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  1. wedgehoe added a post in a topic Because some people still don't get it - Make Alts first thing   

    offline used to be 1 per 30 mins as well
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  2. wedgehoe added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    the fact that the majority of even number channels say crowded almost all odd numbers dont aught to be a clue
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  3. wedgehoe added a post in a topic ty Kakao   

    I had the same issue, they were able to fix it for me within 3 days minus a few k here and there was something like 30 mil
    lesson for me here was never transfer the expensive stuff ie gold bars of any size, gear, and big stacks of pots or other consumables
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  4. wedgehoe added a topic in General   

    Easter egg event furniture quests
    did anyone else finish the easter egg side quests where you turn in 40 of each to get a piece of furniture, I cant seem to locate the guy to turn in raindrop eggs too, seems there isnt one for the chandelier this year
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  5. wedgehoe added a post in a topic You deleted last years EGGS!   

    the old ones didnt have fonder written in the name
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  6. wedgehoe added a post in a topic Best Class For Grinding?   

    I would actually put beserker as a good choice with awakening you have so many mobilitys that getting to each pack fast enough is never a problem
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  7. wedgehoe added a topic in General   

    You deleted last years EGGS!
    I had them saved, why would you delete them when its not the same item as this years
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  8. wedgehoe added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    <rage> Quack Recruitment
    Quack! http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/129675-na-the-great-rage-revival-pvp-nodes-sieges-quackpack-rbf-“emergent-gameplay”/#comment-1810491
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  9. wedgehoe added a post in a topic A few friends and I looking for a guild!   

    Quack! http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/129675-na-the-great-rage-revival-pvp-nodes-sieges-quackpack-rbf-“emergent-gameplay”/#comment-1810491
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  10. wedgehoe added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    well i bundled those together as topics people have problems with mmo's and players non of those where actually me labeling legacy as those, so far the only ones people know about for them is scamming and cheating with the whole field bosses glitch back in the day and now what you brought up
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  11. wedgehoe added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    would you personally concur as it is IMO that anyone who associates with the legacy guilds after such an event is just as guilty? would make for an interesting topic about scamming, cheating, botting, etc in mmo's
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  12. wedgehoe added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    ty sweetheart, seems the iconic and legatum names are filling up with ranks I take it AA members came back to continue freelancers legacy
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  13. wedgehoe added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    you mean freelancer isn't great and almighty? who'd have thought that was possible. was he the only one to bounce with it or did he split it with fobmaster
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  14. wedgehoe added a post in a topic Sunday node wars calph 1 shut down   

    i know of atleast 4 guilds affected nqpz rage redarmy and one of the blackarrs or something
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