best feature of Black Desert   

    Hey, good Post! I like it
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  12. Visigoth added a post in a topic Good solo/grind class?   

    Don't listen to all this crap...
    (As far as PvE go's) If you like Melee AoE, then giant is pretty cool. I prefer grinding groups with my giant (as far as damage output, he has great sustainability) But Until you get the Awakening Bonus of +4 HP on hit for Raging Thunder, and higher DP... you will be sucking down a crap ton of HP pots (I usually take a stack of 200 Large HP pots for a half-hour/hour long grind session) you will be slower then the other classes, unless you level Breath (mine is at 28), gear for movement speed, and max out Shake Off. (I can for the most part Dominate/keep my grind spots when others try to butt-in "or take over". all thanks to Movement speed, Shake Off,AoE, and my sustainability)
    Basically if you like playing Melee classes with AoE in other games, and are the kind of person who prefers to "Press the Attack" instead of "Evade/withdrawing", you would probably like the Berserker in BDO
    (As for PvP) They are supposedly one of the harder classes to play. For large scale PvP like Guild battles etc... their AoE CC, and damage is nice. For 1v1 (which is totally unrealistic... how often is it ever 1v1) you really have to heavily rely on Grabs.
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  13. Visigoth added a post in a topic Question for geared zerkers   

    Isn't Crit a hidden stat? Dose it cap at 5... if not then why are you talking about only getting 5.
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  14. Visigoth added a post in a topic Question for geared zerkers   

    sounds legit, what crystals? 
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  15. Visigoth added a post in a topic Question for geared zerkers   

    Is that supposed to be English, What are you saying? 
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