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  1. Leandir added a topic in Suggestions   

    Black Desert graphical update suggestion
    There is no doubt that Black Desert's graphics are amazing. Animations, textures, models--everything looks good. The sea update a while back made even that high quality and added a lot of life and immersion to the game.
    However, one aspect that seems to have been neglected is the skybox. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the sky. The lower quality stands out all the more when you're constantly surrounded by high-quality graphics on the ground. But when you look up, all you usually see is a lifeless gradient. 
    To illustrate my point, I've taken a few screenshots:
    The night sky:
    A snowy sunset in Velia: 
    My character standing in the snow with a dusky sky in the background:
    Now compare it to some of the skyboxes in other games such as World of Warcraft which is over a decade older than BDO:
    Or a more modern game, the Witcher 3:
    In my opinion, the BDO skybox could do with a little bit of attention so it can be in line with the graphics of the rest of the game. Thank you for reading and considering.
    P.S. Random thought. Daum changed to Kakao Games, yet we still buy Daum Cash. Consider Kash, Kakash, or Kashao instead. That is all.
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  2. Leandir added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    Patch isn't downloading for me. Launcher says I'm at 100% but when I log in, all my characters say they're deleting (along with some gibberish) and then the client crashes as soon as I click on a character.
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  3. Leandir added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    I'm personally not too bothered by the current value pack but I can see how people who are very sensitive to possible 'P2W' can be bothered by it. Every item you work for is suddenly more valuable with the value pack. Considering how important silver is in Black Desert, this is certainly a bit of a grey area. It would probably be better to remove the tax reduction because you are getting some kind of advantage by getting more silver; even if you worked to earn that silver.
    Honestly, I'd rather see the 30 day value pack reduce pearl store prices instead of having that tax reduction.
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  4. Leandir added a topic in Suggestions   

    Whale Hunting
    Got to experience whale hunting today. 2 hours of shooting muskets, gaining a top spot in the ranking, only to have it wasted because our boat was destroyed by some guy from Russia. We had to get another boat and try to find the whale again. Except, the whale died while we were nowhere near the whale. Half of us were unable to find the corpse in time (it despawned by the time we got there), those that did find the corpse could not butcher it.
    So, in essence, all that time was wasted and our achievement of getting second place was for nothing. All that effort and no reward. This was an extremely frustrating experience that I have no desire to repeat again.
    - Send loot people missed out on through mail.
    - Mark the corpse of the whale on the map and make sure the corpse remains for 15 minutes or longer as long as it has loot on it.
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  5. Leandir added a post in a topic Most retarded world bosses in a game in history   

    I mostly hate doing these bosses as melee. You get boxed in by other players, you're in a lot more danger than ranged, and you subsequently do less DPS because you're trying to move around a lot. You also do less DPS if you tend to be the kind who dies a lot. It definitely feels demotivating to lose hours worth of experience due to dying once or twice at level 55. I'd like to see the experience penalty removed, to be honest, so I can enjoy the bosses more.
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  6. Leandir added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    If you straightened out the legs of the crouching animation, you'd literally have a walk toggle.
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  7. Leandir added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    This. You press Q to toggle crouch. You press space to toggle going prone. You don't need to hold these buttons to continue performing these actions so by definition they are toggle buttons.
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  8. Leandir added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    I'd like to see some more polish added to the walk function. I think we can all agree that it should become a toggle. That much is clear. 
    However, currently, you cease to walk as soon as you try to auto-path somewhere despite holding down the button; this also happens when you strafe. So even if we did have a walk toggle, it'd still be rather useless if we can't auto-walk with it. If we have a toggle later on but we break out into a run when trying to auto-walk then we'd be having the same problem we have now. We have to stop to type something instead of being able to walk and talk.
    I do hope Daum or Pearl Abyss realises this much. A walk toggle = walking speed at all times.
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  9. Leandir added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    This pretty much. I think there should be a downside to auto-path looping. AFK fishing is convenient but you pay for that convenience by it being slower. Auto-path looping should have similar drawbacks so there is always an incentive to play the game.
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  10. Leandir added a post in a topic Appeal to Daum- Please let us know if there are plans to promote the development of your PvE focused community, and/or those of us that dislike nonconsensual world PvP.   

    The least they could do is change the PvP enabling quest to 45. The quest was there for a reason, after all. Suddenly being PvP enabled at level 45 without any sort of in-game hint is a half-assed change. Especially since the current questline still states you need to complete the quest to unlock level 50 and PvP. A bit of refinement is in order.
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  11. Leandir added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  12. Leandir added a post in a topic So, got to exp getting PK'd   

    This is unfortunately a real problem and a major one that has the game bleeding players. How long will regular players continue playing like that when every spot they go to is a no-go zone? On top of that, there's a loss of experience every time you get ganked just because you tried to play the game. A considerable amount of hours wasted on a whim.
    Yes, you'll probably get replies like that, and the sad truth is that players will no doubt quit the game ( and already have) since they can't play it anyway. The only happy medium here is to give the "PvP players" their PvP servers while having PvE servers for anyone who wishes to play PK free. It's bad enough that Daum lowered the karma penalty since it makes killing a player a lot easier, especially if it's a group of five people preying on one player. Karma penalties and the PvP activation level should never have been altered.

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  13. Leandir added a post in a topic Dyeable Life Clothes   

    Yes please! More customisation in BDO is good. Major +1.
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  14. Leandir added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    The suit should not hide the wearer's name when up and about, actively fighting, running and whatever else. It could still serve as an ambush oriented costume by having the name be hidden while crouched/lying down. It's actually really good camouflage when you're lying down in the grass and for me that would personally be enough of a change. This means people can still organise ambushes and what not but they won't gain anything further than that.
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  15. Leandir added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    Missing Title/Reward: Triathlete + the loyalties.
    Character name: Leandir
    Family name: Leandir
    Link to post of screenshot if applicable: N/A
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